Soccer Dribbling Moves : The Rainbow Kick Soccer Trick

Soccer Dribbling Moves : The Rainbow Kick Soccer Trick

Now what I want to talk about is the “rainbow
kick”. Now the purpose of the rainbow kick is to flick it in a rainbow behind you over
your head, kind of like a flick but it’s trickier because you’re stepping over it and then it’s
going behind you and over you. So, basically, one foot comes out in front of the ball, and
then the other foot is stationed behind the ball. And what you want to do with your back
foot is lift it up onto the heel, high enough where you can lean forward, and then pop it
over you.
And you have to practice this over and over again slower and faster.

61 thoughts on “Soccer Dribbling Moves : The Rainbow Kick Soccer Trick

  1. @southwest1998
    Try bringing it up your leg a little bit more, this will help your heel to angle the ball over.
    The trick is to get it at just the right angle so it doesn't bounce off the back of your head πŸ˜› and goes high enough with enough of an angle to go over a defender.

  2. I once did this playing at my college i done the rainbow kick over a mouthy players head when i was still running then i volleyed it in while at the edge of the box it took me a couple of tries but i shew him up all day long anyway it makes you feel so good when you pull it off πŸ˜‰

  3. @anikkaanneysa lean forward so that your weight is balanced ahead this way when u flick it the running and the weight shift will make the ball kinda follow you. In essence it'll move forward. πŸ™‚

  4. Did I say it's Soccer? I agree with you as well that it should be considered Football, but I don't get a big dick over calling it Soccer!

  5. first of all it's football, i'm australian and I still call it football because australian rules football sucks balls and second of all it is the rainbow flick dumbass

  6. correction- MOST people in the U.S. can't say football. And while American football may not be as famous around the world like actual Football, I'd like to see you get hit multiple times like they do and still say it's a "gay ass" sport.

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