Soccer Dribbling Moves : Slowing Down in Soccer

Soccer Dribbling Moves : Slowing Down in Soccer

So, the advantage that the dribbler has is
that only he or she knows what they are going to do with the ball. So, you want to change
it up right, we talked about cutting back and forth, changing the direction. Now, I
want to talk about changing momentum, changing speed. So, if you get the defender going really
fast defending you and you slow it down and speed it up again and slow it down, then he’ll
be on his heels and he doesn’t know if your going to cut back or keep going forward. So, lets sprint this way were going fast and
then I slow it down. If I slow it down he’ll just keep going and then I can just go straight.
Let?s try it again. He’s gone, I stopped the ball. It?s as easy as that.

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  1. barcelona will be lacking a world class defender when puyol retires so maybe a move for this defender wont be a bad replacement

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