Soccer Dribbling Moves : Fake Spin Soccer Trick

Soccer Dribbling Moves : Fake Spin Soccer Trick

Now I’m going to talk about a trick, it’s
basically a “fake spin”. And so with the spin move you’re rolling it and you’re spinning
your hips around your whole body. Now when you fake that, you set yourself up exactly
the same. So it looks like you’re doing the spin move. But instead, when you get right
here, you just roll the other way. So it looks like this. So with a defender…So what’s
confusing about this move is the positioning of your hips. So if your hips are telling
the defender you’re going one way and he commits, and then all of a sudden your hips move and
you’re going the other way, he’s tricked!

100 thoughts on “Soccer Dribbling Moves : Fake Spin Soccer Trick

  1. Dude no offence but u cant really play football, that move wuld barely ever work. The guys letting u go past him, ure really clumsy to :P.

    The best part was the train of pesants in the back round 😛

  2. The real question is why are you all so damn ignorant?? He can probably school you any day out there in the field. You obviously don't know how to play if you're watching this. Let the guy do his thing. Geez!

  3. 1:04
    the only thing that's confusing about this move is the stupidity of the player using it…

  4. Maybe this guy should learn to dribble first. I didn't bite a single time, none of those looked even half-assed convincing. I know now that I will never use this move in a game, or even in practice.

  5. look up lee trundle he does a trick with the genreal idea of this but is good

    but yeah the way this guy uses the trick is ridiculous it cant be done running a defender

  6. I completely agree, this trick is entirely impractical lol I think he just made it up on the spot or something. Thats something I'd have done in game when I was 12.

  7. maybe if your standing with your back to the defender you might try it but even then poor trick.

    to everyone watching this video type in skill shows, cronaldo, quaresma etc. and watch what they do far better tricks to learn

  8. hey all u there making comments.. surely it wud look fae bcoz the defender already knows wat he's gonna do.. i tried on the pitch, it did work.. i made the defender fall down.. haha.. thanks for ur tips..

  9. well everyone here is immature…the defender wasn't trying to get the ball, the only reason he was there was for you to see when you'd use this move against another person. Yeah, I'm sure most defenders could get the ball if they knew exactly what their opponent was going to do, but this is a trick that you don't use very often.

  10. i just do not know what to say about this vid. its possibly the gayest thing ever. that defender sucks ass, those shoes are just hilarious. best part of this vid was the fuckin train going past in the background

  11. thats actually a good trick if you can do it properly. dont dis somebody cause your not good enough to do something. O and yeah , he's doing it slow cause retatrds like some haters here could understand but still no… Sad…

  12. looks like a little girl who jumps around. hehe good tricks but you're not so good at them, my freezer would easily take the ball from you. ye you heard me, freeeeeeeezer

  13. lol is this video meant to be serious? you probably shouldnt publish this in europe or southern america coz its just pathetic…

  14. @TheDacon this guy has a lot of other videos of more advanced stuff, like a rainbow or how to bend your shots. it's good stuff

  15. @RangerLui actually, someone on my high school soccer team on varsity does stuff like this all the time and can get past 3 – 5 defenders or more before passing. and if they do decide to "crush" him then….."TWEET"(ref raises card and a free kick is rewarded) it would be awesome.

  16. @deathrealms its actualy realy effective ive used it be4 but this guy dose it wayy too slow its all about secconds not min and the deffender is acting like oh fu*k this his gona pay me just to stand there anyways lol

  17. to be fair I have tried this trick and it has worked, obviously it's much harder against better De-fenders unlike the 1 in the video

  18. Try that move on a defender who knows how to play this game and he'll be kicking your ass all the way back to expertvillage.
    Get a clue. This is lame.

  19. Tricks are hardly ever used in a real game – unless your Ronaldo or Messi. Usually, you one-two the ball with a teammate – it being a teamgame and all…

  20. u know before you do all this get your cardio up, if you can outrun the guy to the ball r like past him then youll be good, this is like for if youre in trouble haha

  21. awesome! you fake like youre going to turn away from the defender and put yourself between them and the ball, but instead you fake them out and dribble right into them! cool trick bro!

  22. The guy is like a animal in a zoo with the tour train looking at him. Wait I think I heard one of the people saying"ohh that sure is a ugly creature alright". anyway nice vid. thanks

  23. @kvin10en and everyone else
    He didnt even need to show this video, but since he did, i would like to point out that he didnt even need to do this so called "fake spin move" he could have did a spin halfway around and then backheel-to-ground the futbol through hos legs and still make the defender/prop look stupid
    (didnt need help though)

  24. i dont think it would work like that in real life. A defender would have positioned himself at a better angle

  25. with street soccer we call this garbage a failed Akka i dont see much in that move can you handle me a street football player who does know how to drive an defender crazy with my annoying elastico and handy with right and left foot i do make dribbles like brasilian futsallers, here are more people watching who can drive you crazy.

  26. i bealieve that americans cant play soccer unless you are david becham that dude is super dumb they make soccer look bad

  27. It looks like you're just rolling the ball. If you really want to fake then you need to take the quick 1 second pause so that the defender pauses as well. It's not really going to get him if all you do is look back and roll the ball but I understand what you're trying to do. You did it perfect in slow mo. Online Soccer Training uploaded a similar video explaining how if you don't take that pause you won't be able to "sell" the fake.

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