Soccer Dribbling Moves : Behind the Leg Cut Soccer Move

Soccer Dribbling Moves : Behind the Leg Cut Soccer Move

Now, the move I want to talk about is called
the behind the leg cut. Now, it’s kind of like a variation of a step over into a cut
with the back leg, and here’s what it looks like broken down, slow. So, I do a step over
and with the same jump I’m touching it with the back of my foot. There’s different ways you can do it. But,
it’s all about faking the momentum going this way and going the other way. Sorry.

71 thoughts on “Soccer Dribbling Moves : Behind the Leg Cut Soccer Move

  1. i use that move all d time so handy if someone jumps in on u .can get hurt sometimes tho i got hurt badly doin this move some dirt bag took d ankle off me.

  2. watch how ronaldo uses it. much more effective when side on to the defender, and also forget the 'kind of stepover' and just jump into it.

  3. well dats true but not really they're some cleats and it suk ass not even kickin but the one i used are 60 or 70 no less no more but i own wit dose lol 😛

  4. Americans…Break my Face…HAH i don't think so mate, america is just a country where all the wanna be gangsta's go, america is all mouth no action, at least the british follow up…so keep it quiet mate!

  5. Americans Use this
    Engish People Don't

    Why? Americans Suck at 'Soccer'. It's football get it right you idiots. And Don't try and chat shit, you people are dumb, you took the ENGLISH language changed a few words and letters and you now claim it as you're own.
    Go Back to 'American Football' Which is another copy of Rugby just Changed a few rules here and there, And Wait, We beat you at Rugby aswell.

  6. I am talking about the stereotype american, all americans say " i'll fuck you up" how many times have you seen them back it up, ye i can talk shit over the internet it doesn't make me look hard.

  7. i think chrisiano ronaldo does it a little better than this guy, only a little bit though!

    As you can tell this guy is the next ronaldo ; )

  8. Dont't get me wrong im not saying its just americans there are plenty of british kids like it. But three quaters of the time you'll find it americans, i went to new england on a trip a few years back, i loved it there.

  9. dude love u, finnaly an american that realses that a world out side of fast food and baseball actually exists.

  10. omfg rofl!! this guy is crap. he duznt know what anyway tricks are called and cant even do them. im 13 and can do a lot better than him, and i play in goal.
    oh yeah and by the way you fat yanks its football not soccer. . .

  11. i was suprised when i found out that this guy has other soccer trick videos that are even more useless

  12. dont watch the videos then if your goin to complain …obviously you need help if you are looking them up in the first place

  13. this isnt the same as the Ronaldo chop. If a defender is backing like he should be and you do this dribble you dont get any acceleration in the dribble. Its more like a freestyle dribble.

  14. this is a joke why are you guys putting videos of the most easiest trick why not put videos on how to do the rainbow, around the world, double around the word; some hard tricks?

  15. and guess who played in the finals at confederation cup, thats right USA, and you say they suck. Why dont you go and suck on your thumb and play Donkey Kong on your 1980's Nintendo.

  16. a team does not become good from beating one good team (in the confederations cup which isnt very prestigious") people arent going to give america credit until they do well in world cup and such , i mean if u beat spain but lose to mexico 5nil, it seems like a fluke

  17. ha 1980's nintendto thats funny
    but i do have to say that the confedertions cup isnt even a big tournament and it doesnt make them really good that they beat spain it was just 1 game.

  18. you at least gotta look at this way, soccer in USA is a third class sport, et still USA qualifies for almost every world cup top in their group. Look at other countries where soccer is number one sport, they dont even qualify sometimes. Just qualifying for world cup is an acheivement for states.

  19. LOl what a video !the americans are so idi*ts, understand that pls the soccer is not made for americans kepp with ur nfl and mlb shit** sports im feel sorry for the americans fùtbal players !

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  22. You must be retarded or something, why do you even think about trying to learn other people to play football? You are soooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaad.

  23. it never works in a real football match. actually you have to do more simple stuff, beacause real football isn't one vs one.. if you do this trick another defender would probably take the ball out of your feet..

  24. usa came in 3rd in the world cup in 1930 and were a very strong team during that time till the 1950s
    in fact, america was the first counrty to play football outside of england back in the late 1800s
    for some reason though in recent times, america has fallen behind in soccer but we are catching up and are the fastest improving country in football
    so before you say "soccer is not made for americans" think a little

  25. @crackanese23 america futbol suck is the true dont say nothing more !

    you are a american crack consumer or a good player lol hahahhaa

  26. @Soccerrulezall the united states qualified last world cup stupid
    i just said the US's team is getting better fast in recent years
    i know theyve sucked in soccer for a long time
    i just said theyre getting better
    frankly i think donovan and rooney are both idiots
    next time read the comment dumbass

  27. dude come on theachin' this sh*t won't make em better, what about if u teach then about crossing, passing, thinkin, be 2 moves ahead of the defender, always have something behind the move you're doing this is just wrong youre theaching the move but youre not explaining in what situations can get the besto of it so youre just makin' bad football players (i guess nobody pays attention to you lol)

  28. @MADE2OWND he's probably showing the fundamentals before going to the bigger stuff. and he does have a video that shows the rainbow and videos that show stuff like juggling around an opponent.

    and to other people: seriously, did this guy steal all of your lunch money in 5th grade and push you off the swings? i mean, give the guy a break….

    and nice job on the videos

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