Soccer Ball Memorial

Soccer Ball Memorial

[Reporter] Unveiling a special soccer ball statue. Friends and family gathered today at Hilton Head Island School for the
Creative Arts to dedicate this memorial monument for Alex Arrieta. Alex died from cancer in 2016 at age 10. Before losing his fight he and his family started
Lambs for Life a nonprofit organization that delivers care packages to children
undergoing cancer treatments. Alex’s father is impressed by how the memorial
showcases everything Alex was passionate about. [Brandon Arrietta] It’s all things Alex which for us
is everything you know all his favorites and Alex never wanted recognition like
you see on there his name is on there and that’s fine but you also see lamby’s name is on there and that was his thing even whenever I would leave to go meet
with someone political leader someone high-profile I would always have them
take a picture with the Lambs for Life sign and that was the way of Alex being
there because he couldn’t be there and so I’d come back look buddy I just met
with this person and he would just say so does that mean lamby’s more famous
now yes so that’s what it means and so that was his thing he wanted lamby to be famous. [Reporter] The sculpture was
created by welding students at MayRiver High School. They designed it to include
Alex’s favorite things and the Lambs for Life logo. [Colleton Graves] My team and I worked really
hard on this and it was it was definitely for a great cause and the
fact that we’re here now and remembering this little guy I mean we couldn’t be
more proud just to stand here and say this was for him. [Reporter] During the ceremony US
Representative Joe Cunningham [Joe Cumingham] Lambs for Life has blossomed into something extraordinary. [Reporter] Spoke about how Alex’s memory is living on to the Lambs for Life organization. And Alex’s best friend says this soccer ball is a great way to remember his friend. [Kristian Field] He
wanted to give credit and honor to everybody else all the kids who have
cancer and just seeing this a great ceremony for that because he really
deserved it and he was all smiles all day 24/7. [Reporter] The soccer ball is located in front of
the school’s gymnasium. At Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts Ron
Lopes Beaufort County School District.

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