SOCCER BALL GEOMETRY | English | Explore symmetrical structure of a football

SOCCER BALL GEOMETRY | English | Explore symmetrical structure of a football

Good Goal. We are sure you’ll are down with
soccer fever now that the world Cup Quarterfinals are about to begin. We might each have tried
a foot or two or even our hand with the ball. have you ever tried to make it? we have made
it with matchsticks and cycle valve tube. You just need matchsticks and cycle valve
tube. Let’s find out what this is. If you open a cycle valve you’ll see small piece
of valve tube. This prevents the air from tire to escape and hence called a valve. Some
modern cycles might not have have this so you need to go to the wholesale market to
get a couple of meters of valve tube. The specialty of valve tube is that it fits
the matchstick snugly and enables us to make amazing shapes and structures. cut two 1 inch
pieces of the valve tube. This is the trickiest part so you might need some practice. Cut
two, one inch pieces of the valve tube. Weave the needle through one and poke a longish
hole in the middle of other tube by pushing the needle sideways. Then push the valve inside
this hole and the 4 way joint is ready. We’ll need a lot of these (I won’t tell you how
many as that is our question). in our football 3 lines of match sticks meet
at each point. so we will need to make a 4 way joint. to get the match sticks ready scrape
the powder at the end of the matchsticks. you will need a lot of these.
First make a pentagon. Then surround it with 5 hexagons. Now make 5 more pentagons around
these six hexagons as shown. so first we make a pentagon then we surround it by 5 hexagons
and then we surround it by 5 more pentagons around these 6 hexagons as shown. So we have
6 pentagons and 5 hexagons in one structure. Make two such structures. Insert 2 sticks
at two ends of all five pentagons in one of the structure.
Now we have to join these two structures as shown to make the football. The way to join
these is simple. The two open sticks on one of the structure make half the hexagon and
this needs to be joined with three other sticks on the other structure to make a hexagon.
Do this for all 5 pair of open sticks of one structure and join it to 3 other sticks of
the other structure to make hexagons and once these 2 tructures are joined the football
is ready. Our football might not look symmetrical but
if you blow a balloon inside, you can see Football is an amazingly symmetrical structure.
If you look closely it has pentagons surrounded by 5 hexagons. And HEXAGON SURROUNDED 3 HEXAGONS
AND 3 PENTAGONS ALTERNATELY. we can also color the pentagons differently
to make the football look real. Notice we have made total 12 pentagons and
10 hexagons in our two structures, so how come we end up with 20 hexagons in our football.
If you observe the ball carefully you can see it.
lets just play with this soccer ball for a while. and that was my head goal.
now having made this ball How many matchsticks did we use to make this
football. now if you start counting, you may forget the midway. is there some interesting
way to find out the total number of matchsticks. well the second question is. here you can
see the joints. they are 4 way joints but we have used only 3. How many joints (4-way)
were required. and Send us your answers at [email protected]
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