Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics | Smarter Every Day 58

Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics | Smarter Every Day 58

Hey it’s me Destin Welcome back to SmarterEveryDay So you’ve probably observed that cats almost always land on their feet Today’s question is why. Like most simple questions there’s a very complex answer For instance let me reword this question How does a cat go from feet up To feet down In a falling reference frame without violating the conservation of angular momentum Now I’ve studied free falling bodies, my own in fact in several different environments and once i get my angular rotation started in one direction, I can’t stop it. Today, we’re going to use a high speed camera- we’re not going to use Alley because this is my daughter’s cat, i don’t want to hurt it- we’re going to use a stunt cat let me introduce you to Gi-Gi the stunt cat (music) I’ll just flip the uh, the video vertical and then motion track the cat it’s just going to take a lot more effort in post We’re going to try to do it in a way that doesn’t make anybody mad That’s pretty hard to do. You gotta drop the cat Ready Gi-Gi? Good kitty Checking out the high speed data there Gi-Gi? Ok the first thing a cat does when it’s falling is try to figure out which way is up. It does this either with the gyro in the ear or with its eyes Ready to talk cat physics? Alright. So check out this footage i captured with the Phantom Miro While Gi-Gi goes to get a drink of water. So here’s what’s interesting about this to me. You’ll notice that at the beginning of the drop the cat is not rotating halfway through the drop the cat is rotating and at the very end Gi-Gi somehow stopped rotating Newton’s law says an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an external force I see no external forces on this cat So what’s happening here? It’s not making sense to me O.K. so in order to really get the right data we’re going to have to drop her 90 degrees out of phase. Atta girl This time watch her tail 3 2 1

100 thoughts on “Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics | Smarter Every Day 58

  1. Cat videos do get the most views. The cat twists it's body to change its position in flight… guess one must be an engineer or scientist to finf that odd.

  2. ALright guys ready to go get are cats kids and smuther to death and drop them off a building to see if where better than this guy?

  3. A cat always lands upright. If you drop a slice of bread with peanut butter on it, the bread always lands with the peanut butter down. So if you strap a slice of bread with peanut butter to the back of a cat and let it fall, nature will not know how to solve that paradox and the cat will levitate and never reach the ground. You should make a video of that!

  4. Very informative and you can clearly see no cats were harmed. Unfortunately, tests like this and the one in zero gravity are done so that we can better understand more about cats in this particular situation. With a better understanding lf how things in nature work we can possibly create tech to impact our lives moving forward.

  5. At 1:12 the cats emotions goes
    The cat" omg the hooman really dropped me……. I thought he was holding me to play around….. He a mad hooman"

  6. I don't understand. Initially all legs were upward and finally downward. They rotated 180 degs anyways. Meaning that something inside her should have rotated in opposite way. Did her bowels come into her back?

  7. As a cat lover myself, I can tell you, your gonna be so much happier knowing this science when your cat climbs a tree and falls so stop complaining.❤️

  8. this pedo is not only a fake space nasa fanboy but he also likes dropping cats to make videos to make money. nice one fucktard. keep milking these sheep out of money and freewill. The cat doesnt know why you are doing this. what if someone who didnt speak English just grabbed you by your wrists and ankles and dropped you? would you be smiling? over 9 million views of this video so far. Potentially thats alot of people dropping cats to mimic this idiotic video ya dickhead.

  9. Me my nephew and his friend threw cat all the way into the air as high as we can and he landed like nothing happened

  10. Destin, I would like to challenge and/or add to your explanation. First, I enjoy your videos very much. Back to the cats. I think the flexure of the back is very important, and I picture the front and rear of the cat like the two rotors of a helicopter with with two main rotors. Coincidentally, any tail might also serve as a minor "tail" rotor. With the back bent, the whole body of the cat rotates in one direction, but opposite ends – viewed from their respective ends – are rotating in opposite directions, maintaining zero total angular momentum – and actually applying torque against one another (because of the division into two articulated axes the back bend provides). I think the back needs to bend at least a little bit, but the more bend the back can produce, I think the faster the cat can rotate. I would really like to hear your thoughts.

  11. who knew cats were so intelligent

    then again i dont think its intelligence, its nature. i don't think they rlly know the complexity of how they behave. amazing

  12. Honestly everyone that’s wondering the cat is totally cool with it, the only reason they have this skill is to use it

  13. I love how you think "we;re playing fetch" when in fact your cat never fetches the ball because YOU do. It's YOU who keeps running after the ball and fetching it. lol

  14. I love animals, I hate PETA, they probably made a troll station to hit the dislike button, pissed a guy is playing with his cat

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