Should Kids Be Allowed to Play Football?


the child abuse issue you know as a child a children’s rights advocate I get really nervous when we talk about subjecting our kids to anything that could harm them and particularly could have long-term impact on them neurologically so I applaud the doctor for raising that issue and at least letting parents know you are taking a huge risk and this is coming from the ER Doc’s perspective every time I do see a kid out skateboarding without a helmet I honestly I have seen a lot of concussions and kids from riding their bikes so there there are a lot of sports out there where we need to continue to raise awareness and and what’s also ironic is football is incredibly popular I can openly say that although I didn’t play it growing up it has become my favorite sport it’s a wonderful sport although acknowledging now the dangers of it my question is where do you draw the line here because I can’t appreciate your perspective enough dr. Omalu your belief in these six sports and maybe eliminating them for kids I understand that perspective but from an attorney’s perspective from a mother’s perspective where do you draw the line do you just sit there and say okay well playing soccer even though there’s headers and we know that can lead to these many concussions but that’s safe enough this is not safe enough do you literally draw a line in the sand and say these ports are safe enough these are well I think there could be an argument that some sports kids just shouldn’t play I mean some sports could be so dangerous and the risks so great that we as a society should say if you subject your child to that sport you are indeed engaging in child abuse just like we say you can’t allow your child to ride in a car in your car without a car seat right so the state steps in to protect children in lots of situations so sports shouldn’t be any different in an arena day and age as the research continues to mount we’re in Cali you may may as a former player have a perspective on this where we move towards flag football for youth we’re literally like dr. Omalu suggests kids aren’t playing contact football in the traditional sense until they get to college and are of eighteen years of age hundred percent I didn’t play football till I was a senior in high school I wrestled I played baseball i skateboard and surfed all these other things and prided myself on being an athlete when I stepped on a football field I felt I was ready I didn’t stay off the football field because of concussions we didn’t know anything about those dr. Omalu hadn’t I think stepped foot in America at that point and you know unfortunately I saw broken arms and blown out knees and paralyzation and all these things so I knew it was dangerous enough so we have to accept these inherent C’s that are in these sports and that they’re not just going to go away and so we really had to start being proactive and take all changes and treatments given in to that point Kyle I think no matter what the age there are some things that we can do to educate parents who are going to put their children and their young adult children in some more risky situations for example I was wondering in some of the teams that youth coach do they do preseason and postseason neurocognitive testing just to see the impact you know that’s something that’s really valuable because if you see that there’s some damage by the end of the season it’s still not too late to pull them for cognitive rehabilitation need to know that the the the head protection is as good as it gets they need to know that there’s somebody in the sidelines even in this peewee level that if somebody suffers some some type of head injury that they’re being evaluated if there’s any issues boom you’re kept out so you don’t have multiples very can say this if you are a parent and your child wants to play football you decide to let them play football make sure their coach is someone like Kyle who appreciates the risks associated with potential head trauma and I think that you also have plenty of evidence on your side like dr. Omalu suggests to say you know what we’re gonna play non-contact sports until you’re old enough until you’re 18 there’s so much more yet to learn on this I want to thank both of you for advancing this you

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