Should Dez Bryant Return To The Dallas Cowboys | LAW vs LAW

Should Dez Bryant Return To The Dallas Cowboys | LAW vs LAW

Whoa, I had a good time Up there boy Who’s ready Oh, that could have brought you along but you see uh, 88 coach team is the 10 plus 20 I think we got a long way. I was it relates to all of season but I Really think this team is a 10 plus 20 Yeah It’s called a year You get my tail Then oh boy, you can’t get enough yourself man But tell them the truth many up around with your ass and they go yeah Yeah, I was he met him with another man He was good even talking about one of the I used to play the lady still got it in his system Said he trying to give back up like to now come off. There’s always just just the Mater supporter back Yeah, it’s cold. I never loved you best pie three men coming back Keith You got a mega TV. Oh, baby, but always was flying out the ball On top of that, well, we got a chance to meet up with you boy Sure Oh Family Very cool the barnacle people man my spell I think that camp battle it’s going to be that sloppy And I’m a brown coal way to go when you home right here. You gonna try to eat Who are you trying to eat you be hard on anyone but I think won’t just eat it Especially if you home be hungry all you want Behind on what huh? Mijo, it won’t you know, I’ll have them to do something against joy Yeah Yeah. No, I think I was it man. We gonna breathe or biscuit to this season JC gear, you know with the fourth year of dad Fred Scott. I really think that this time you know, what? Yeah, I really do Really really really – oh, it’s crazy man. Yeah under attack Yeah Crazy man, we talk about nowadays bride These bras supposed to you I Guess I’m coming back for the Cowboys. You really want to get anything man what you did with – Rebecca, I Was like uh, huh Huh trash, but look down towards the edge of the year out of her to bring it all out of her. Oh He ain’t nobody is bra Sam, yeah she Trying to tell me today is bride Is the end all be the whole lot about if we get day as bride back when this TV? Everything would be okay edit the Fate everybody all news team Just stop and pure understand, you know other side Like no other Understand is why this debate He’s going to defend the TT if we have a secret freeze-up Amari Cooper, he’s already know what he’s going to let Me see that’s why I can’t jump over and over roller coverage because you talk about come on that ain’t a carrot Yes, okay, I understand what you’re trying to say, but it’s okay brother it’s Dangerous, right? You gotta give me with this when we start talking about this dais bride versus Allen Hurns No day is prize a whole lot better than Cowboys not gonna make this thing happen How would they need to make that aid I hope with the old in with the new baby? Yeah under said it would taste win Okay, you just say there was a squid see due to their story time in LA to Germany Britain stronger events Look, we’d come and join us. Some would be brought back because Insurance policy and then on top of that I he was doing a horrible job for DMI caspian Dead bride the imitation father said don’t lose to get out of don’t Buddies with old reliable well, but back to the topic man. Mm linen is the flavor for them they hit 2018 let’s go here to rewind And just continue cowboy bitch only day is running right? One day at a time what movement at the time of his dick would happen? Okay, gotta get it right not eating me Fe gotta get this bride. We’re not me. Thanks Brian couple of 10 10 plus wins we’re where we Get on the Bus yeah get my rates crazy then krazy-8 My team is here and remember it you’re listening to nothing but the best Yeah, whatever bad guys y’all ready to know what’s going on if we get Dez Bryant back on this why you would definitely definitely have Respected the privacy of the court you get young might be gala You also got the Amaro Cooper’s over the world’s out there and then on top of that into rural coverage, man It’ll be Like a mad for teams to try to figure out how to stop Dez Bryant who also team don’t walk to see about that They don’t want to see that being his accent. Come on, man. Cowboy nation pony up Jungle up. They go grab dead bride and there right? Yeah, maybe they’re right Right and they’re right in ain’t I right here they’re gonna be hanging right there. Yeah You

31 thoughts on “Should Dez Bryant Return To The Dallas Cowboys | LAW vs LAW

  1. Lol hell yea Law got them Avengers happy meal toys πŸ˜‚ my kids have em thrown all over the house

  2. Dez Bryant needs a gunslinger quarterback to maximize his potential. And I'm sure we can all agree Dak Prescott ain't no Gunslinger.πŸ˜‚!!

  3. I'm always agreeing with Law number 2 lol . No hate I still believe if Dez didn't get hurt he was going to light Cowboys up and prove it was a QB problem not Dez. Now that's my fact lol. Proof all the Dak lovers was cheering Dez got hurt 2 weeks before playing Dallas. Dez is way better than anyone on that team. Lee sorry ass keep coming back and he the main one washed he more wash than a broke down Romo before romo hit his prime, but yet his trash ass is back πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬ . I see no reason why they shouldn't bring Dez back once again who is far better than any Wr Dallas got at the moment lol

  4. SALUTE I really do love our picks @ WR croon last year… Keep shining MG CED is ready to show out… I'm pulling for our YOUNG group of WR

  5. It's not about whether or not Dez had his chance, it's about what he can bring to the table RIGHT NOW!

    He still has top-level receiver skills, a relentless desire to win and as you stated Law he possesses the energy that elevates the ENTIRE team.

    I think he's learned his lesson and is now more humbled.

    Hell, if the Cowboys can give Bryce Butler who was a lesser talent another chance then certainly they can bring Dez back. Excellent video!

  6. I would bring him back if he shows the form before 2017. Everyone deserves a second chase. That doesn't mean he will make the team. Can he run routes now? We should see if he can. Also he was killer in and around the endzone. He also needs to realize he isn't WR1 anymore or 2 for that matter. He would have to show a lot though.

  7. If it were up to me, Dez would be on this team over Hurd. Both players coming off bad injury but Dez wouldn't command a big salary and in his sleep, Dez, is a better player than Hurd could ever hope to be.

  8. Dez was released not fear, Dez would do what ever it takes to be a Cowboy. D Law Hurn shouldn't be compared with DEZ. Hurn will never match the accomplishment of DEZ. I'm upset hearing you guys comparing Hurn with the X man. 88.

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