Shoebox Unboxing Challenge | Operation Christmas Child

Shoebox Unboxing Challenge | Operation Christmas Child

[MUSIC PLAYING] We need to have a talk. Are you also addicted
to unboxing videos? Neither am I. Last Thursday, I
was surfing this magical thing called the interweb,
and I noticed something very peculiar. People were making unboxing
videos on Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I couldn’t believe it either. I can now use my
addiction for good. Did you know that every year
tens of hundreds of thousands of millions of people send
shoeboxes to children in need all around the world,
packed with love, just like my lunchbox
in third grade. As we prepare for this coming
gift season, we want to– [WHINE] We want to see what creative
and exciting items you’re putting into your shoeboxes,
what unique ways you’re expressing the love of God to
children all around the world. If you pack Operation
Christmas Child shoeboxes, you too could be
eligible for a trampoline full of mini marshmallows. Yay. That’s actually not true. But what you could
do is unbox the box you just boxed and make a video
about you unboxing that box that you just boxed. So go make a video. And when you do upload it to the
interwebs, we’d love to see it. Be sure to drop a comment below
with a link to your video, and check out the playlist of
other current unboxing videos. Also, be sure to
subscribe to our channel and click the little bell
to give notifications. At first, we had big brushes,
and then we saw these– –this one, which
is a girl 2 to 4. It’s upside down. It’s for the girl box. There’s some bandannas. A stuffed animal. We got a soccer ball. Scrunchies or bracelets.

4 thoughts on “Shoebox Unboxing Challenge | Operation Christmas Child

  1. I love filming and watching unboxing videos! I made a Farm Theme Box this year! Check it out! I'm posting 2 unboxing videos a week up until collection week!

  2. Reminder to comment below with your unboxing videos for a chance to be featured in our playlist! And don't forget, National Collection Week is November 18-25. Happy Packing!

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