Sevenoaks grandad reunited with life-savers after football match collapse

Sevenoaks grandad reunited with life-savers after football match collapse

yeah so I was corresponding on the day I
was at home I live about three or four minutes from
the station a text went off to say that there’s a call come through so I grabbed
the information, grabbed the the kit that I had in the back of the car run over to
the football pitch and by that time my colleagues were already there and we we
got to work in terms of straight on to chest compressions He was very lucky the
footballers and Kent Fire and Rescue were on scene really quickly with one of
our defibs and as I arrived they’d already managed
to defibrillate him it was just defibrillating him again the second time
he was right in the center of the field the footballers had come over and and
grabbed all my kit from the car and it was a massive community centering around
mr. Rogers so we managed to offer good CPR another couple of different defibrillation
shocks when we managed to get a return of spontaneous circulation which means
we got an output we were then joined by the air ambulance and who managed to
successfully transport him over to William Harvey where he went straight to
cardiac surgery which is just fantastic Well in actual fact so I don’t remember
anything I don’t even remember driving to football and getting changed and doing
the warm-up when coming out I don’t really I don’t remember nothing until I
woke up in hospital on the Tuesday. To actually see someone talk them through
what happened and then to talk you through what they may remember of the
incident which is very little it was quite unusual and the other thing that
was quite unusual as well was I actually knew Alan from playing football for the
team that I go and watch quite often so from many years ago so it was actually
someone who’s laying on the ground you’re suddenly thinking I recognise
that individual and I was only afterwards that it came to us too he was. It’s been fantastic it’s so nice to see him up standing aqnd meet his wife it’s
only been a few months as well which is just fantastic to me to see him looking
so well and it gives him a chance to meet us and we don’t often get to see
the success stories as well as this so it’s been a really amazing experience Well it’s it’s nice to to meet the people that saved your life
and I’ve spoken to a few of them before but
never met them face to face and it’s nice to put a face to people that has
done so much you know to save my life really is, yeah. So for me this one’s
simple it was early early CPR early defibrillation good community everyone
worked together it was the footballer starting the CPR
it was Kent Fire and Rescue joining him with that followed by SECAM South East
Coast ambulance service bringing our respect early defibrillation and
managing to get an output really quickly so it was just a really good team effort Yeah and that’s ultimately why I joined the fire service to me it was a community
effort and you know you you are going to turn up to people that you can hopefully
make better or at least help them. If I had a message well just carry on doing
what what they are and you know just saving people’s lives because they do a
fantastic a fantastic job you

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