Sesame Street: Soccer School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

Sesame Street: Soccer School  | Murray Had a Little Lamb

CHILDREN: [SINGING] Mary has a little lamb– LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: [RAPPING] Yo. Murray has a little lamb,
who wears a little bow. CHILDREN: Go, Murray. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: Together
they go everywhere amigos like to go. CHILDREN: Murray. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: He follows
her to school each day. They run. They spin. They leap. CHILDREN: Go, Murray. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: Yo. Everybody loves to see a
monster and his sheep. And they all say– CHILDREN: Murray,
Murray, Murray. Yeah. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: Murray
has a little lamb. CHILDREN: Go, Murray. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: Murray
has a little lamb. CHILDREN: Murray has
a little lamb. MURRAY: Hi. It’s me, Murray. And I’m looking for
my little lamb. Oh, Ovejita. Ovejita. Ovejita. [GROANS] OVEJITA: [GASPS] MURRAY: Ovejita. OVEJITA: Hola, Murray. MURRAY: Where are
we going today? OVEJITA: Un escuela. MURRAY: A school? OVEJITA: Mm hmm. MURRAY: What escuela
are we going to? OVEJITA: Adivina. MURRAY: Guess? OVEJITA: Mm hmm. MURRAY: I’d love to guess, but
I need some clues first. Come on. Oh, a tree. Is tree the first
clue, Ovejita? OVEJITA: No. Un uniforme. MURRAY: Oh, is it leaf? OVEJITA: No. Un uniforme. MURRAY: Acorn? OVEJITA: No. Un uniforme. MURRAY: What is un uniforme? OVEJITA: Un uniforme. [POPS] MURRAY: [GROANS] OVEJITA: Uh-oh. MURRAY: A little help. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: [GROANS] Hey, I’m wearing a uniform. OVEJITA: Si. Un uniforme. MURRAY: Oh, un uniforme must
mean “a uniform” in Spanish. OVEJITA: Si. Un uniforme. MURRAY: But what kind
of school do you need a uniform for? OVEJITA: Adivina. MURRAY: Oh, guess? I’m not sure. I think I need some
more clues. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Come on. Ovejita, what’s the next clue? OVEJITA: Una pilota. MURRAY: Una pilota? OVEJITA: Una pilota. MURRAY: What’s una pilota? OVEJITA: Una pilota! MURRAY: Huh? [GROANS] OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Oh. A ball. OVEJITA: Una pilota. MURRAY: Oh, una pilota must
be Spanish for a ball. OVEJITA: Si. Una pilota. MURRAY: OK. So the clues are uniform– OVEJITA: Un uniforme– MURRAY: –and a ball. OVEJITA: Una pilota. MURRAY: I wonder what school
we’re going to. OVEJITA: Adivina. MURRAY: Oh, no, no, no. Not ready to guess yet. I need another clue. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Come on. What’s the next clue, Ovejita? OVEJITA: Patea. MURRAY: Patea? Hmm. What’s patea? Wow. Did you see that? That statue just kicked
the ball. Hey, wait a minute. Does patea mean kick
in Spanish? OVEJITA: Si. Patea. MURRAY: OK. So the clues are a uniform– OVEJITA: Un uniforme. MURRAY: –a ball– Oh, ooh, ooh. [LAUGHS] OVEJITA: Una pilota. MURRAY: Yeah. And kick. OVEJITA: Patea. MURRAY: Huh. What kind of school is it? Wait a minute. I think we’re going to– ALL: Soccer school! OVEJITA: Escuela de football. ALL: Yay! MURRAY: What’s the first thing
I have to learn in soccer? GIRL: Well, you have to kick
the ball with your feet. And you try to score a goal. COACH: You can kick it with
the side of your foot. That’s the part right here. Or if you want to score a goal,
you use the laces on your shoes. WOMAN: Take it. Take it. COACH: Woah. Good shot. BOY: You need to try and get
the ball into the net. And each time you get in the
net, you get one point. MURRAY: How do I shoot it? COACH JIM: You swing your foot
really hard to kick the ball in the goal. MURRAY: I’m going
to try a kick. Let’s see. [GROANS] Uh, Coach Jim? A little help. COACH JIM: Sure. MURRAY: Oh, Coach Jim,
I don’t know if I’m ready to shoot yet. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: What other parts
of your body do you use in soccer? GIRL: Your knee. MURRAY: You can use your knee? GIRL: And you can
use your chest. MURRAY: You can use
your chest too? GIRL: And your head. MURRAY: You use your head? How about hands? Can you use your hands? BOY: No. MURRAY: No hands. COACH: That’s the only part of
your body that you can’t use. MURRAY: I didn’t
even know that. OK. I’m not going to use my hands. COACH: You can’t
use your hands. There is one exception. If you’re the goalie,
then you’re allowed to use your hands. MURRAY: Oh, goalies are allowed
to use their hands? COACH: Right, OVEJITA: Whee. MURRAY: You ever play goalie? BOY: Um, yeah. MURRAY: What do you do
when you’re a goalie? BOY: Well, you want to try and
save the ball so the ball doesn’t go in the net. MURRAY: [GROANS] WOMAN: Take that shot. MURRAY: [GROANS] Woah! Do you do any running
in this game? GIRL: Yes. MURRAY: Well, is it
a lot of running? Or just a little? GIRL: A lot. MURRAY: I’m going to
try running fast. Let me see. Is this fast enough? BOY: No. MURRAY: No? Is that fast enough? BOY: Yes. MURRAY: [PANTING] I think I ran too much. How many people on a team? COACH JIM: 11. MURRAY: There’s 11
people on a team. And we’re all trying
to get in the goal? COACH JIM: Yes. There’s going to be another team
out there trying to get the ball in our goal. MURRAY: They want to
get it from me? COACH JIM: Yes. MURRAY: Can I say, hey, no,
don’t you touch my ball? It’s my ball. I want to get it over there. COACH JIM: You could say that to
them, but they’re going to try and get it from
you anyway. MURRAY: Oh, man. What do I do to keep
it away from them? GIRL: You can dribble it. MURRAY: What is dribbling? GIRL: Well, it’s when you keep
the ball near your feet, but you can’t kick it. MURRAY: How do you dribble
with your feet? COACH JIM: Well, you use your
inside, outside, and instep of your foot. MURRAY: And what else do
I do during a game? COACH JIM: You listen to your
coaches and your teammates. And you also listen
to the referee. He’s the guy on the field that
tries to make everything fair. MURRAY: OK. So I listen to the coaches. I watch and listen
for the referees. I try to go with my teammates. I do a lot of running. And I give a big, big kick. Here I go! Yah! [LAUGHS] I didn’t fall! COACH JIM: That’s perfect. MURRAY: Coach Jim,
I didn’t fall! [LAUGHS] [GRUNTS] I love soccer school. OVEJITA: Escuela! [GRUNTS] MURRAY: Woah. OVEJITA: Woah! MURRAY: See you next

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