Sesame Street: Play Ball! | Elmo’s World

Sesame Street: Play Ball! | Elmo’s World

ELMO: [SINGING] La la la la,
la la la la, Elmo’s world. La la la la, la la
la la, Elmo’s world. Elmo loves his goldfish,
his crayon too. That’s Elmo’s world. Hi. This is Elmo’s world. Yeah. Elmo is very happy to see you. And so is Dorothy. Say hello, Dorothy! Guess what Elmo is
thinking about today? Doo-doo-doo-doo! [LAUGHING] That’s right. Balls. You know, balls. Dorothy’s been thinking
about balls, too. And Dorothy has a question. Want Elmo to tell it? OK. [SHOUTING] How do
you catch a ball? Good question, Dorothy. Let’s watch Mr.
Noodle catch a ball. Good question. Come on, shade. SHADE: OK. ELMO: Turn around, Mr. Noodle. CHILDREN: Turn around. ELMO: Yeah, no, you’ve got to
turn around to catch the ball. CHILDREN: You’ve got
to catch the ball. ELMO: Yeah, that’s
good, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: Clap your hands. Catch the ball. ELMO: Catch the ball. Yeah, come on, Mr.
Noodle, you can do it. Almost, Mr. Noodle. Try again. Catch the ball. CHILD: You can do it. ELMO: No– not–
where are you going? Wow. That’s a big catcher’s mitt. CHILD: Yeah, really big. ELMO: Boy, you’re going
to really catch it now. CHILD: Oh, yeah. ELMO: That’s the
ball, Mr. Noodle. Catch it! CHILD: Way up! CHILD: You can do it. ELMO: Look, catch
it, Mr. Noodle! CHILD: Almost, almost. ELMO: Boy, it’s really heavy. Where you going now? Mr. Noodle! CHILD: A butterfly net. There’s no butterflies. ELMO: Oh, Mr. Noodle. You can’t catch a ball
with a butterfly net. CHILD: No. ELMO: Mr. Noodle. Mr. Noodle! He hit it! He hit the ball! Now he’s doing baseball! Safe! Use your hands, Mr. Noodle. That’s right. CHILDREN: Yeah. ELMO: You can do it! CHILDREN: Yay! ELMO: Uh-oh. Mr. Noodle. Mr. Noodle. CHILDREN: Mr. Noodle! ELMO: Dorothy wants
to ask someone else. How do you catch a ball? GIRL: You have to spread your
arms out and catch a ball. BOY: You put your arms out and
when the ball is coming right at you, you squeeze your hands. See? BOY: Dorothy. This is how you catch a ball. ELMO: Thank you, Dorothy. Now, let’s ask a baby. Baby, baby. Hello. How do you catch a ball? Thank you, baby! Mwah. And now, Elmo has
a question for you. How many bounces will
this ball bounce? Let’s count them and see. ELMO AND CHILDREN:1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,
22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. 28 bounces, yay! That as great
counting, everybody. And that was some
great bouncing ball. Oooh, Elmo loves
some other things besides balls that bounce. And things that
don’t bounce, too. Want to see? Good! Drawer. Oh, ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Eggs don’t bounce. But they’re delicious
to eat for breakfast. Babies in bouncy seats bounce. Phone books don’t bounce. Birthday cakes don’t bounce. Telly doesn’t bounce unless
he’s on a pogo stick. See? Some things bounce
besides balls. But what if balls
weren’t so bouncy? Elmo wants to know. How can Elmo find out? Oh, yeah. That’s right. Elmo can watch the ball channel. TV. ANNOUNCER: The ball channel. Bouncy, bouncy
balls, all the time. BALL: And now, if
balls didn’t bounce. Roll them. DOG: If balls didn’t bounce. If balls didn’t
bounce, basketball would be boring and impossible. Tennis would be terrible. People would get
tense and testy. Little children wouldn’t be
able to bounce a ball at all. CHILD: Waah. DOG: Handball would be horrible. And that is what would happen
if balls didn’t bounce. Bouncing is good! Sometimes it’s too good. The end. ANNOUNCER: That’s ball, folks. ELMO: Wait, no! But– but– Elmo wants to
learn more about balls. Oh. How could Elmo learn more? [KNOCKING] ELMO: Huh? Who could that be? BALL: Hi. ELMO: Hi! BALL: Want to talk to a ball? ELMO: Yeah! Elmo can talk to a ball. BALL: Well, let me tell you
a little bit about myself. I’m a beach ball. ELMO: Well, is it fun
being a beach ball? BALL: Oh, oh. It’s a ball. ELMO: Ha ha ha! That’s funny. BALL: Hey, see how
light and airy I am. Go ahead, pick me up. Huh, huh? ELMO: Yeah. BALL: I’m filled with lots
of air, all inside me. And you see? That helps me to
bounce up and down. ELMO: Oh, oh. Well, Elmo knows
all about bouncing. BALL: Really? ELMO: Elmo likes to
bounce up and down too. BALL: Let’s see. Good bouncing, Elmo. And it’s fun, too. ELMO: Yeah! What else– what else do
balls do besides bouncing? BALL: Ah, well, balls roll. Yeah, watch this. ELMO: OK. BALL: Wow. Wow. Wow. Whoa. ELMO: How does a ball do that? BALL: Oh, well,
you see, I’m round. Yeah, that’s how. ELMO: Oh, yeah, like a circle. Exactly. Yeah. FOOTBALL: Hey, not all
balls are round, you know. ELMO: Who said that? BALL: Oh, that’s football. FOOTBALL: See. I’m not completely round
like that beach ball. ELMO: Yeah. Elmo sees that. Is it fun to be a football? FOOTBALL: Eh, I get my kicks. BALL: Hey, you
know, there are lots of different kinds
of balls for playing lots of different
kinds of games. FOOTBALL: 4, 18, 22, hike. BALL: Yeah, footballs
are for playing football. ELMO: Oh, wow. Oh, look, look, look. Dorothy is imagining
Elmo playing football. Yay! Yay! ANNOUNCER: There are ping pong
balls for playing ping pong. ELMO: Hey! ANNOUNCER: There are golf
ball for playing golf. ELMO: Fore! ANNOUNCER: And miniature golf. ELMO: Ah. BALL: You see? You couldn’t play any of
those games without balls. Nobody could. ELMO: Hey, hey hey. Elmo wanted to find out
what a beach ball would look like without air inside. BALL: Don’t look at me. ELMO: So Elmo made a
video with this camera. It’s called “Squishing The Air
Out of A Beach Ball,” by Elmo. TV, TV where are you? There you are. HARRY: Here we go. Ah ha. Ta da! ELMO: And that’s squishing
the air out of a beach ball. HARRY: Hi, mom. ELMO: Good squishing, Harry. HARRY: Thanks. ELMO: Thank you, TV. Oh, boy. Look at that. Elmo likes the beach ball
better with lots of air in it. It’s more fun to play with,
and it bounces better. Look. And Elmo really
likes to play ball. Some of Elmo’s friends
like to play ball, too. Elmo’s friend Michelle
played catch with her daddy the other day. Michelle told Elmo all about it. Michelle went to the beach
to play catch with her daddy. Catch is a good game
to play outside. Michelle’s daddy threw
Michelle the ball. She almost caught it. Michelle is still learning. Uh-oh. Oops, almost. The whole thing about playing
catch is you have to catch it and throw it. Nice catch, Michelle. It takes a lot of practice. Michelle caught the ball! Yay, Michelle! Michelle is getting
better and better. Yeah. They play catch
for a while, then Michelle’s daddy
caught Michelle. Good catch, Daddy. And that’s how Elmo’s
friend played ball. Elmo really likes balls, too. So does Dorothy. That’s why Dorothy wants
to sing the ball song. Yay! Here we go. [SINGING] Doo-doo-doo,
ball, ball, ball. Ball, ball, ball. Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball. Ooh, there’s the word ball. Follow the bouncing ball
and sing if you want to. [SINGING] Ball, ball, ball,
ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball. [SHOUTING] Ball! Ball! Ball! [SINGING] Ball, ball, ball. Ball, ball, ball. Ball, ball, ball, ball,
ball, ball, ball, ball. Ball, ball, ball. Good bye, ball. Good bye again, ball. Say good bye, Dorothy. Bye bye! Uh-oh. You know, balls. Oh, boy. That’s right.

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  1. i love watching this when im kindergarden i always wait to watch this when its night my mom says to me when im waiting this she say "thea sleep now" and i say "mom wait im going to wait to watch elmo's world " hahahaha

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  4. This is Brandon🚣 he is going to the lake with his paddle boat. and after that he is going to the store to buy a sesame street DVD.

  5. The only reason I watched Sesame Street as a kid, and even now, is because of Elmo and Elmo’s World. I love the little fuzzy red monster

  6. Cute. I watch sesame street soft my 16 month daughter. Shes obsessed and gets so excited when it comes on lol. She says "Melmo!" when wants to watch or sees him on TV lol .

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