Serbia vs Puerto Rico FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

Serbia vs Puerto Rico  FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

one welcome to the FIBA Basketball World
Cup 2019 here in Wuhan China the Cabo three-and-oh with Italy and Puerto Rico
both two and one so a win for Serbia and pretty much ahead in every single
Department aren’t they so what can Porter Rico do today four inches per
player difference in size half the Serbian squad a 610 plus but then double
digits from four minutes into the game until there was just over three minutes
left but they forgave day three is Gary Brown nailed a three with five seconds
to go to give them a 6760 full time it’s Spain taking on Italy so plenty to look
forward to and as I mentioned the points from the committee you opium tournament with the
Americas flavor of Porto Rico anyway next week so we’re rattling through this
World Cup as we just take a look at the Puerto Ricans that have so much strength
in depth to call upon but this is the starting five they’ve gone with today
well can’t man inside seven foot three two meters 21 and Bogdanovich the
leading scorer and Italy still to come it’s a hugely exciting group and we
should be in for a wonderful and open look in the corner he just stuck he
comes good defense here from Puerto Rico now inside to Marianna bitch who just
turns can’t get nearly and we get the steal again Bogdanovich throws it into
my yard bitch my book done Bogdanovich Bogdanovich just Springs to
the hoop and it’s tipped it the other child what three rebounds and 4.3 assists as well
to go with that makes them bode not it’s stolen again from Javitch Brown trying
to shoot over the Yannick Javitch into Vienna bitch she’s just in punt is
brought down by Vladimir lucha CH d avec another put brown quitter steps back
shoots the jump since if you Jeff bitches screaming instructions out on
that far side Brown difficult there must have a lot of confidence after gameday
three mugs and Bogdanovich just can’t quite get it there folks out of every
possession let’s sit into your pitch York in Amish
clothes it into red delete Sarah against Renaldo Balkman just must motivate
Huertas call yet decides to shoot Patera read such a duel eats urges tries his
luck to Isiah Piero is highly talented youngster for Puerto Rico trying to pull
Rodriguez no jank level for three panic to your kitsch
look it’s looking to go to work just panel
yeah eats up into the Joker again under pressure
sit into Janka she just throws it back outside he’s going to shoot the three
from muck roads head out to the corner completely very well so again how to get your cheese already
made one trade kill Rodriguez the tree gets nice passing to kaalia kaalia goats
up panting laundry goes into Clement who drives to the basket with defense Oh
from birch of it of it by going down it wasn’t much of repose the Girish steps
back throws it inside to yo get shoot Pinero he’s done well to retrieve the
ball now the rejection are water pass from yep big defense from your couch now
down the other end of the floor and out the fast-break is on as Bogdanovich
finds himself rabble Messiah and cowl rodriguez
rodriguez chose it back out whereas just paints now shoot danovich the ellipse
are again two three no yo vich no h need some help
gets it with the ellicsr again whose go cup game one of the Denver Nuggets
first-round playoff series against San Antonio Spurs LeBron James pretty good
company he’s right up there where test rows up
delicious tips it down to your kitchen throws it to yah bitch back to your
kitchen yaki jaw apartment which eventually brings it down now my Janna
vich roi yo vich is in all the space the jump shot Lucic with the rebound and
passed down the floor two yogurts Yami gypsy yo kit chef that is the one
statistic they are better at in Serbia mid such again no-look pass finds sip Renaldo Balkman pulpit drives could
first European team to achieve that since Greece managed it between 1986 and
1990s got two white shirts all over it David we’re tests just deciding to shoot
the three up it up and knocked it down Mitch nice pass centers seem on of each
one their only defeat coming to Serbia 92 points 277 he wait I in this group
because if Serbia obviously win here today if Italy then beats painting in
rebounds alongside Franklin and Thalia with three which goes himself kicks it
back out to be L it sort of Collier again third foul for Devon Collier lead
is 30 against it so now the top scorer for server in this game so efficient
Beco 22 points to 13 and at the end of three they lead 71 39

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