Serbia vs Puerto Rico fiba Basketball match full time Fiba World Cup 2019 Full Game Highlights 1

Serbia vs Puerto Rico fiba  Basketball match full time  Fiba World Cup 2019 Full Game Highlights 1

nearly able to get the steal again
Bogdanovich throws it into my Jana bitched my book done walk down a bitch
Bogdanovich just Springs to the hoop in it the Amish are water pass Yannick the
Amish into Vienna bitches nearly had its nolan again from yo bitch Brown trying
to shoot over me a lucha CH D avec another brilliant brown quitter steps
back shoots the jump around again if you’re Jeff bitches screaming
instructions out on that far side Brian difficult shot knocks the shot there
must have a lot of confidence after game day three pubs and Bogdanovich just
can’t quite get out of every possession lets it into your tits and kaalia we’re touched nice pass from David Moyes
it into red delete Sarah take a turn alder both men just niggas David Huertas
call yet decides to shoot Patera tweets hitch a do lead surges try
society arrow is highly talented youngster for Puerto Rico trying to
torture and kill Rodriguez no Jan clever four three two you’re kitc look it’s
looking to go to Y stop yeah eat sir into the Joker again
under pressure sit into yoga she just throws it back outside he’s gonna shoot
the three from miles app throws it out to the corner completely uncontested sir
again out to get George she’s already made 1/3 now if I kill Rodriguez the
tree gets nice pass into kaalia kaalia goes up the Jurij steps back throws it
inside suit yo kitch pars bogdanovich nearly had it stolen from Vinnie Aires
done well to retrieve the ball now the rejection are water pass from your
kitchen now down the other end of the floor and out the fast-break is on as
Bogdanovich rodriguez rodriguez throws it back out Huertas just paints now
shoots the lock took Janovich the elites are again two three from a long way
which which needs some help gets it with the ellicsr again who’s go
for back-to-back Huertas rose up the little tip throws it to yogic back to
your kitchen yoga chore thought we were going to see the Janna vich roi of
inches in all the space he wants the rebound the past and of Thornton
yoghurts your maturity your kit Shann the two mid such again no-look pass
finds simona Mitch Renaldo Balkman Bultman drives good
penetration team to achieve that since Greece managed it between 1986 and 1990
is the yellow room David Curtis just deciding to shoot the three over the
defect hit down mid such nice paths in to see MonaVie in rebounds alongside
Franklin and Collier with three as Mitch goes himself kicks it back out to be a
little it’s only a two Collier on again simona vich nice to use the glass big
offensive Diana bitch wanna pass from him no
Kocurek Luger it’s just drives in makes thick my Janna bitch again my Anna bitch
looking to go to work has his pocket picked by John Clavel now Mojica mahi
Caillou my Anna bitch again twisting and turning his way to the Brady no it’s two
against one down the other end of the floor Hannity Cleverley Ken who just
goes all the way her be there just surround the hoop with three men around
it now the pass down to floor and no one is with new chip danovich spins towards
the baseline throws it back outside the three from Bertram itch is good find the
clock down but it is job done as far as Serbia are concerned the hugely

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