Serbia v Puerto Rico FIBA Basketball match World Cup 2019

Serbia v Puerto Rico FIBA Basketball match   World Cup 2019

such patsak here by serbia nobody
traveling almost that will Dynavision already with 11 points he’s not quick
enough to roll to the basket and the defense of sergio and he throws it down
distance they’re getting that extra pass inside and illusion of making sure where
that throw down right now Serbia just moving the boys
Yogesh now and they’ve used 10 of them but just has to shoot here catch it off
from the buzzer daddy says no referee said yes watch us
is good for three a bit to change her daddy on that Collier up in the air
spinning round beats the shot clock buzzer they’ve got to come up with the
score they’ve had so many attempts at it brown driving into traffic to the fall
away again late in the shot and it’s good
his brown Huertas again for three damn be what unbelievable big shot take a look at
this one he was in motion you knew it was in as soon as he left his hand gotta
get it in it’s in mihika break sir make it to win it
no that still time there’s still time there was more the point one that’s
celebrating here ons looking for a technical foul for running horn Rico yes
let’s see if we can tell as he goes through there’s more best part of a
second that but Iran have no time down a bitch gives up to the joke of the
Joker’s big to me your kids to me lutein are no help defense and a part of the
Philippines interior defense on the collapse admits it it’s gonna make its
move right now and great black numbers now okay
go with the Yogi’s what a beautiful pass coming from vintage vintage down low Brown had to bail out of that shop
because of the defense Portland trying to find some room got a shoot Diaz gets
it off just in time and hits the three Puerto Rico by five trapped on the
baseline gets out to Franklin needs to go up quick hear the shot Cox getting
low Diaz has to take the three gs all string from behind the or six on the
shot clock here comes brown brown step back for
three how’d you believe it wanna three four
brown ball screen was coming he rejected the ball screen told him to go back I
want this one-on-one just stepped he back and as time expired on the shot
clock hit it they took as much time off the
clock as they good and then scored his drink and then you’re just hideous he’s
bumped it gives him the ball well the baseline shot my Luke Simone a great
point you just made Josh about the Italians packing the paint and making it
a little more difficult for Serbia upon Mariana Beach four out of four which
other hi I’m Colby don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more
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