29 thoughts on “Serbia: Tens of thousands celebrate FIFA U20 World Cup win

  1. Shiptars with problems can fuck off.
    So, what if we celebrated cause it was U20?
    At least we are only country to celebrate like this.

  2. Deport all the thousands of servian stink prostitutes from Albanian lands!!!

    12.000 servian whores are found in Kosovo alone, cheapest most disgusting whores ever!!!

  3. Man I get mad at these butthurt Croats and Albanians.Why are you even here.This is a Serbian video.If you hate Serbia why do you even click on the video anyways.Are you jelaous that Serbia won,because I can't see another reason for you to come on this video and hate.What a bunch of losers.

  4. I love Servia!! I´m from Brazil and some you win and some you loose. Serbia is beautiful and people are nice and friendly. Good luck!

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