Sell Beer At College Football Games?

Sell Beer At College Football Games?

should college football games now serve
alcohol as a way to raise revenue for the university’s my question is where’s
the question why did that this doesn’t even make any
sense to debate about it if you’re gonna try to debate me up time to stop and
think that i think they can cough usually i do and when you think i will itself up if they have if they are legally selling alcohol to
people who are of legal age why would there be a problem was something i remember uh… again and my school we would like they were they would do
regular was email questions in the stadium they sold alone at the concessions as a community and as
i think that’s on him we’d go to the says it’s not an end
that’s all we knew when we when there was no things about
other things you didn’t do i really wanna that’s ridiculous and i think
about what happens in this is something doing what you see they don’t merely
load off wide tell me i one of the reasoning behind it is it because
they’re afraid it would be a liability i think they thought i was looking bad i
think all this happened after you see that time medicine on time magazine’s college in
the year convince them proposals are credible and
parties he started cracking down on these things they wanted to be like you know how i view the political school and so i think there was a perception
was all about the things as the perception problem reside on them and
joking with the war games in the flaunting for one thing that all this
popularity and notoriety so then they were like wtf is wrong spoons at the full on him that’s unacceptable that was all about
how it looked so i think put it off doesn’t seem to think and we’ll tell you
all day anythin but in london so it’s not a leg because they also inside the stadium that we wanted him where they were all
well eleven offenders i have no idea where to find a beer before i go into the game saying they
will sneak n_b_a_’s an inmate in a major league badly outside so they can be jump
inside game inside a building that is the same difference it’s like a mini prohibition friend in
prohibition didn’t work it’s not going to work in advance forty minutes
actually caused by any testimony about a month exactly half as about to say and
you have a great opportunity here to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in her sporting event right anandessar
could be used to professors employed or key programs from
getting cut like a in there are lots of benefits to it armendariz altho ko allowed us to make
their own decisions i don’t understand universities being
concerned about their reputations it drives me crazy like for instance we did
a story about how university in ohio was named the top party school by the
princeton review uh… abused in the house too alone on her smile university in ohio
yet they were and in the top party school by the princeton review demanded
immediately the administrators are freaking out trying to find a way to
like stop on the parties in travel light any part appealed college is the parties
like a look everyone cares about the academics don’t get me wrong but we also care about going and having
a good time and date real experience college experience out of it right and
that’s one of things i sometimes have exigency on-campus agency in the door but just because some our university is
known as a party school doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not like
since zero someday like if you are a party school it means that you lack in
academics and two completely different areas santa barbara and university of
california at santa barbara is a great school uh… they have great academics
to great research university right but the same time every party school that’s the kind of parties will be
released mound of anna seriously could happen

21 thoughts on “Sell Beer At College Football Games?

  1. If America didnt have a silly drinking age then it wouldnt be such an issue. My Uni served beer from 11am, and I've had the first beer they've pulled. Beer is important revenue.

  2. i want them to make a new channel TYTHumanInterest so that way we can have all the human interest stories with out having to look through all the political videos just a thought

  3. Here at the university (my state's flagship university) it would be a horrible idea. Let's keep the football games as clean as possible. There is plenty of tail-gating before the games, no need to be selling beer inside the stadium, doesn't add anything to the game. If the game isn't enjoyable without the booze, don't bother coming!!

  4. Don't American college footballs games attract a large audience of non-underage drinkers, isn't it a big thing. There's longs of underage people in the city Boston, I think they've developed a system where you have this card right, and it has your age right, and if your not old enough you shouldn't be served…Imagine that

  5. lower the drinking age to 18 already! I go to a Cal State University, and alcohol sales have been banned at football games since 2009 or 2010.

  6. 18 is legal age to buy alcohol here in the UK but you can legally drink at 5. Most people I know started getting drunk around the age of 13. What age do americans start drinking.

  7. @flake452 To buy and consume alcohol in America is age 21… Yeah, sucks. But usually people start at around 16-18.

  8. @harmon756 No, I am not kidding you. Go look up study after study showing how safe pot is, especially compared to alcohol.

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