SEC Shorts – Teams get single wish from SEC Fairy Godmother

SEC Shorts – Teams get single wish from SEC Fairy Godmother

*majestic music* Wow I am the SEC Fairy Godmother. For the season is long and full of hardships but to help you on your journey A single wish I will grant you. Oh… Just one wish that’s uh… That’s actually not gonna do very much for me so uhh.. I’m just gonna…thank you. I wish to not play Georgia in November. Granted. Oh. Alright. November has been so stressful. This is gonna be a… Your new November opponent is LSU. What? I wish for infinite wishes. You can’t do that! That’s like the oldest rule in wish making. Oh really? Boys. What are you doing!? You just got off probation…. Is that a Dodge Charger? Mmmhhmm Whatever you wish I will grant. Yeah I’m actually doing pretty good maybe you could just shadow box this for me? I wish to go to a New Year’s Six bowl. Dude these are wishes not miracles. Look he doesn’t have to be automatic or anything.. Maybe just 75% from inside the 40 and maybe just one missed extra point a game. Granted! My wish is that whatever Alabama wished for They don’t get. But you don’t even know what they wished for. Doesn’t matter doesn’t matter. As long as it’s something that Alabama wants and I am taking it away from them. Don’t you think that’s a little petty? Yeah. I wish for a schedule that would impress the Playoff Selection Committee. Granted. Oh. OH MY GOD! I said impress the Playoff Selection Committee not guarantee we go to the Liberty Bowl! I wish for our bowl ban to be lifted. Oh sweetie. Do you think there’s anything magic can do against the bureaucratic inconsistencies of the NCAA’s rulings? So you want beds in the locker room? No no. They’re lockers that turn into beds. Like Transformers. Don’t you maybe want a new school library? What? Nerd. Yeah I wish for Ole Miss football to just keep sucking. That’s probably going to happen with or without me doing anything. Oh ok great! Well uh.. I guess I’ll just take some alternate unis then. Granted. I just wish for Terry Wilson to come back for his senior season. Granted. You know I’m kinda surprised you didn’t ask for another 10 win season this year. Oh wait wait. That was an option? I just want to go to a bowl game at the end of the year. Granted. Alright. Wait now… I want to actually play in the game not just go to the stands and watch another team play. You got that right? Uh huh. I wish for a schedule that will impress the Playoff Selection Committee. Oh. Alright. Oh my god. At least you got home games, bro.

100 thoughts on “SEC Shorts – Teams get single wish from SEC Fairy Godmother

  1. As a Vandy fan getting roasted in football (we rule baseball) is funny and tough but man I feel bad for any Arkansas fans πŸ˜‚

  2. How can anyone β€œnot like” these videos regardless of who y’all like. Cmon man. These make me giggle. Good videos

  3. BruhπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ I felt so bad for Auburn & Imma LSU fan!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ GEAUX TIGERSπŸ…

  4. As a red raider I wish for a defense! πŸ˜‚ and the dirt to stop blowing ( god bless Lubbock TexasπŸ€ͺ)

  5. It would have been funnier if they had invited Jerri Spurrier to be the SEC Fairy Godmother. Old Steve would probably get a hoot out of it. Heck they'd probably fly to Alabama on their time for the giggles.

    Plus you could most likely make a kick-ass interaction video with Steve Spurrier.

  6. When SEC SHOERTS starts back dropping videos that means its ALMOST football season, but when Jermaine funnymane johnson starts dropping videos that means it IS FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! Love BOTH channels!!!!! Alabama kickoff game in 4 days 2 hours and 12 minutes!!!!! ROLL TIDE!!

  7. The funniest one of these I've seen is from 2014 about Bo Wallace, the Ole Miss QB. "I'm Bro Ballace, Quarterback for the University of Old Mississippi" "I have a double major, in sticks and mud" Had me ROTFLMAO

  8. I am somewhat offended. Arkansas is going to surprise a lot of folks and win FOUR games this year, instead of two…none of which will be conference games. Well, now that I think about it…make that 3 instead of 4. No use in getting overconfident.

  9. That was spot on… although I would have wished for Nick Saban to grow a third arm so we can stop seeing him paying players under the table…

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