Scottish Guy Debunks AMERICAN Stereotypes

Scottish Guy Debunks AMERICAN Stereotypes

Guys I think we’ve been talking a lot about the cultural connection between Scotland and the United States of America recently and in today’s episode I want to clear the air on a few things So that’s why I’m going to be talking about American stereotypes that we have in Europe. that’s coming right up after this Hello everybody. How are you doing and welcome to today’s episode of the vlog. It is great to have you here Thank you so much for joining in. if you’re new here. My name is Shaun. I’m a vlogger from Edinburgh in Scotland I talk all about Scottish culture I take you on Scottish Adventures at the adventures around the world and giving you a bit of a Scottish perspective on things and has it been awesome to build this community right here on YouTube speaking of Scotland and connecting that with people from Around the world who might have a connection through ancestry and all that kind of stuff Anyway, listen, thank you so much for joining in it’s great to have you here welcome If you’re new, please do not forget I need you to hit that subscribe button in the bottom left corner then you will be like family from here on in and if you hit the notification bell YouTube may even bother to show you some of my videos from now on. have you done it? Of course you’ve done it because you are a hero, right? Today’s episode I want to talk about American stereotypes that we have not just in Scotland But throughout Europe and you know what? I thought I knew America before I went there I really thought I knew it but since I was first taking there over a year ago of the United States Embassy to the UK on a cultural expedience cultural exchange trip It really opened my mind But not just on that trip because in that one week we went for a lot of emotions in that week We met a lot of different people from different sides of different debates, and it was all just a lot of information Shoved in our faces. So I think even in that week as much as we got to learn a lot We also got probably the wrong end of the stick on some things. We probably jumped to conclusions I certainly jumped to conclusions on a lot of different matters But nonetheless on that trip and through building this community and doing these videos on YouTube I think I have learned a little bit more So I compiled this little list for you guys 10 stereotypes I think they are actually 10 Misconceptions about America and I want to be debunking these 10 things because a lot of them are just ludicrous and guys listen I will be talking about some of the most Interesting and heavy loaded points at the end of the so you’re gonna want to hang on in there until the end All right, number one Americans are rich, I think America is a rich country. Definitely like the UK’s a rich country Scotland’s a rich country. We all live in rich countries mostly in the northern hemisphere But does that mean every single person in America is rich? certainly not That is definitely one of the things I learned on my first days in the United States of America part of that trip I went With the United States Embassy was really to kind of break down these misconceptions that we have as British people, right? So they wanted to show us everything The good and the bad and the ugly and I think that was a good thing, right? because like we all we have these built up images of America and the wealth right you get to New York and you see all These massive buildings, California or San Francisco with all the technology stuff that’s going on out there You know all the biggest and best companies in the world appear to be from America I used to actually work for a couple of them and when you see all this innovation when you seal this culture coming through on the media and on our TVs and all that kind of stuff you think wow that Is a rich country of course America is a rich country It’s stupid to think otherwise, but that does not mean everybody in America is rich Right, one of the things they took us on that tour was to see people who are in more impoverished areas You see really fast really quickly There is a lot of struggle and suffering in America as well in terms of poverty just like there is here in the UK We have a lot of poverty here that it’s not talked about and I think that’s the thing Right, we all in our countries like to celebrate our successes. For example here in Scotland. We’ve got a massive Homelessness crisis we don’t talk about that We don’t tell you guys in America when you come to Scotland come and visit us. We’ve got Loch Ness monster We’ve got castles and we’ve got lots of homeless people We don’t say that but it is a fact and I guess it’s the same in America The wealth is concentrated just like every other country in the world, right? There’s a lot of very rich people in America But there’s a lot of poor people and I actually had one really deep experience that I would like to reference Ok, my first day in Orlando I left the hotel like 7:00 in the morning because I wanted to go out and take some nice drone shots of a lake That was next to our hotel, I went around the lake and when I got to the other side there were about five or six people Sleeping rough under the trees. Okay. I didn’t want to wake them up So I moved about 500 yards down the way and one of the guys who was up Anyway, it came over and spoke to me He was interested in my drone and then we ended up just chat for about 20 or 30 minutes He told me all about his life how much he struggles the stuff. He sleeps in the park I mean that is definitely not wealth, is it exactly the same as we have here in the UK? so I think these things need to be put into context America is a rich country with a lot of amazing things and Technology and finance and industry, but also there’s a lot of poverty Misconception number two that I’m going to be busting Americans only speak English the first thing I would say about that point Okay, let’s not even talk about America first Let’s talk about the UK the level of people here in the UK and up until very recently I was one of them can only speak one language English that’s the only language the majority of people in the United Kingdom can speak if you find a Scottish person who is born and Bred in Scotland or an English person who is born and bred in England. They have no language skills whatsoever And then he go travelling around, you know They go if France they go to Spain especially and they expect the locals to be able to speak English So before we start lobbing bricks, let’s make sure our house isn’t made of glass. Basically. That’s what I’m trying to say I can’t speak for America on this front, but I can say that in UK We are really really bad at languages The only reason I land on other language is because my wife is Brazilian, so I learned Portuguese and it took me 10 years I am not naturally gifted with languages But most people here are not I met a lot of people especially in New York and especially in Florida this spoke loads a different language is certainly Spanish and I think that’s one of the awesome things about America’s immigrant culture right is the fact that lots of people have these backgrounds from all in the world who can speak different languages so that Is definitely a myth in my opinion. Here’s a misconception for you that Americans are fat I don’t know the specific statistics about obesity in America I know they are pretty high, but I don’t know exact number right that’s one thing fair enough But listen in Scotland, we are the most unhealthy nation in all of Europe. We’re the sick man of Europe That’s what they call us Okay, we I think have the lowest – the single lowest life expectancy in Europe in Scotland If it’s not the most it’s definitely in the bottom three, right a lot of factors involved in that smoking drinking But mostly it is because of our diet. We really really badly here in Scotland A lot of people don’t know that right. We are the sick man of Europe for a good reason We are very unhealthy here in Scotland. So how can we have this misconception? America the Americans are all unhealthy loads junk food. And of course, I know that is true as well guys Like here’s another thing I noticed about America, right? Of course, you might have a lot of people in Big deal you actually also have a lot of people who are in the opposite end of the spectrum I’ve never ever in my life seen so many really buff people that I saw in America one way or another like who cares what people look like and where they Are right. It’s not something for anybody to judge. Certainly not as in Scotland. Okay, we are nobody to judge on this number four, okay? Americans do not travel I think this misconception is based on the fact that something like only thirty percent of Americans have passports. Is that right? Something like that Whereas a new kid, we’ve got a very high number of people with passports, but nonetheless Let me just introduce you to something very quickly guys. Okay, that is the Scottish tourism Boom that we have been experienced and here in our country over the last two or four years We have been exploding in tourists here in Scotland for a number of reasons Outlander is definitely partly responsible for that the amazing show and book written by American author Diana Gabaldon all about the Scottish clan systems filmed right here in Scotland Numbers have exploded by multiples of hundreds here in Scotland all of our tourism sites and who’s responsible Who do we think is responsible for that explosion in numbers of people coming to Scotland? It’s mostly Americans Outlander is an American phenomenon . Let me just say that everywhere in the world that are Outlander fans But the most part the biggest fan base is in America Listen last year around about half a million Americans came to Scotland. That is a lot of people, okay So yeah maybe when you’re talking about all of United States as a whole it’s got like how many hundreds of millions of people the percentage of That of people who actually travel abroad might be small But listen, there are a number of the factors to think about here first America is huge a lot of the states on their own are bigger than the UK The United States of America is like the size of continental Europe and that is one of the big criticisms I have of people here in Scotland in the UK there’s lots of places here that people just don’t know about have never been to in their lives nor many people here in Scotland and The central belt never go to the Scottish islands. It’s staggering Alright, so if I lived in the States, there are so many places I’d want to explore before even thinking about we’re going abroad. This is a really bizarre misconception Okay, Americans are backwards when it comes to science this one. I find particularly bizarre. Ok, fair enough There are lots it seems of for example climate skeptics from America who make a lot of noise But there are an equal amount of people on the other side from America as well So I think this is just one of the clear problems of trying to lump Everybody in together in the same pot and saying they’re all the same because really not and like just think about this for a second NASA the leaders of space technology travel exploration in the world always has been until now is From the United States of America like who can argue against that? NASA have done some spectacular things and also as I mentioned earlier on technology in America is like Way ahead of everybody else in a lot of different sectors and departments medicine and health care. All that technology comes from the states So yes Or maybe a lot of people who are not really into science and really kind of understand things that are going on in the world But there are just as many people who really really do much more than we do. So, there you go That is definitely something that should be busted another misconception America is a country where religious fanatics rule this is something that’s really really deep and Multi-layered multifaceted, but I think the thing is with this point It’s more prevalent much more prevalent in certain States than others Bible Belt for example, very heavily Christian But that doesn’t mean that the whole country is I met so many people especially in the North who were atheist It’s a very big mix and there’s also people from all sorts of religions in America I was even invited to see some of the multi faith stuff that goes on from people from all different types of Religious communities I was very interested in New York For example to see areas that were very heavily influenced for example by Roman Catholicism there especially from the Italian communities and then there was like the areas that were Dominated more by Orthodox Jews and also areas with a lot of Muslims There’s a very big mix of religious diversity in America And I think that’s cool and the way that we look at it in Scotland Definitely is different right and let me explain why Scotland is an old country, right? We have been doing religion We have been doing Christianity here in Scotland for literally thousands of years Way before the Unites States of America was even founded or even thought about and I think the natural progression When you take a time period like a thousand years, for example, very very few people now are Christian compared to 20 years ago Or compared to 100 years ago, especially younger generetions is not a Christian country anymore a lot of our churches. For example are mere relics. Churches are struggling to find people to fill spaces as Reverend ministers and priests it’s just a thing that happens over large periods of time right number seven Americans are workaholics obsessed with work You know what? That’s true I have never been anywhere in the world where people are so committed to work and that work ethic and I think this is Actually something to be proud of something to be celebrated. Why is that a bad thing? why is this a Stereotype that anybody should kind of pour scorn on what does the American Dream is the American Dream something that is real or not Whether is or not today so not something for me to say but what I can say is it has been for a lot of people and it does seem Like the place and I definitely get this impression in America if you go there and you work hard and you Really follow a path you can be basically anybody you want to be and listen I’ve got first-hand experience of this I worked for two massive American companies When I worked in London for five years or further more banks based on Wall Street And when the bosses from America used to come over I think frankly they were quite shocked at how many days holiday we get here in the UK and like how quickly we leave the Office at 5:00 p.m. Because apparently and their offices they stay until 10:00 p.m They don’t get hardly any holidays compared to what we get. I don’t know I’d like to know what you guys think about this point definitely down in the comments below Americans work hard Probably don’t get as many holidays as we do but it’s a good or a bad thing. I don’t know I don’t think it’s bad necessarily Next one, okay Americans are LOUD. Americans are loud and what the heck is the problem with that? Northern European context Let me tell you Scottish People are actually considered pretty loud and we are loud. We like to talk a lot I think I’m an example of that But I consider nations that are quiet to be a little bit less fun, less outgoing what I experience in America are people are very outgoing and that comes across as loud but Really? It’s not I remember being on a cruise in the Mediterranean about five or six years ago, right? Bumped into a lot of Americans and I had a bloomin great time with them We were up partying all night and I could be as loud as I want eat and enjoyed myself and listen only a couple of weeks ago a friend came to me and said they went on a holiday and like it was a little bit overshadowed because there was a lot of Really loud Americans there and I couldn’t thinking to myself late-blooming how to enjoy yourself That’s what life is right make friends go crazy You have a party. Number 9, and we’re getting to the meat of this. this is one I can debunk right away Americans are rude. My experience is Americans are not necessarily rude what they are is more direct Okay And especially in places like, New York Find the people they are are very direct and it’s not rude they come to you and they’ll see what they think I think it’s funny. They’re in New York. For example when there’s something going on in the traffic or Somebody bumps into you’re sometimes if they get annoyed they’ll just see it is not like being rude It’s just being upfront and direct but on the opposing side a lot of Americans I met were so friendly so kind and so helpful More so than I had an experience and many countries around the world Let me tell you that is something I want to debunk people from every state people from every background I met rich poor doesn’t matter where they were from. I met lots of really amazingly nice kind people So it’s just something that’s not true And that leads me nicely on to the last point and this is heavy loaded But I think it’s something that we need to discuss. Absolutely. Okay, and that is that Americans are ignorant A lot of people are in the world always say this about Americans without even really knowing them or even going to America They’ll say Americans are ignorant of the rest of the world And you know what from my perspective? to say that Americans are ignorant is an ignorant comment because at the end of the day There are ignorant people anywhere you go in the world right including here in Scotland we’ve got a lot of ignorant people here who really don’t know about other cultures and other places and they don’t know about America that Is for sure listen, I was probably very ignorant on my first trip to America as well. I’m an open-minded person I like to go places and really just experience it and just go of the floor, right? I guess one thing on my first trip when I went a lot of the talk of that trip was on heavy Subjects that we don’t really understand here in the UK Okay, things like g culture because that’s something that we just don’t understand here. We don’t get it because we don’t have it It’s not part of our society Oh my god, like a bit of a shock to the system Does that mean that I’m wrong to think? Nor doesn’t buy at the same time as a Scottish person as a European want America and can have seen that culture and been in That culture was wrong for me to come to America and put my standards based on My society in her my size set up on how it is over there. It was wrong. It’s not right It doesn’t warm that is ignorant on our behalf a lot of people have been gone from all videos of that trip and seeing the fact that I was out there on a bit of a day and that day was set by the US Embassy to really kind of Immerse us in that culture and you know what to take somebody who’s never been in that culture and shove them in at the deep End literally it’s not necessarily dangerous, but it could definitely lead to Misunderstandings see for example how I was handling a gun very nervously like and I just hope you realize it’s not something like me coming There and saying you’re wrong anything like that. It’s just saying it’s not part of my culture I don’t understand it and I’m definitely willing to like investigating have a look into it And I think I did that right I got into the deep end. I went to a shooting range I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience. That doesn’t make me wrong That doesn’t make me a wimp or anything like that. Like a lot of people have been suggesting it’s just different right but at least I can actually step over to the other side and Luke and I think partly that is what Then poor an issue is on both sides. Right ignorance is a really loaded word That doesn’t really mean anything unless you put context into it But equally I met so many people in America Who were really open-minded and knew a lot about different cultures new law in my culture in Scotland and we had some really awesome deep Conversations about these types of stuff with people who were really interested In listening and what I had to say and vice versa, so, you know, I’ve met ignorant people all over in the world It’s America any more ignorant than anywhere else. I don’t think so guys Listen, I would love to know exactly what you thought about all of these down in the comments below What were my impressions like and your opinion do you think? Differently, do you think the same I just want to know in the comments? Let me know or if you want to send me a direct message. I’m also available on Instagram @shaunvlog It’d be great to get your opinions over there on Twitter as well please make sure you get in touch on those platforms and let me know what you think on these things and I just want to Give a special shout out. See these people down here. com It’s a platform I use to help fund my content and you can join that Club where there is exclusive information from me There is exclusive videos that nobody else will get to see only available to my Patreon members and you can join now you can get access to that from as little as one dollar a month, you know I’ve been thinking a lot have been asking me recently about relaunching my Podcast and doing it properly and I have been looking into that recently. Should I relaunch my podcast? I really want to do it because I love Podcasting and I think it’s something that a lot of people get a lot of value from the equipment only to buy to do podcast And properly is actually pretty expensive like it’s kind of similar to what my camera setup is know So I’m kind of thinking about doing some kind of crowed fundraising to raise the money to buy the equipment I’m going to need to do podcasting properly But before I actually launch any of that, I just love to know your thoughts on that. Is that a good idea or not? I know a lot of you guys did enjoy watching my podcast and then listening to them But most of that was just recorded on my phone I want to do it properly with proper microphones and stuff and I’ll probably need to raise like four or five hundred dollars to actually do that properly so late to know your Thoughts on what the best way to do that crowdfunding or whatever then in the comments below Thank you so much for watching until the end. You are a legend It is great to speak to you as always and until the next adventure I hope you have a good night/morning. Evening, afternoon or whatever time it is wherever you are in the world. Take care

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    I guess my upshot is that there may be some underlying truth to stereotypes, but if you just enjoy people for who they are, you truly get the best experiences in travel. I always harp to my son about not putting people in boxes because it's hard to get out of them! Thanks, Shaun for inspiring my travels and reminding us that everybody is unique, so just enjoy them!

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  35. The travel thing: In most of Europe, its cheap and easy to travel to another country. Here, we have Canada, and Mexico. Traveling overseas is MUCH more expensive. That being said, you can travel quite extensively in the US, and experience almost every culture that you can throughout the world-and never leave this great country of ours.
    There is absolutely no other country in the entire world that comes CLOSE to the diversity in people, landscape, and climate, that we have. Going strictly off of passports isnt that great a measurement.

  36. From my on experience as far as guns go…the guns in our home when growing up where .22 rifles and they were used to put food on our table..I'm from a family of 10 children and even though there were 9 girls and one boy my dad taught us all how to handle them and shoot them he also taught us how to box. He was a WWII VET and wanted us to be able to defend ourselves if or when we felt threatened..and even if we were in a situation where we would maybe even have to use those skills to put food on our families table..

  37. Watch the Germans stereotypes about Americans, wow, fat, dumb, loud, wear Nike shirts and nothing else. That we eat nothing but fast food..nope.

  38. Awww, you’re just so cute. I love how well you speak of the US. Thank you. I’m saving money to fly out to Scotland. Can’t wait. See you then.

  39. As for religion… believe it or not norse mythology is making a big comeback… and you sir are a man i would love to sit around the campfire with horns of mead and just talk

  40. I can see why europeans have more passports than Americans. Europeans have so many countires so close together that it is almost a necessity to have a passport. Imagine needing a passport to go to another state

  41. The travelling myth is so true. Most Americans don't have the means to see everything in AMERICA…let alone the rest of the world.

  42. This guy talks about people he knows and numbers but not about the collective mind, he needs to read Anti-intellectualism in American Life. I’ve been living in America for the past five years and I’m still shocked of how they celebrate ignorance, shallowness, vulgarity and simplemindedness (not how ignorant they are) because intellectualism is the enemy of survival. Why thinking about philosophical and existential issues when we can distract ourselves with sports, material things and the rat race. With most Americans you always have to keep the conversation light and superficial which is so boring to me. Of course there is a lot of smart and intellectual Americans, that’s a given, but when people say Americans are dumb and ignorant, they mean the environment that encourages and glorifies that. It’s the land of Forrest Gump.

  43. I think that two of your points actually have the same explanation. The one about how there are a lot of really fit people and a lot of really fat people, and how there are a lot of science Skeptics and a lot of science leaders, it's because we have a population of over 300 million so if you follow the bell curve to its ends, you're going to see that we have a large number of outliers at either end of anything because we have such a large population to begin with. It all has to do with population size and prior probability

  44. Very entertaining video. Lots of Scots-Irish in my area (southern part of US, Tennessee to be exact), so a little shared ancestry as you mentioned. Your comments on gun culture I guess are how most Europeans feel when they comment on our guns–they don't understand it because they didn't grow up with it. From our perspective it's hard to understand why other cultures don't appreciate it; especially since there are a lot of cultures that DO have guns, but its usually the ruling regime or thugs. Lots of American's have guns–lots of American's don't–its their choice. The idea of having a gun though, is not only for personal defense, hunting, and sport…it's also a representation of protecting ourselves from tyrannical government. Our founders were pretty smart when they wrote the 2nd Amendment–they refer to the right to bear 'arms' because they understood machinery would evolve. That's why they didn't say 'musket'.

  45. I live in South Florida. I love hearing and seeing how other people from other countries live and think. I enjoy you videos. It is very diverse where I live and I enjoy getting to know people from different countries and customs. I just wanted to comment about our gun laws. Alot of Americans enjoy hunting. I guess it might stem from how the settlers came to this country and the western days of needing a gun to keep yourself safe and to hunt and survive. We had a cabin in the Everglades my family went to every weekend and my dad and brothers and all the guys would go hunting for ducks, or deer, turkey, hogs for sport and for dinner. I've just grown up around guns alot and we also enjoyed target practice and shooting clay pigeons (round clay discs that you have a machine shoot way up into the air and then you shoot them with you rifle). I keep a 357 magnum in my end table for safety, just in case. My dad's business was in a bad area of Miami and he and the whole family that worked there wore pistols on their hips. Our business was the only one that was never robbed. My dad and brothers would come home from work and pile their pistols up on a table near the entrance every night before dinner. lol. I think if you grow up around seeing guns all the time, you don't think anything of it and it's hard to understand what is so taboo to others about having or shooting a gun. Also, we don't get alot of time off. Most office type jobs are 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Alot of places I have worked pile on way too much work and hope you work alot more than that, but they aren't legally allowed to make you do it so nowadays I don't. But some younger ones feel like they might look bad if they don't try harder than the next guy or may need some extra money and they do. We usually get 10 days a year vacation, and 5 sick days a year. We get about 8 national holidays a year on top of that. In some offices, if you work there for 5 years, you can get 15 vacation days a year, and some offices if you work there 10 years you might get 20 days a year vacation. But mine just gives 15 days after 5 years and that's the most no matter how long after that you work. Also though I lucky have short term and long term disability so if I got ill for more than the sick time I have, my disability kicks in and pays a percentage of my salary no matter what. The percentage is determined by how much premium I am paying for it and choose. For now I get reimbursed 60% of my salary if I was to go on disability because I felt that would be enough to get me by. Not all jobs offer disability and I love having that as a backup just in case.

  46. Thank you for the thoughtful video.

    At the base of every stereotype is a drop of truth in an ocean of contradiction. That is true of all the stereotypes about America.Yes, some Americans are rich, but not most of them. Yes, some Americans are loud and rude – especially in urban areas – but definitely not all. And, yes, we do have a lot of ignorant people despite the incredible amounts of money that we throw at the education system. And so on.

    You might actually experience shock and surprise regarding some stereotypes that Americans have about America. Americans think the country is getting too filthy, too drug soaked, and full of lazy, crazy, stupid, and/or ignorant people. I have seen accumulations of filth on the streets of American cities (especially on the west coast), and graffiti on walls, that I never saw when I visited Glasgow or Edinburgh. The use of certain drugs, like methamphetamine, has grown to epidemic proportions in some areas. Supposedly, 47% of American families are on some sort of government financial assistance. By that metric, Americans believe the country has a large percentage of poor people, because (they believe) only the poor receive government assistance.

    When asked to find the state of Texas on the map of the 48 contiguous states, only three people out of ten could find it (even though it is the largest state of the lower 48). One need not be overly cynical to understand that many of those who could find Texas on the map were Texans. You should also know that a large percentage of Americans couldn't find Scotland on a map of the world if their lives depended on it. I've known a few people who thought Africa was Japan, and vice versa. One of them was studying geography in college. Schools do not teach geography or history very well, and some not at all. So maybe not all Americans are ignorant, but too many are ignorant of too many things. That might explain why Americans do not travel as much as say, for instance, people who live in Europe. Americans don't know enough about the rest of the world to develop the curiosity or interest to travel elsewhere (much less learn a foreign language). Too many never develop critical thinking skills either. Some can't even sign their own names. We throw enormous amounts of money at the education system, but still sit in ashes and beat our chests in sorrow from the dismally poor results at times.

    America is made up of a lot of different people from all over the world. Some have very different value systems, and those values are reflected in the ways they approach life. Thus, everything I've written here about America does not represent universal or uniform truths about the place. America happens in lumps. That's why there is a lot of truth to the stereotypes about the place.

  47. Great video, and I thank you for the explanations of our differences. As nations we all have our eccentricities. I've learned in my travels a little understanding and humility go a long way… Thank You.

  48. You admit a poor diet and unhealthy population but we in America have AOC who lowers IQ scores just listening to her.

  49. Early in our history Americans spoke multiple languages. German was almost as popular as English for example. The problem for the new nation wasn't "how do we get our people to speak multiple languages?" it was "how do we avoid having some parts of the country being unable to communicate with other parts?" We opted to make English the official language (yes, it was voted on) and made sure everyone could speak it. Nowadays Americans get about two weeks of vacation per year. Europeans get at least twice that much. To go to another country is expensive and time consuming. We fly great distances, stay a brief time, and then have to hurry home. It hardly seems worth it. Or we can visit our neighbors to the north–where they speak the same language. English and Spanish are the only two languages of consequence in the entire Western Hemisphere. Quebec speaks French, but as in France itself, if your accent is the least bit foreign they switch to English in order to tell you how horribly you speak French. Brazil is a long way away. Few Americans are going to learn Portuguese because there's almost nowhere to use it.

  50. i just stumbled on your channel but I love it. From an American perspective I love how much you like to understand Americans in this video and look for positives in culture with an open perspective. I love traveling, and being introduced to different countries and traditions. One thing you point out is very true. America is huge; our opinions, beliefs, perspectives on the world vary as greatly as all the countries in Europe because of the somewhat same population and land mass size in total. I think this is something the world forgets sometimes. Very fun channel! Look forward to seeing more!

  51. I can point out Scapa Flow on a map. As well as Hadrian's Wall.

    I have been to Canada, but I was eight. But I have driven from Orlando, FL to Salunas, CA and met lovely people in between.

    I rode my motorcycle from Illinois to California camping along the way.

    America is HUGE, but apart from media depictions people to be kind and helpful. 🙂


  52. People who are nervous or uncertain when handling a gun for the first time actually are having the proper reaction. When you hold that weighty piece of metal in your hands and you understand through contact that it is a deadly weapon you're sensitive intimidation is simply good sense. It takes a while for most people to become comfortable with Firearms. They are serious weapons that can result in serious injury. It doesn't make you a wimp, it just means you're a newbie

  53. The right to keep and bear arms in the US constitution stems from the English Declaration of Rights of 1689 (from the time of William and Mary and the Glorious Revolution).

  54. I'm american and I have tons if Scottish family that probably have no idea I exist. Particularly in a small southern Scotland village called kelso. Man how I'd love to just show up, walk into their house while they're eating dinner and say "sup fam" 😳

  55. oh also one of the great things about being a country of immigrants, we get to scout talent from around the globe. "oh you're a genius 5 year old from Uganda? AMERICAN!" or "oh you're an amazing athlete from Japan? AMERICAN!!"  its pretty fuckin sweet. oh and we get to say bad words all the time. its fuckin awesome.

  56. Work hard. Go to church. Love your family. Be kind to others. That's true America. Breaks my heart that you Scots seem to have abandoned your faith.

  57. Americans are descended from basically the most pioneering, daring and motivated Europeans who travelled to the new world. Work ethic seems to be baked in, such that vacation days and stuff are mostly left to the level of employment contracts rather than law because we'd rather have the money than the time off. Getting the kind of holidays they have to take in southern Europe would make many Americans go stir crazy.

  58. They aren't RICH countries. Itjust means they aren't shitholes, commies and/or socialist. There has always been homeless.

  59. its true that guns are prevalent in america. for some its a culture. for others its a heritage thats been handed down from generation to generation. to some of us guns are as natural as driving a car or riding a bicycle. it would be strange without it. next time youre here you should give it another try. guns arent bad, some people are bad.

  60. I saw that video add you definitely didn't have the best introduction or instructor. I saw it as somewhat carless on the part on the range master. Its hard to recover from a bad first impression but I would challenge you to try it again with someone who is a better teacher. May I suggest a fellow Texan… try Matt @ Demolition Ranch.

  61. I think that many of the "Gun Culture Enthusiasts" from Scotland, ended up in the US from the Highland Clearances. I know my ancestors did. I would bet that many of those Highlanders would be very much at home at a gun range here. They were a good part of our forefathers that fought in the American Revolution and were resentful of the British that took away their arms and culture after the 1745 rising. That culture stayed with us here in the US.

  62. In American history the people who came to the new world wanted to have a place where they had freedoms. Freedom to practice their faith, religion and their thoughts and speech.
    The 1st Amendment covers this. Also in our history it is important to be able to defend ourselves from tyranny so guns and the right to take up arms to defend freedom (2nd Amendment) are very important to traditional Americans. Hope this helps to understand why God and guns are prevalent in the United States 🙂

  63. I appreciate your perspective on American culture. Just so you’re aware- many many Americans are anti-gun culture. Many Americans want better gun control and don’t think that the gun culture is healthy or advantageous to our culture as a whole.

  64. This is a great video because basically every single stereotype of America is true, to an extent, but for every stereotype there are millions of people who are exactly the opposite. Each quadrant of the US is dramatically different from the others, the huge variety of ethnicity and religion and language and culture is just baffling. It is so frustrating as an American to hear "all Americans" because that is like saying "all Africans" or "all Europeans" because you pluck someone from the appalachians, NYC, rural Texas and a soccer mom from Indiana and there is going to be massive culture shocks. Each state is like a different country and even the language is difficult to understand in some areas. It is like saying Norwegians and Greeks are the same or Russians and Chinese are the same because they share the same continent

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