Scissor kick tutorial – Football Match skills and Street soccer tricks


hello! i am Guido from football tricks online and today we will teach you the following trick ok, a lot of people is asking for the bicycle kick tutorial but i think we should learn the Scissor kick first So this is not a trick you can do very often on the field You have to be in a very good situation to perform it But its good to know this technique because if you do, you maight do it naturally on the field when performing this trick keep in mind some stuff when the ball is coming… first, you got to lift 1 leg to generate inertia so you lift you self a bit when doing it once you are in the air… automatically put your leg down twist your body and try to hit the ball with your dominant i will do an example so you get an idea to generate inertia, and how we can land as well so it will be something like this you hit it and you land with your elbow and a bit of forearm because obviously if you land only with the elbow you can hurt yourself So when i say elbow im talking about both, elbow and forearm if you fall a bit forward you can also place your other hand like this Your elbow can hurt a bit as well as your hips but as i said this is not a trick you perform often so it wont be a big deal good luck thanks for watching, if you liked it… subscribe and hit the like button i just wanted to thanks gonza and edu for coming to help without them i couldn’t of done this if you got any doubts you can ask any of us we will leave links in description and see you next time !=)

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