Hi guys this is Kieran from Street Soccer International and I’m with Silas and today we are
taking a look at the Infinity Samba match ball and the Infinity Samba
training ball so we’ve been just doing putting these through their tests having
a little fun with the ball playing around with them we’ve been doing some
skills tutorials for you as well which will be coming out soon so yeah
basically the match ball here from Samba retails at around 19.99 it has a real
good grip to it it’s got a really nice cushion to it what do you think Silas
you’ve been the one that’s been mainly putting it through its paces so it’s got
a nice touch it feels good I can get a good shots off with it and passes, how you found
it for like the skills as well I mean today we’re in a really wet conditions
it’s not the best it is a little slippy so very hard to do things like this on
a court but how have you found just taking little touches and going around
like the mannequin and myself when we’ve been doing the tutorials have you found
that it’s been ok actually so it’s been wet conditions I’ve been too out of my
reach it hasn’t been too slippy and the group’s been ok and it’s held up well
and this weather if the weather conditions out of that today and yeah it
feels it feels it feels ok I’ve out tried to I’ve been a bit of freestyle of
it it’s a little wet a little slippy so it’s hard but you know it’s got a decent
grip for a match ball at 20 pounds yeah it’s not your high-end one you’re not
going to get like the quality of your top end adidas ball or even the
4 freestyle ball if you freestyle but if you’re a freestyle on a budget I
definitely recommend giving this a little shout if you can’t find an
alternative locally in one of your local sports stores the Infinity training ball right it’s a training ball it is brilliant for grassroots teams to be utilizing in
training and not be destroying a match ball isn’t your high-end product it
isn’t gonna be something that’s gonna help you it’s very wet sleepy and it’s
kind of hard to judge today I’d say yeah yeah it’s a training ball so it retails
it and like £9.99 and they come in this yellow which nice and bright especially
at all today is here in the UK it’s cloudy it’s wet and miserable so it
stands out really well they also do yellow so they do this yellow an orange
and a black version of the ball so really nice yeah these are great for
your grass roots junior teams if you work it there’s a grass roots team your
work on a budget so I’d recommend them they’re on par with everything else I’ve
used in the past I’ve used precision type balls I’ve used adidas cheap
training balls I’ve used mitre training balls they work as an alternative
brilliant it does actually have quite a little bit
of grip on it compared to your normal training ball actually it’s not as
smooth as some of the other balls so you do get a little bit of grip which I
think when you trying to learn skills will always help you because but getting
used to a ball that’s not as grippy also helps you so don’t be scared of trying
to use different things yeah we’ve got to say a massive thank you to Samba for
letting us test these products out and they’ve also brought, let us use
net and and the mannequin just so we can show you some of their other products
there I’ve used to have utilised Samba for years as a grassroots coach as in
terms of nets and they do really bring quite quality products about so yeah
we’re quite after we’ve testing these out. We also have a samba futsal to test
out as well we’re gonna do a separate video on that when it’s a little drier so guys that was our product test of the
infinity match ball and the Infinity training ball from Samba retailing at
£19.99 UK and £9.99 UK respectively in order so guys if you’ve enjoyed this video
please leave a like comment share subscribe let us know if there are any
other products you’d like us to test and take a look at in the near future and
also don’t forget to come back for the next video which will be on Sunday

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