Saints Return After Hurricane Katrina (Wk 3, 2006) | Falcons vs. Saints | NFL Full Game

Saints Return After Hurricane Katrina (Wk 3, 2006) | Falcons vs. Saints | NFL Full Game

100 thoughts on “Saints Return After Hurricane Katrina (Wk 3, 2006) | Falcons vs. Saints | NFL Full Game

  1. 2:22 Mike Vick Sacked by Fujita

    2:59 Steve Gleason Blocks Punt, DeLoatch TD

    8:23 Vick to Lelie for 48 yards

    11:28 Morten Anderson 26-yard Field Goal

    20:15 Brees 28-yard Pass to M. Colston

    22:17 D. Henderson 11-yard TD Run

    44:03 John Carney 37-yard Field Goal

    54:51 Saints Block Field Goal

    1:04:38 Carney 51-yard Field Goal

    1:05:52 Brees 29-yard Pass to Colston

    1:14:01 Carney 20-yard Field Goal

    1:33:07 Brees Sacked by Weatherford on 3rd Down

    1:40:52 Vick 30-yard Run

    1:45:55 Saints Stop Falcons on 4th Down

    1:54:49 Final Play

  2. I get chills every time I watch Gleason's blocked punt. As a Saints fan and a resident of Louisiana, this game was one of the most emotional and uplifting moments in my life.

  3. One of the few NFL games I ever watched which legitimately left me wondering if it was fixed somehow. Blocked punt was ridiculous, almost like they intentionally didn't block Gleason. Tons of buildup for the game, and the league made sure it happened the way we all wanted it to

  4. What made watching this game a bit awkward was the announcing crew. Kornheiser just didn't seem in sync with Tirico or Theismann, no chemistry. A lot of awkward pauses, out-of-place quotes. Just a horrid reminder of early MNF post-ABC. Outside of that though? This game feels supernatural from the way things resulted. Probably kickstarted the Saints season to a Cinderella run to the NFC Championship Game.

  5. Now just imagine if Byran Scott would have covered the ball up the Gleason play probably would have never happened

  6. 5:29 Same blond chick fan they showed when Deion Jones ran the pick-6 back against Drew Brees in week 3. Only her reaction was a little different lol

  7. I don't think people were necessarily rooting against the Falcons, they were just rooting for the Saints. It would've been that way no matter who the Saints were playing against. First game back in the dome after Katrina and everything worked out for the Saints like it was fate. It was a magical night. Nobody would've stood a chance against the Saints that night.

  8. I remember coming off from an Cable Transitions from Direct TV returning back to Bright House for the first time since it was cut off in July '03. When my Mom, was dealing with High Blood Pressure, Sugar, Diabetes, Chronic Hypertension, they'll take my Mom in the Hospital before my 17th Birthday when I was a Junior in High School.

  9. Glad I was in the Dome for this game 'cause Thiesman and Kornheiser are abysmal announcers!! Makes it difficult to watch this

  10. As Theismann pointed out, this was a football game for the Atlanta Falcons. For us in NOLA? It was vindication. It is still hard to watch that block, feel the incredible emotion in the Dome, and not tear up.

  11. As a massive Carolina Panthers fan, I believe this was the greatest moment in the NFC south history. Congratulations New Orleans Saints.

  12. The block by Gleason(37) occurred at the 20.
    DeLoatch(39) didn't catch up to the still-rolling ball until 19 yards later.

  13. I'm not a Saints fan, but the Gleason block gave me chills. The TD was scored…and then Mike Tirico and company went silent for several minutes, allowing the pictures and the crowd to tell the story.

  14. So many reasons to watch this game:
    1-One of the greatest "Sports Matter" games ever.
    2-Beginning of the Drew Brees/Sean Payton dynamic duo.

    3-Horrible announcing duo of Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser. At one point Theismann responds to Kornheiser's analysis with "really??" followed by long awkward silence.

    4-Steve Gleason's career-defining moment. Maybe loudest roar I've ever heard at an NFL game.

    5-Mike Vick's last year with the Falcons before going to jail. Cultural icon who decided killing dogs was more important than earning & inspiring millions. Falcons were a perennial contender with SB aspirations that year.

    6-Spike Lee talking politics and Isiah 'The Savior' Thomas. Back when Bush was considered an evil President. By today's standards he'd be considered a saint.

    7-Reggie Bush's home debut.

    8-Read-Option actually existing in the NFL.

  15. I remember watching this, I was in 6th grade getting ready for bed… my brother was in the other room, wasn't able to watch the exact, beautiful moment Steve Gleason blocked that punt… I ran into the other room yelling at my brother about what had just happened. Such a wonderful moment for an at-the-time hurting state. Everyone had something to rally for, and that we did

  16. As one of the announcers said, for the people of New Orleans this was more than just a football game. The positive energy Saints players were receiving from the fans in the stadium must have been off the charts. You can't buy that.

  17. Wow! That 2006 Saints Draft Class:
    Rd 1. Reggie Bush, RB
    Rd 2. Roman Harper, Safety
    Rd 4. Jahri Evans, Guard
    Rd 5. Rob Ninkovich, DE
    Rd 6. Mike Haas, WR
    Rd 6. Josh Lay, CB
    Rd 7. Zach Strief, Guard
    Rd 7. Marques Colston

    Outside of the two 6th rd misses, almost every one of the picks had 10 year "Solid to All-Pro" NFL careers.

  18. 3:15 I love when broadcasters have the wherewithal to stay quiet and just let the moment speak for itself. Without a doubt, this was one of those moments.

  19. As a Falcons fan, I never was so certain that we’d lose a game like I was this night. This moment was so much bigger than our rivalry. It literally lifted the town up

  20. This really have me emotional I remember watching this game when we came back home it was so much going on but to see my team was what i needed

  21. I love that the announcers say nothing as if they know what they have to say is no where near as important as what just happened they just let the noise on the dome occur and not talk over it

  22. 3:23 crazy at this moment when the camera focused on Drew Brees, he still had yet to ever take a snap or make a throw for the New Orleans Saints. Now, he’s the franchise icon

  23. I was 16. My family had evacuated to GA and had been I was living there for over a year. I missed New Orleans with my entire soul. I remember how I felt this day. I was so proud. This really helped put the pieces back together for a lot of us. We had hope that things could be good again.

  24. 20:32 Drew gets decapitated.( Must watch that in SLO MO). 24:08 Rickey Jackson with the video bomb. 28:28 white R.Bush Jersey has the Best Ever Bush Hat on his head..

  25. I was there with my dad and little brother as first time season ticket holders. It was so loud all night the longest sustained roar I’ve ever heard at any sporting event to this day! I remember I had to scream into my dad’s ear for him to hear me: “Did you see Brees throw that block?!” On the Superdome Special

  26. while i loved this game i still felt like the super bowl was rigged. same with the steelers cardinals bowl in detroit.

  27. Spike Lee is a phony and a pretender in every way – a pseudo intellect and hypocrite who is completely biased against White people who invented the country he lives in, the sport he loves, and the occupation he lives off of. And his movies are totally overrated.

  28. Why they invite the low level globalist stooge Spike Lee into the broadcaster's booth for his one dimensional comments is beyond me. But then again, the same people that own all the media own Spike Lee.

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