Sailor Moon Plays Volleyball – Studio C

Sailor Moon Plays Volleyball – Studio C

[crowd cheering] Get it, Tarin! [sickening crack] – Ohh, no, no, no, no, no! – Can we get a medic? Coach: No, are you all right? Tarin: Yeah, um, it hurts. No, it hurts. Ow, ow, ow, ow. [anime sound effect] [high-pitched giggling] [groaning] – Pull through this, you good? You good, you good? – Okay. [gasping] [crowd applause] [whispering] I’m sorry. [loud exhaling] [high-pitched giggling] – Are you sure you can’t play? – Yeah. [high-pitched giggle] – All right Rena, get out there. [excited anime sound effects] – Moon prism power, make up! [anime transformation music] – Get on the court! – Hai! [boots clomping] [whistle blowing] ♪♪ – Rena! Get in the game! – Please stop. – Are you sure
you can’t walk it off? – My leg is broken. – [childish imitation]
My leg is broken. Crowd member: Get her, Rena! [anime transformation music] [exclaims] – Rena, just hit the ball
like a normal person. – We could go like five sets in the amount of time
it takes you to power up so just don’t. – Or just pass it. [whistle blowing] [crowd clapping] Team member: Rena. – Oh! Oh! [whistle blowing] Man: [with Japanese accent]
Serena! [yelling] – Who is that? – Uh, her boyfriend? Her arch–her archenemy? It’s never really been clear. [cape swishing] [whistle blowing] Man: Serena. [anime transformation music] [sword whooshing] [music faltering] [whistle blowing] – Illegal use of jewel power. [flags snapping] [somber music] [hopeful music] [sword clattering] ♪♪ – Hey, who’s that? – The ghost of her mom. She usually brings
orange slices. – Mama-chan? [crowd member coughs] [whistle blows] [flags snapping] – That’s game. Lakeside wins. [crowd clapping] – You know we lost, right? – Like. – Share. – Subscribe. – Also comment below
by your favorite anime. Also, POWER OF THE STAFF! – Oh my gosh,
you totally called that from across the room,
Thor style! A guy definitely didn’t
just hand it to you. Uhh!

100 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Plays Volleyball – Studio C

  1. It’s not the fact that Sailor Moon is “playing” volleyball it’s the fact that she is wearing BUBBLE PADS
    I mean come on. That’s like 2nd grade level.

  2. reminds me of that one episode where the transformation sequence of all the Sailor warriors takes legit two and a half minutes. Like, in that time every competent villain would have won while they were all busy transforming.

  3. This is hilarious an amazing but I'm such a GOSH DARN WEEB that I know what the Japanese being spoken actually means and like, wow why am I like this? But I'd like to reiterate, this was hilarious, thank you for creating such mirth!

  4. Seeing the anime makes this so much more funny I showed this to someone who hadn't watched the anime they just gave me a funny look…..

  5. Huh… I don't recognize any of the people from this video and I've seen sooo many studio c videos at this point.

    Actually I did recognize 1 extra in the croud but it's still strange

  6. Most of that is the incorrect definition and all of that is pronounced as if a 45 year old white Karen said it

  7. The amount of 100000 hand cringe I received through watching this made me want to turn my self inside out

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