S. Korea’s football body slams N. Korea over handling of inter-Korean World Cup qualifier


South Korea’s Korea Football Association
is considering appealing to FIFA or the Asian Football Confederation over the
recent controversial inter-korean World Cup qualifier in Pyongyang the compliant
comes as the AFC’s manual states that the hosting country should allow
entrance of traveling supporters in media to conditions that the north
failed to comply with incident reports the history inter-korean World Cup
qualifier in Pyongyang on Tuesday was a blind game of sorts for South Korea with
no live broadcast of the game and no fans in the stadium there is also a
rising wave of criticism regarding North Korea’s unprofessional handling of the
match soon after full-time the Asian Football
Confederation explained it could not take issue with Pyongyang not allowing
in any fans as the hosting country has full rights over home game marketing
however the AFC’s competition operations manual states otherwise according to
this year’s edition the hosting organization should ensure visas and
entry to the AFC delegation traveling teams of visual delegations media and
traveling supporters without any discrimination this particular Clause
shows North Korea clearly violated the AFC’s guidelines
South Korea’s Korea Football Association is closely reviewing the manual as it
specifically states the entrance of media and traveling supporters should be
permitted however it’s unclear whether an appeal would have any practical
result because it’s not one of the AFC’s binding rules the KFA is also reviewing
the team’s three-day stay in Hong Kong to see if there were any violations of
match operations or international regulations that need to be raised with
the AFC or FIFA meanwhile some video clips of the match was released on
Thursday the KFA initially planned to televise the clips but on nori the
highlights on its website instead because a low-quality video was not
suitable to air on TV Misun Arirang news

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