S. Korean fans disappointed by Ronaldo’s absence in football friendly

S. Korean fans disappointed by Ronaldo’s absence in football friendly

a highly anticipated football friendly
featuring some of the best players in Korea and the world was held last night
to the delight of many fans however as the match went on a sense of
disappointment reigned over the gathered spectators as star player Ronaldo was
missing in action our one Jung Hwan tells us more the friendly match between
the k-league all-stars and Aventis got off to an unexpectedly rocky start the
game was supposed to kick off at 8:00 p.m. but the Italian side had their
flight from China delayed and arrived at the stadium just after 8:00 the kickoff
got underway more than 50 minutes later than originally scheduled whose France
at Korean fans who were inside a packed stadium on a rainy night but many fans
still waited patiently to greet the star players representing the Italian Giants
less than 10 minutes into the game spanish midfielder Oh smart barber of FC
Seoul quickly gave the k-league all-stars a one-nil lead however
Aventis answered with an equaliser just two minutes later in the dying minutes
of the first half team Kayleigh retook the lead with an intricately flowing
move resulting in a neat finish from Sicilia the Brazilian ran off enjoy
imitating the Christian / now those iconic celebration anticipation started
to build when the first half ended with fans and even the players expecting
superstar Ronaldo to be subbed into the match I was very impressed with the
performance by Kayle players in the first half and I’m very excited to see
Ronaldo’s play in the second half but when the second half began the
anticipation quickly turned to bewilderment as the 34 year old
Portuguese remained glued to the bench every time Ronaldo was caught on camera
people started chanting his name eager to see him on the pitch in the meantime
one goal from the all-stars and two goals from Ventus in the second half
made the game 3-3 but for the gathered fans the scoreline
was the least of their concerns some fans started leaving the stadium during
the second half and the final whistle was met with a chorus of loud boos with
some even chanting Messi Messi in reference to Renaldo’s rival I can
imagine the frustration the game itself had been delayed a lot and the
spectators were all waiting to see Ronaldo on the pitch some fans even
asked for a refund on their tickets citing an agreement between the match
organisers and the Italian club that guaranteed an appearance by Ronaldo
during the match frustration and anger has boiled over not only over the
absence of Ronaldo on the pitch but also his no-show at a fan event just held
before the match pouring cold water over what was supposed to be a marquee event
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  1. Hello. I'm just south korean girl. Koreans are very angry now. Why? Cause of Ronaldo. At 2019.7 26 in korea,we has a
    Soccer game, K lig vs ubentus. A lots of
    Koreans waited for Ronaldo and want see
    Ronaldo. But he just staied at danch.
    Many people disappoint for Ronaldo.
    Roanldo is bad.

    My English ability is so bad.
    Spearing is strange.
    But I am just little girl.
    Don't do bad words for me pleas.

  2. At least you should apologize for your impolite, disrespectful manner toward fans…….Shame on you ronaldo

  3. Koreas defender was commenting in social media that he would do anything to stop ronaldo.
    In this kind of situation, and from past history of foul plays famous on Koreas national soccer team, I can understand juventos taking a safety decision despite the contract.
    I am suprised that the Korea soccer association or the home team not punishing this defender for making such comment.
    and yelling Messi in the stadium, sueing for compensation.. my jaws just dropped..
    Korean soccer fans just proved the world it is not a market worth advertising!

  4. I feel sorry for Ronaldo being targeted by persistent and radical Koreans.

    Ronaldo is a victim of Korean fire syndrome.


  5. When Barca went to there, Messi didn’t plan to play but they slammed Barca and Messi, so Messi played for shortime in bad conditions, it’s not enough time so they paid penalty though.
    And now Ronaldo again.

  6. Only Ronaldo could disappoint people because he simply is the best. Who would not be disappointed of not seeing the Real Goat 🐐 ⚽

  7. The only ridiculous thing is koreans people attitude. Korea has a cultural problem. It happened when you insulted Neymar, it happened with Ariana grande being hated by koreans because she was late for the concert. Ronaldo is not a submissive man that has to fake a smile like your kpop idols. Or those k-pop girls cant even date in public who they love because fanboys like you think they are your property. Your nation is not popular for celebrities in general and not relevant in soccer, you should feel LUCKY that he set foot there. Celebrities are not toys, they have their problems and are not here to serve you. You pay to see just one man, you dont give a damn about the fact that he was injured. You booed him for not serving you. You deserve it. Celebrities will think twice before visiting korea, even messi. I've never seen such attitude from a nation, low m0nkey level, third world. Even turks behave better. Farewell.

  8. People in other countries will not understand Korean people's minds…. In order to they understand should same happned like korean.

  9. 1. Juventus has reduced its three-day schedule to one day.

    2. Nevertheless Juventus was late and the kickoff was delayed by 57 minutes.

    3. Sarri lied that the entry procedure took more than two hours. (Actually, 26 minutes)

    4. Nedvěd demanded the first and second half be reduced to 40mins each, and threatened to cancel the competition by paying a penalty if the request was not met.

    5. Cristiano Ronaldo did not even participate in fan meetings and autograph event events under the pretext of preparing for the competition.

    6. Cristiano Ronaldo was contacted to play 45 minutes, but he stayed on the sub' bench.

    7.Cristiano Ronaldo left South Korea without a wave to the 63,000 spectators who gathered to see him.

    8. Sarri ridiculed fans by saying he would pay for tickets if they wanted to see Cristiano Ronaldo play in Italy.

    9. Cristiano Ronaldo, who arrived in Turin the day after the match, posted a video clip on his Instagram of running exercises.

    All of the above are true, and these are the reasons why Korean fans are angry with Cristiano Ronaldo. Korean fans were very disappointed with his fan service. Most of the people who gathered there that day were gathered to see him.

    Not only he didnt play, he didnt even do any formal greeting or interview for Korean fans. He just showed how irritated and annoyed he was while he was in Korea.

    The words can not describe how disrespectful he was to Korean fans.

    and he will be remembered as the rudest soccer player who ever visited Korea.

  10. 日本は韓国を非常に光を放つために呪った

    Japan cursed Korea for being very fucking light-emitting
    I hope you know that Japan is a bunch of fucking Japanese cubs

    일본은 한국을 아주 지랄발광을 하면 욕했어
    이론 일본을 지랄발광하는 일본놈의 새끼들이라고 알아 두었으면해 45분 안 나와서 지금 일본놈들이 우리나라 욕하는 중 댓까지 난 유툽에씀

  11. Korean are crazy for their idol…some of the fans even bullying their idol on social media if they found out that they are dating…

  12. Why hated CR7? i remeber when we paid so much money on ticket to barca play in Malysia more than $200, but neymar or messi didnt play on the pitch fully when vs National team.. but, its not the reason for hated him just because you paid the $200 to watch 😅

  13. I recommend Koreans to go to the hospital. They are sick. They will never notice that they are laughing from all over the world.

  14. 시발 그놈의 2002월드컵 우리나라한테 처발린게 그렇게 쪽팔렸냐 역시 유럽의 짱깨새끼들 평생을 물고 늘어지네 그리고 일본놈들은 낄끼빠빠해라 진짜 죄다 묶어놓고 패버리기 전에

  15. Korean ppl talked about contract? Lmao, based on contract, Korean will stop asking comfort women compensation from Japanese, did they stop? That’s so hilarious!

  16. Korean ppl talked about contract? Lmao, based on contract, Korean will stop asking comfort women compensation from Japanese, did they stop? A self-abased nation who cannot hold promise is talking about contract, that’s so fucking hilarious. What a joke


  18. You guys said Juventus came late for the match right? And that Ronaldo came even later. Then something must have happened at the dying minute for him not to play the game… He might have also wanted to play badly but maybe couldn't.. Just because he looked fine physical doesn't mean…
    There are also the physical, mental, social and emotional factors in sports..

    Don't be in a rush to judge someone else…you don't know their conditions and reasons for making the decision they made…

  19. Me before watching this video
    "Ronaldo is the player in the world!"

    Me after watching this video
    "Fuck, I take back my words! I think Neymar is the best player!"

  20. Well I think Ronaldo maid the right call
    He can't risk his league for a normal match
    If you guys are true fans stop blaming him😂😂😂

  21. We Japan love Ronaldo if some korean hates u.I know that u re so tired.n U hates korea for reason that remembers world cup2002.

  22. Ronaldo did right 😀 that guy deserve that . Why y have to bother people like that? Just beacuse y sacrifice yourself (in a selfish way) doesn't mean that other people have to praise y. That's a wrong kind o thinking.

  23. The justifications for his actions are muffled by the unhealthy amount of cock sucking happening in this comment section. Stans can't stand the sight of their heros being shown in the wrong light. Blind ignorance. 😀👌🏽

  24. C.ronaldo was complaining how the stadium was filled with smell of kimchi. That's why he was not able to play. Please understand Korean people, it's actually your fault.

  25. Well in this case Ronaldo has done some very wrong and rude stuff. He signed to a contract that he would play for at least 45min. But he didnt even play a second. Lots of people are saying that he couldn't play because he was injured. However, if that was the case, koreans shouldn't be mad at them.. But what made them mad was he was actually fine. When the whole game ended, he just ran away. Literally. And after that, he posted himself working out on instagram smiling so bright. Wow thats a suprise. If he had a little, even a slight respect for people paying over 200dollors for just seeing him, he would play for at least 5min or so. And he didn't show up on events that such as fan meetups. And the reason that he didnt show up was that he wanted to focus on the game.. Seeing Ronaldo playing soccer is a rare experience. And expensive. And Ronaldo didn'6t even wave his hand. Some people that were sick and was poor payed to see him just because he was Ronaldo. Now he left his fans with no respect no thank-you or an apolgy. And he got all his "rightful
    Money ". I even feel sorry for the other Juventus players cause at least, they played.

  26. Kid mindset Korean people.. Messi is not play too while friendly with malaysia and Malaysian doesn't care like you all shame on you

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