RWC 2019: All Blacks v Italy world cup match cancelled

RWC 2019: All Blacks v Italy world cup match cancelled

Irena Smith is here with me
in the studio because she has some big news
to share about the Rugby World Cup. Irena, we’re aware that a typhoon is making its way
to Japan currently. There were a few big matches
planned for this weekend. What impact will this weather
have on the world cup? First of all Scotty, this wasn’t a decision
that was made lightly by World Rugby. In the last 20 minutes
they’ve made some decisions. This situation was unavoidable. The safety of around 40,000
spectators heading to these
games is paramount. They made some big decisions
as to which games would run and which ones would be cancelled. When it comes to this typhoon, this kind of weather
is par for the course. They were aware that this
was a possible scenario and we knew at the start this could happen at the outset
of the competition. However, it appears that this
is going to be really bad. Let’s take a look
at what Allan Gilpin from World Rugby has to say
on the situation. To borrow a turn of phrase
from Tainui, wiare! Heck! So it looks like this is truly
a major announcement. You said that some games
are going to be cancelled and some are going to go ahead. So you can tell us
which are cancelled, and which are still on
this upcoming weekend? Based on what we know
and what has been forecasted, we know that the typhoon is going
to reach full impact this Saturday. It looks like the games
for Friday will go ahead. So that’s Australia vs Georgia
and Ireland vs Samoa that are set to continue. However, the All Blacks vs Italy
game for Saturday has been cancelled. Really, so it’s been cancelled? It’s been cancelled along with
the England vs France match. So that’s a big announcement. So if we head back to Mr Gilpin
for more detail. So in my opinion, this is a major decision. This is the first time
in the history of the Rugby World Cup
that this has happened. No doubt, some are going to impacted
if they’ve got tickets for these big matches, however, that’s the call
that’s been made. So the All Blacks vs Italy match has
been cancelled, but that’s not going to impact
that pool, right? So the All Blacks are still in it, with South Africa there too. Yes, South Africa are there. What about the match between
Scotland and Japan because as we know
that’s a big match? The team who won the match would
be going into the quarterfinals. Will that match still go ahead? That’s still under discussion. That’s what World Rugby
has advised. At the moment they are
keeping a very close eye on the severity of the typhoon and then they’ll make an
announcement about that match. And so these are still big matches even if they are at the end
of the pool round. They are still important matches
for these countries to play these matches. It looks like, however, that we won’t know
who will clash against the All Blacks until
this Sunday in the quarterfinals. However, I hope that this typhoon
passes over before we head back out there
to the field this coming Wednesday! Fair enough. Well let’s go back to Mr Gilpin because he has more to advise
on top of what we’ve just said. Let’s have a listen. England and France are fine, even though their match
has been cancelled. They’re still fine, right? Ireland, well Ireland
seems to be OK. It looks like they are going
to finish second in their pool, who knows? Scotland are in a hard place
at the moment, right? Because if their match against Japan
is cancelled, they’re out. Yes, that’s one of the major calls that’s going to have to be made
at the cup. If a cup is out because
of the weather then it’s going to be sad
for that country. That country is famous
for how they play rugby. They were predicted by a lot
of people that they’d make the quarters
and the finals. But this is an act of God
with the weather. Ireland vs Samoa. Ireland needs to have a very big win and will need to get extra points
to be able to make it in. They could be first or second but we’ll have to wait
for that match on Sunday between Scotland and Japan, that’s when we’ll know. What a situation! This entire world cup
has been turned on its head thanks to this typhoon. Thank you for your time and for explaining to us the details
of this developing situation.

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