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  1. Sorry, Russell, but people ARE richer than ever, thanks to capitalism. Billions of them.
    And capitalism is NOT greed. Is your wanting more for people also greed? Who gets to choose how much is enough and how much is greed?

    Interesting talk though 馃檪

  2. Sorry, Russell, but people ARE richer than ever, thanks to capitalism. Billions of them.
    And capitalism is NOT greed. Is your wanting more for people also greed? Who gets to choose how much is enough and how much is greed?

    Interesting talk though 馃檪

  3. Didn't know he dies Russell, thanks for that, hope God makes you pay in this life time, not with your destiny, you should receive upload the video with a spoiler alert in case others haven't read Moby Dick. Curses. Jk I probably wouldn't have read it anyway even though I've been hearing a lot about it.

  4. the reincarnation concept gives relives that all people will have all experiences…. means a society of non jealous people who thinks their fate will be equal in the coming rebirth…..and then their is moksha at ultimate end

  5. As soon as I seen this come up I knew I had to watch it. Love jp but russle although we don't agree on everything… Well done sir! That was a conversation so enlightening and brilliant. Subscribed to you now. Absolutely brilliant

  6. The most intelligent conversation I've heard in a long time. Feels like the collective consciousness just expanded its reach from this meeting.

  7. What most people miss is that Carl Jung above all else was a mystic. He didn't just have an "idea" of God – he lived it and channeled it into his work.

  8. Peterson is referring to the Pareto distribution when talking about capitalism and how cities grow and start and galaxies evolve. It really does appear to be one of the fundamental rules of the universe. If you've never heard of it, google it. It's incredibly useful to understand.

  9. This is why women stay silent. The masculine culture assigns feminine to witchcraft. Of course we're not going to watch Jordans YouTube channel. He's busy speaking to the value of masculine and the lack of value in feminine.
    Russell on the other hand has hit the nail on the head with consumerism being the stand in for female.

  10. Every human being should see this video! This is the beginning of a switch in political and human conciousness. Really important conversation!

  11. Inequality is a "problem"? But only in humans I presume — Not in trees and non-human phenomenon, right? There inequality is just a simple fact of life. But for humans it's a problem. No, I think rather that inequality is just a fact of life, even in a human realm. The only problems are what humans bring to the table that may be loosely associated with inequality: Injustice, self-centeredness, pride, lack of charity, and prolific, if dishonest, virtue signalling.

  12. 59:00 I understand this idea as the up escalator and the down escalator / funneling systems. So if one is bad but wants to be good while on the down escalator this particular one will have to work excessively harder to do even a small thing that is good, while bad deeds will be easy and seem natural. All the while this individual will have a vast # of other negative individuals funneled on to their specific step on this down escalator. And vise versa for the up escalator where all sorts of kind and competent individuals will be funneled onto this specific step on the up escalator. So doing a good deed will be vastly easier and even supported by a collective value.
    Neutrality at any point on the escalator can see both escalators and funnels at work everyday. Although if one is still labeled for the down escalator, neutrality is the act of not reacting to the funneled to this place of neutrality. Then maybe the down escalator does move down although the individual is not reacting in a further down direction but rather sideways, looking for the third option. Using neutrality to seek out a third option when all apparent options are between a rock and a hard place. This is the difference between two dimensional thinking and three dimensional thinking….. 馃

  13. Really enjoyed this flurry of intellectual conversation. Brand has matured quite well and it was nice to see JP treated respectfully for once.

  14. Not all believe Jesus is God made flesh… aka God became Jesus into human form… some believe Jesus was his son… half Gods Spirit and half pure Human genes. We believe Jesus is the Fathers sacrifice

  15. The best examination of Jordan Peterson. Thanks Russell, you asked all the questions i wanted asked. I hope this helps those who misrepresent Jordan but also shut up the ignorant right wing who believe he is a champion of their hatred when he is not. He is a protector of intelligent peoples rights. Unfortunately the unintelligent demand the same right to be hateful morons.

  16. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Ex-heroin junky Brand read a few books and thinks his Cliff's Notes understanding of the universe can be distilled into an essential truth through the medium of transcendental meditation. Then he met Jordan Peterson…

  17. I understand the far left for making unreasonable demands; if you make reasonable demands, you come away from the table with less than you wanted.

  18. People who doubt Peterson's thoughtful work on mythology and its role in our lives should read the little book from 1609 by Sir. Francis Bacon 1561 to 1626. He studied the sub meanings of a selections of Greek Myth and to be honest Peterson is drawing indirectly upon the work of the Greek Stoics who viewed their religious stories to relate towards our nature and the nature of the world and were not to be taken only in a literal meaning of the words themselves as words. I am so bored with the present generation few seem to understand or to care that religious literature is not about truth in the scientific sense it is about ourselves ancient or modern it makes no real difference. For example in a letter to his wife Plutarch about resurrection of the body to comfort her with the death of their child.

    Russel Brand I love your channel sir I have followed your work for years.

  19. Russell, you are way smarter than your Guests often times ? My Question to YOU is Why the NEED to Attach to Others, their stories etc….
    For you my Dear have the Answer to All that is within YOU.

  20. Excellent conversation! Russell you should interview Ben Shapiro about his book The Right Side of History. You could have another unbelievably well structured conversation with someone from an opposing viewpoint. He welcomes that sort of interaction.

  21. @russell brand – the concept of potlach, in my opinion, may be comparable to the year of jubilee in the Old Testament tradition. Any thoughts anyone?

  22. Russell Brand is a really good interviewer! You can tell he actually wanted to listen to what Jordan Peterson is saying. That's rare.

  23. How excited is Russel throughout this interview?! A delight to watch and listen. It seemed to me he had so much he wanted to share, discuss and to put before Jordan, that he could barely control himself.. fast talking, intelligent, minds.. Awesome!!!
    Great people really talking! Love it. Jordan always shares his thoughts in a way that leaves me in awe of his ability to clearly articulate, and of the intelligence possible in humanity. Much respect!

  24. 28:50 No scientists before 500 years ago? Al-Khwarizmi (surgery), ibn al- Haytham (optics, scientific method), Al-Tusi, Ibn Shatir (astronomy), Al-Zahrawi, Avicenna (polymath), al-Jazari (engineering inventor) all contributed to the small-r renaissance of translation in Europe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAxWF_W6Q9w聽聽https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Muslim_scientists

  25. Thank you so much Russell and Peter.

    I like you have grown so much in the time I have known of you.

    If I may say so Russell I think when you were first on the scene you were more pseudo rather than real

    You have come along leaps and bounds and I like most of us have thoroughly enjoyed the journey!

    Thank you both again!

  26. I honestly wish i could like this 20 times. Great conversation

    Russell, you probably don't remember, but i met you once in person as a guest on your tv debate show in Burbank(?) Brand-x or whatever, was with a transitional program called teen project. Anyway, i was already a fan of your earlier standup on comedy central. just wanted to say I've always appreciated your work and sense of honesty, keep up the great shit


  27. Wow from 51:00 onward holy smokes 馃敟馃敟馃敟. It鈥檚 fab how a critical and honest approach can assist in shedding cultural notions. Thank you Dr. Peterson and Russel B for a full look at what has been foisted upon many for what may be lifetimes. The future authoring is something I will try.

  28. Its got to be difficult to talk to such an uneducated huge ego with a man bun. Jordan is able to dumb down his conversation to perfectly match the person he is talking to to. Jordan has to tip toe around manbuns ego. It flares up and trys to tell Jordan that the thousands of hours he has dedicated to his conclusions based in fact are not as good as manbuns recent political decisions based on which way the wind is blowing.

  29. 28:30 it's incorrect to say that there were no scientists before 500 years ago. there were scientists, in India, 1000s of years ago. there's documentation available, if you look in the right places. for one, they knew that the earth is round, wayyy back then. they knew about the planets, their movements, and had calculated distances between sun, moon, earth etc. they had universities (takshila, nalanda, sharada peeth etc) with students from china, greece, middle east, all over. pythagorus theorem's been mentioned way before pythagorus, around 800 BC. and so much more…

  30. What an amazing conversation. Seeing two men speak with such understanding and articulation is a breath of fresh air.

  31. Russell Brand – I appreciated this genuine conversation, especially the openness both you, and Jordan evinced. Reading/understanding these beautiful Tehillim (Psalms) verses 讛址砖旨讈指诪址讬执诐, 诪职住址驻旨职专执讬诐 讻旨职讘讜止讚-讗值诇;" 聽聽 讜旨诪址注植砖讉值讛 讬指讚指讬讜, 诪址讙旨执讬讚 讛指专指拽执讬注址. The heavens declare the glory of ELoHa, and the firmament shows His handiwork; 讬讜止诐 诇职讬讜止诐, 讬址讘旨执讬注址 讗止诪侄专; 聽聽 讜职诇址讬职诇指讛 诇旨职诇址讬职诇指讛, 讬职讞址讜旨侄讛-讚旨指注址转. Day to day utters speech, and night to night reveals knowledge; 讗值讬谉-讗止诪侄专, 讜职讗值讬谉 讚旨职讘指专执讬诐: 聽聽 讘旨职诇执讬, 谞执砖讈职诪指注 拽讜止诇指诐. There is no speech, there are no words, neither is their voice heard." Concerning this "knowledge", that is found in the "heavens", and without "speech" or "words", what is this "knowledge"? It appeared obvious, that these verses were referring to Chochmah Mazel (aka Astrosophia), the wisdom of our CREATOR. Immediately, after arriving at this conclusion, I found this: Kabbalistic Rabbi (and astrologer) Joel C Dobin, DD, who wrote:聽"Astrology helps man to understand God鈥檚 will and to put himself in balance with the Divine and universal forces, thus enriching his life and experience." The Rabbi/astrologer wrote a book: Kabbalistic Astrology: The Sacred Tradition of the Hebrew Sages.
    This is, thus far, the noblest reason, to continue on this road less traveled. This is the true purpose of the study of the stars, and it is placed in its proper order. I discovered this, while seeking beyond the proverbial "outside of the box" source, to understand President Trump's tenth house sun/Uranus/North Node conjunction. It is our CREATOR via the vessel of President's Trump's destiny (North Node) to awaken (Uranus) the world (10th house). At times, being "awakened" arrives from an unexpected and unusual source. His name is encoded, multiple times, in the "ToRaH code, and thus far, has been fulfilled.

  32. Russell Brand – You mentioned "power". It is fascinating to research the hebrew word, translated "subdue" and this is the CREATOR giving instruction to Adom. Studying the root caf, bet, shin,聽in this verse. One meaning of the root is to pickle!聽聽Nothing to do with domination.聽It is more about bringing about the best in a vegetable…helping the vegetable to self-actualize through the fermentation process, so there is some sense of helping the earth and all created beings to self-actualize, to be their best self. And caf has to do with the power and will.聽 It is the first letter in keter (crown) and kavanah (intention).聽 We always have the choice of having "power-with" or "power-over".聽 Power-over is an unhealthy distortion, and tragically, that is what has found its way into most translations of the word l'khvosh. Blessings

  33. Russell Brand – The first verse in BeRaYSHeeT (Genesis), employing the four dimensions of truth, represented by the kabbalistic acronym of
    "PaRDeS". PeSHaT, literal objective; ReMeZ, allegorical poetical, DeRaSH, ethical homiletic, and the ignored, or not known dimension of SoD,
    mystical spiritual: 讘旨职专值讗砖讈执讬转聽

    讗聽聽讘旨职专值讗砖讈执讬转, 讘旨指专指讗聽讗直诇止讛执讬诐聽,讗值转 讛址砖旨讈指诪址讬执诐, 讜职讗值转 讛指讗指专侄抓.

    BERAYSHEET bara聽ELoHiM聽et聽hashamayim聽ve'et聽ha'aretz.

    1聽In the beginning,聽the聽CREATOR'S聽wisdom and understanding聽created alef/tav, the heavens, and the earth.

  34. Russell Brand – Regarding why 讗直诇止讛执讬诐 was used in the first verse of creation, I learned that this Sacred Name ELoHiM is聽a聽feminine聽singular noun with a聽masculine聽plural suffix. This is referring to the two sefirot, Chochmah (Wisdom the masculine right pillar), and Binah ( Understanding. the feminine left pillar), with Daat (Knowlege) as the mediator. ELoHiM'S Wisdom and Understanding created 讗值转 ( the first and last letter of the alef/bet, the DNA of Creation) before the heavens ( 讛址砖旨讈指诪址讬执诐 ) and the earth ( 讛指讗指专侄抓 ). Ergo, the "image" ( essence) of man and woman are created by the letters not shared, the yod (讬 )and the hay (讛).
    Man is 讗讬砖
    Woman is 讗砖 讛
    The letters they have in common are the aleph and shin 讗砖, which is the word for "fire" ( the proverbial "battle of the sexes"? )
    Note the letters not shared, the yod and the hay 讬讛, the short, praise Name found in the globally recognizable "HalleluYah"
    The word 鈥淗allelujah鈥 (讛诇诇讜讬讛) is actually two Hebrew words put together: 鈥淗allelu鈥 (讛诇诇讜) and 鈥淵ah鈥 (讬讛). We call them compound words. Literally 鈥淗allelu鈥 is an exhortation to praise someone or something, addressed to more than one person. The old English translation of 鈥淧raise, ye鈥 is, therefore, accurate. 鈥淵ah鈥 is a version of聽讬讛讜讛聽鈥淵HWH鈥 鈥 the English transliteration of the covenant name of the CREATOR, who the Children of Yisrael worship. Blessings

  35. I often disagree on a fundamental level with Russel, but I still really like him. He's genuinly kind and polite. He tries to understand the person who he's speaking with instead of just waiting his turn to spew ideas. It's really nice

  36. I really enjoyed this as an observer. I don鈥檛 agree with some of the categorizations they made in the political sections, but it may just be that our definitions and language choices may not be the same. But apparently I am not nearly open as these two are. It鈥檚 not that I couldn鈥檛 follow, but I kind of wanted to get a little more satisfaction from the topic before moving to another…..or maybe a slightly better transition between topics. But I loved all the topics they touched on…..it was fascinating.

  37. Peterson expresses some interesting ideas, but raises some fundamental
    questions. Do you need to conceive of a self at all? Or, Is there not a Self prior
    to any conception? I cannot agree with his seemingly unexamined view of
    Capitalism. This is an invented system that definitely, as it is enacted now,
    encourages inequality and many other malefic ills. Some of them psychological.

  38. …im here to learn how much grace and consideration russell shows this guest and the balance of the comedic and insight he demonstrates… quite stunning and inspiring…

  39. When Russel brand finally got Jordan peterson to relax a bit in the midst of a combative interview lol 43:13. That laugh looked like it helped alot 馃榾 馃榾 Good for them. Nice Going Russel brand xD

  40. I鈥檝e seen a few interviews with Peterson, and he always seems so smug and self-righteous, at times combative. I usually can鈥檛 finish watching bc it becomes obnoxious after awhile.
    This is a surprisingly good conversation, an exchange of ideas, sharing of viewpoints. Like it should be. I鈥檝e always liked Russell brand, and even more so now.
    Very impressed!

  41. I think I found it. Found our truth.

    Our most fundamental need is the need to live.

    But the need comes from the fear of not having it, from the fear of death.

    Get rid of your fear of death and then the need to live just becomes


    Then comes love.

    Which is the need to live among others.

    The need comes from the fear of being abandoned, of being alone.

    Embrace the fact that you will die alone.

    Even if loved ones hold your hands while you die, eventually, you won't be able to see them.

    You won't be able to feel the warmth of their hands.

    The last thing you will feel is


    The only one, our love

  42. Russell learnt from his debate with Peter Hitchens that just shouting abuse over your opponent isn't going to serve you or your arguments well. Not many lefties have enough self-awareness to do this so I can see why people are in shock about the different attitude he approached this interview with.

  43. It's good to see white people finally self analyzing themselves and their culture. Now if Peterson keeps digging he might realize that as a colonizer (unlike Brand), his search for meaning (and most white colonizers) comes from his disconnect from his own land.

  44. Russell, your parting analysis on what happened to us indigenous people needs to be pursued. Please have Peterson back and continue that line of questioning. White colonizers need to confront that suppressed aspect of themselves in relation to the destruction of indigenous culture and lands.

  45. I wish everyone could set aside their self-righteous egos and have civil conversations like these 2 men. I really appreciate that Russell asks intelligent questions that he is truly interested in discussing instead of just trying to "trap" the enemy and win an argument. I am a Christian and have very firm beliefs that I think are absolute truth, but those are beliefs I came to in my own time without anyone pushing me. We should do the same for others and value what we can learn from each other while being respectful of everyone's right to believe what they choose. I am subscribing to "Under the Skin!" So refreshing to hear people actually listening and processing before responding.

  46. The reason why Russel Brand jokes towards the end is because it鈥檚 towards the end, but also he knows he can do it around Jordan Peterson because he a challenging individual but an accepting one. When you鈥檙e able to make a joke like that around someone without them getting Upset you know you鈥檙e able to be around that person more and possibly form a relationship with them. Also, it good that Russel Brand is able to be his whole self around Jordan Peterson at the beginning and the middle of the discussion you can tell Russel Brand鈥檚 behavior is different. That how a debate should end.

  47. One of my all time favorite interviews. Right and left brains colliding in peace and understanding. Invoking deep intellectual thought with spirituality. We need to have more conversations like this. Not of whiplash and anger and hurt, but of love and patience. The way to grow as a human race is not to degrade but to listen. Lower your voices but raise the vibrations of your word. <3

  48. The only hope left is TRUTHH, LIVE TRUTH, FEEL TRUTH, SPEAK TRUTH … This is where we will find true freedom . We are well into the 6th. Extinction and it can go either way (maybe ? ). Xoxo love you all.

  49. We all have to learn and know when enough is enough. Get control of your EGO as you ascend ! Pay attention be awake know when to stop and go play .

  50. When you paraphrase what you think Jordan Peterson means and he agrees with you. Well done Russell. Cathy Newman, take note.

  51. Thank God for Jordan Peterson not bowing down to satan and saying the lie out of his mouth.. You know its the end of days when we are being forced to tell lies just to fit in or we will get into trouble… If you agree to a lie its the same thing as telling the lie yourself… a lier is a lier is a lier…Dont bow to evil……

  52. Jesus is coming soon as a matter of fact he is probably on his way… they said before he was at the door .. well now he is turning the knob we should say.. in the hallway now …. 10 feet from you….

  53. while I understand the concept of a part of self dies in order to grow, I prefer to say it鈥檚 as simple as choosing a different path and sticking with it. No dying needed

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