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  1. This video is a comparison between the two sports! I have respect for both of these sports and in no way was this video meant to be biased. Let me know what you think!

    -Rugby Zone™

  2. I like how this video's music wasn't obnoxious. Rather, it was in the background and didn't take attention away from the actual content present in the video. Good job.

  3. I see how American Football is more dangerous then Rugby, American Footballers run faster and hit harder and the pads and helmet are barley protecting them, the pads and helmet are only protecting them from the small injuries strained and sore muscles, the pads and helmet are not protecting them from the big injuries like deep sprained muscles and broken bones. As a matter in fact, your more likely to get those big injuries in American Football then you would in Rugby, What would be worse? A sore neck or a broken neck? And also the better the pads and helmet = the more dangerous American Football will play.

  4. I love both these sports, I have played Rugby to semi pro level, there are so many videos about the hit, But anyone who plays either sport knows it it's not about the hit but what happens before the hit

  5. since I play rugby. ..it's still the best anyway without pads or protection or whatever they call it. And I enjoy watching American Football. …

  6. As far as actual blood spilt, rugby hands down! Broken bones, not sure. As far as severe internal head injuries, I would guess football.

    Two different sports. Comparatively rugby is relentless play with fluid strategy. Players don't get breaks, don't alternate offense and defense, don't rest after a tackle/hit: just keep running, keep hitting, keep rucking.

    Football is not about relentlessness, it's precise, designatedly complex team strategy in short period of time. Getting regular breaks does mean less exhaustion, but also ensures that each contact in that brief period is at full sprint.

    Pads and helmets do protect, but with that protection ppl play more risky ex in rugby you protect your head more because obvious a knee to the face sucks, whereas in football helmet can be false security. You may choose to smash someone's knee with your helmet and unintentionally cause yourself real brain damage.

  7. Rugby players take more hits throughout games, but football hits hurt a lot more. What a lot of people don't realize is that helmets and pads make the hits worse and leading with your head is illegal in football (ever since like 2010) And helmets cause more concussions then they prevent

  8. I think football is a lot more interesting to watch since it's more tactical. In football every single inch counts.

  9. I play and love rugby but without a doubt my favourite sport to watch is American football kam chancellor of the seahawks is one of the few people I look up to

  10. american rugby is for pussies with shoulder pads and helmets! only a us-american play FOOTball with his hands. stupid lol

  11. its only really a comparison of hits… I realise it is more difficult to compare the actual game but I think the outcome would be significantly more polarising. The hits in both sports are great but. American Football is sooooo dull to watch, compared to rugby IMO

  12. I respect NFL but personally Rugby is and always will be the better sport for more than one reason. Let's get the most common right off the bat.

    1. The hits. You should remember in Rugby there are rules that are set to outright PREVENT the type of tackles/ hits allowed in NFL it is intentionally set so the players DO NOT kill each other (this also shows the union/league is wiser than NFL because NFL does nothing about this despite the multiple injuries their players face on almost a daily basis). Let's be real if any man in rugby, let's pick someone off the bat, Julian Savea just because I just watched one of his matches. If he came at you at his regular speed. You would be demolished and he is an AVERAGE sized rugby player and not even the fastest. You want to take it to the extreme let's see how your NFL players fair if Eben Etzebeth came at them head on. Most (not all) nfl players today would be on their asses or flattened. You want to watch people getting injured go watch UFC. Any game with footy in it is not about that. Which brings me to my next point.

    2. Rugby is a team sport. None of this quarter back is the king of the game bullshit. Fuck off Tom Brady for real. I understand NFL is still considered a team sport but the teamwork in comparison is pathetic. Rugby is heavily reliant on each and every player. I was pretty unhappy during my first Superbowl experience to see that almost all attention was focused on Tom Brady. Like you found a space and threw a ball (although impressively) from one point to another from a stand still spot, not even on the move and you were the most important factor of the game? Piss off…

    3. NFL can get quite boring after a while because it is insanely slow paced. It just isn't that entertaining to watch if you aren't a huge fan of the specific team playing. The 2017 Superbowl was an exception for the comeback but even that wasn't actually because of them PLAYING. Wtf is with this start and stop every fucking minute thing? I mean this happens in Rugby too, I'm talking about Union right now because that's my fav but they just play on. They don't call a time out every fucking minute and stop the game all the time. Like just fucking play on already. The way i would phrase it is there is no momentum in the game. It's like watching a chess game. Make one move… stop and wait for a while and then make another move and repeat. Also when one team gets the ball. Unless you fuck up and get intercepted which hardly ever happens. The ball is pretty much eternally on one team WTF?! Might as well just play with yourselves then.

    4. Finally physicality. Rugby players take less rests and are going at almost full capacity for the ENTIRE game. Not just short bursts of power or speed and then resting to "plan". This is also why the 100 yard dash is only a good measure of ability in the NFL. It means jack shit in Rugby. Also, in Rugby EVERY SINGLE PLAYER is roughly the same size and as strong or fast but some are specialised for their speed or strength. Hence their positions. In NFL, there is one guy who can throw but can't do anything else. Another skinny little dude who just runs. And one big tank who is slow as a turd just to be the great wall of china. I get it but it doesn't make for an entertaining watch overall.

    5. Finally, Rugby is a gentleman's sport as the saying goes. The respect shown among players is unrivalled in any other game. If i had a choice of what I'd like my family to watch. I'd want them to watch Rugby for this above all else. It teaches them something.

    Rant over… for now

  13. American Football: Mostly white coaches and white quarterbacks ordering around mostly black players on a field…… Just like the your slavery era, huh yanks?
    No wonder americans like that shit. American Football has too many commercials, too many stoppages in play. Too many fat assed lineman. Rugby is a superior game. Sorry yanks, you are right on most things but dead wrong here.

  14. You know the Super Bowl was good when people talk about the advertisements more than the actual game. This should be a comparison between rugby union and league. NFL doesn't even deserve to be in the same sentence as rugby.

  15. Cracking video ,, but rugby players don't wear helmets and are padded all up ffs😡 rugby players are the real mean!!

  16. Rugby is denitely the most physically demanding,we play 80 min with one break.But I will say NFL probably gets some more concussions,you can get hit even if you are not looking.In rugby you have a general idea about when you're going to get hits and from where the opponents are coming from,not so much in NFL.And they don't have to use their arms apparently.(I don't know the rules completely)

  17. Ahahahah diffence? For one, in rugby THERE IS NO PADDING OR HELMETS and for 2 in rugby THE GAME DOESNT STOP AFTER YOU GET SMASHED the rest of the the game still has to be played CONTINUOUSLY.

  18. There is only one Superbowl each year, but don't worry American Football fans! If you can't wait for the Superbowl try watching a game of rugby but pause it every two minutes and switch over to the home shopping channel for ten minutes, problem solved!

  19. I love the argument that because American Football players play with pads and helmets, that they hit less and are ultimately not as tough. Biggest load of shit ever. To quote legendary Jimmy Johnson "Football isn't about who's the toughest, football rewards the ones who are in GREAT condition" There's a reason why Rugby players just don't make it in the NFL…

  20. when will people realize that American football is one of the most deadly sports in the world! it seems like there are no rules just a load of people beating the living shit out of each other. where is the fun in that? how is that a sport?

  21. Rugby Union players are tested for drugs. NFL players have been on steroids since playing college football.

    Without pads NFL players would be retired after one game, they would be broken to bits. Even with padding they get smashed up.

    I think Rugby players padded up could win an NFL game.

    I think NFL players without pads wouldn't win a Rugby Union game.

  22. I played both rugby and football. I couldn't survive rugby because I'm always running. But football was the worst because I got knocked in the head and legs when I was playing reciever. rugby, I can always prepare for the hit but with football I had no idea when and where I was getting hit.

  23. The illegal rugby hits are normal hits in the nfl. The nfl hits, for the exception of the eagles player getting hit and the niners player going through the jets player, are weak. There are plenty of much harder hits to choose from. I’d start with Ray Lewis, dick buttkis, Ronnie Lott, Steve Atwater, Troy palamalou and Lawrence Taylor. I like rugby but it seems a little tame compared to football. It’s why you see rugby players getting cracked when they put on a 10 pound piece of metal and fiberglass on their heads and think that these things aren’t weapons. That is until they get hit

  24. Also, if you wanna be unbiased then put the same amount of hits from each sport. That said here are some
    References of much better hard hitting videos – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oID2plaa2Y8

  25. Rugby is the Grindiron´s Dad, that´s all!!! The US citizen didn´t create any new thing with this false sport called "AMERICAN FOOTBALL". The two original Codes Football are Rugby from Rugby City and Association from Cambridge. The rest are the bads copies.
    One more thing. The rugby is a white sport but if you look the Yankee version of Rugby (well !! American Football) the mayority are Blacks, wtf!!!!

  26. Not sure how this video could even be biased. It shows the brutality equally well. I would sooner play the sport with the armour on though.

  27. two 40mins halfs of non-stop action in Union & League……no helmets,no padding, no timeouts, no special teams..no comparison

  28. Ill admit im very ignorant on the subject, but correct me if im wrong a better comparison would be american football to 7's rugby and not 15's.

    If Carlin Isles can come in and become a top player after a few months of training shows the difference in general athleticism between the 2 sports. Considering Carl speed isnt anything special(its special, theres just lots of special talent in the NFL). If his athletism can earn him a top spot, i just dont see how and rugby player would keep his spot if American Rugby had access to the NFL Roster.

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