Rooftop POV Escape from Hong Kong security! 🇭🇰

Rooftop POV Escape from Hong Kong security! 🇭🇰

*Whistle* Just hide for a bit guys. Huh? My friends? Do you want me to get my friends? OK! Yeah? I’ll go get…… I He’s preety angry! What’s happening Tobi? Yeah, we should probably go (Cantonese)I’m going to call the police! Ahhhh…. What you doing mate? Let’s get out of here! You ready Benj? Let’s Go! Go! Go! Go! AHH!!! Go! Go! Go! Go! YES!!! Sorry, Sorry. WOO!!! That was our Hong Kong POV. If you enjoyed it, Hit the like button And comment, where you think we should go next? Guys! HA HA! Make sure you subscribe. We have videos every Monday. If that’s not enough, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. @storror If you guys haven’t seen the film, we shot here in Hong Kong. It’s a 2 hour documentary. Check that out! There’s a link in the description. LET’S GOOOO!!!!!!!

100 thoughts on “Rooftop POV Escape from Hong Kong security! 🇭🇰

  1. That looks scary 😨😨😨😨😨😨😓😥😰😓😥😰😱😱😱😱😱😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧

  2. I keep coming back to this video for a few months and I still re-watch parts of it like 10 times in a row it's hard to finish watching because I keep going back

  3. Yay I was there yesterday I was running from my mom when I did not do the dishes and then she caught me and brought me back to Washington

  4. Rrlrlrlwlwuwuru and I am very excited about this opportunity 79 and 😱🤔😮😎🤑👻☠️💀💩👑💎💍🚐🚑🚓🚔🚒79iii

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