Rooftop Escape POV

Rooftop Escape POV

ya, so that was our rooftop POV video um, I think you’re gonna subscribe we got a new roof culture clothing coming out pretty soon we’ve also got a feature length film called ” Roof Culture Asia”, it’s coming out soon as well instagram: @storror Lets go!!!

100 thoughts on “Rooftop Escape POV

  1. Это очень круто! Вы молодцы, я хочу блин также уметь, но я ленивая жопа

  2. 지금 이댓글을 읽으신 당신 축하드립니다!!
    한국인의 이 댓글을 많은사람이 보도록 좋아요 많이 눌러주세요!!!!

  3. Девушки во время побега: мне страшно, бежим скорее, где выход?
    Парни: 0:30

  4. Vou deixar meu Like mais vou deixar um Conselho nunca desafie a morte pois é invencível diante do ser humano so um ele se encurva Deus o criador de todas as coisas

  5. You take real risks without even thinking how deadly this stunts are you? You guys are just amazing risk takers

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