Riverside High School Football Playoffs – Notre Dame vs San Jacinto

Riverside High School Football Playoffs – Notre Dame vs San Jacinto

last week senior QB Rodney Koenig
sparked Notre Dame in their matchup against citrus Valley completing 17 of
25 pass attempts for 280 yards and 5 touchdowns 2 of the TD strikes went to
senior white out Ashton Ottomans volcanic also connected thrice to his
younger brother Aiden leading the Titans to a 42 14 first round victory over the
Blackhawks at Wheelock Stadium San Jacinto is led by sophomore quarterback
to gia Halloween who directed a first-round victory over La Quinta
throwing for 292 yards and four touchdowns tonight Halloween looks to
his two primary targets Kaleb Hervey and Wayne Thomas in an effort to get the
Tigers into the division 7 semifinals sanest we’re at Wheelock Stadium at RCC
for Notre Dame and San Jacinto quarterfinal action in division 7 CIF
high school playoff action on Riverside TV good evening is all Hassan back with
you Jeff Gorham on assignment with UC Riverside basketball we got coach Vinny
Fazio hanging out tonight for some playoff football and coach Notre Dame
and Santa sent that we were talking earlier this week you said both these
teams could win this division this is a fun one because you got some contrasting
styles you got San Jacinto he’s got the athletes they run around
they play fast and physical and then you got Notre Dame who kind of has that
execution you know it’s precision and execution and so you got that contrast
that we’re gonna see who comes out on front tonight Notre Dame last week very
impressive 42 14 over citrus Valley Rodney Koenig was the story 280 yards
through the air five touchdowns can we expect more of that this evening well
just diced up Citrus Valley who you know is a really well coached team if you can
do that to a citrus Valley team you feel like you can do to anybody now here’s
all say San Jacinto athletically much much better than citrus Valley so you’re
talking about a different animal tonight they’re not gonna be able I don’t think
to get the same kind of big plays they had they’re gonna have to drive it and
matriculate the ball okay San Jacinto they also have a pretty
talented quarterback in keziah Halloween he threw for 290 yards and four
touchdowns last week but it may come down to the Tigers defense coach you
know you know a little bit about well I think that’s the interest
matching up the Tigers 3-5 against that Notre Dame offense but but what I like
about San Jacinto is offense I like that quarterback man he can run around he can
throw it and will Notre Dame who’s given up some points this year
well Notre Dame be able to limit them enough that their offense can do the job
the third member of our broadcast team junior Berra will be along shortly but
right now we’ll throw it to the division seven semi-final between notre dame and
san jacinto CIF playoffs on riverside TV well hi everybody welcome to Riverside
Community College for the second round of the CIF playoffs as we got a very
good matchup as the guys we were saying just to give a little bit more meat to
the bones offensively in the matchups we got tonight
I think the quarterbacks are going to be the key in tonight’s ballgame when you
take a look at the numbers for Notre Dame’s Rodney koenig26 hundred yards in
the air with 33 touchdowns and only six interceptions and a 65 percent
completion rate when you take a look at San Jacinto schedule Halloween 2500
yards 2040s and 472 yards on the ground but where
the key matchup buzzes also is at the defensive squads for San Jacinto they’ve
only given up 13 points per game whereas with Notre Dame they’ve given up 27
points per game in fact talking to coach Huerta earlier tonight he’s very
concerned on keeping Halloween contained he wants to keep him in the box and put
a lot of extra pressure on him so defensively nor today him really has to
step things up if they want to win this game tonight let’s get things kicked it
off we’ll send it up back to you hey thanks Jay our Cazalas on Vinny Fazio up
here in the booth of Jeff Gorham again on assignment with UC Riverside
basketball he’s unable to make the game today and will now stand for the
national anthem lower back up top Wheelock Stadium coach
Fazio second round matchup between Notre Dame and San Jacinto very interesting
the Tigers ended up the season ranked third Notre Dame ended up ranked seventh
and here they’re playing in a quarterfinal for the right to get to the
Final Four hey you got two really good teams you
know these are teams that have been effective all year
you got Notre Dame in the league champion you got San Jacinto who really
could have been the league champion I mean had a chance to beat citrus Hill
nobody seems like nobody beats citrus hill had a chance to beat citrus hill so
this is a really good San Jacinto team you know these are two high quality
teams and this is a good one I think we’re I think we’re gonna have a good
one I don’t think we’re gonna be telling stories in the second half tonight
renewal of acquaintances these teams haven’t played since 2009 San Jacinto
has won the last five games between these two teams and ten of their last 11
here’s the twist coach the last game that Notre Dame won was in 2006 it was
also played on November 9th how about that one boy you got all the stats man
San Jacinto deferred and they will kick off so they won the toss and here’s la
Cuesta filling the ball at the 13 for Notre Dame finds it’s got a little bit
of space east into san jacinto territory and he’ll be bounced out of bounds
inside the 30-yard line they’re gonna mark him at the 28 yard line so an
impressive return inside the 34 Notre Dame to start it off they’ll start an
advantageous field position well that’s kind of stuff they’re gonna have to do
you know they got the little kick out little power return and they got the
little kick out and he found a crease good job by the by the kicker getting
over there to make the tackle you know save the touchdown and allow san jacinto
defense to play tackle on the play Julio Uruguay the sophomore place kicker for
San Jacinto so two big special teams plays last week for notre dame they
start off with a big one here tonight and we’ll see the offense Rodney Koenig
and we’ll have a she does a so in motion play action they’ll fling it to the
outside this is Tyler Mosley he’ll get up to about the 22 yard line
so the first completion they get it outside of their playmaker coach and
that’s your run-pass option right there they come out right with it you know a
lot of people talk about run-pass option but that actually was one he’s reading
to see if you got an overhang player that can get out there and play that
flat they had no Overeem player throw it out in the flat run four yards
second and short they got to the 21 yard line
split out to the near side is hudak for notre dame offset i here’s a little flip
to Mosley and he gets wrestled down for a big loss stepping up and making the
play for the defense Kelvin Davis his inside linebacker spot they were talking
about him before the game coach yeah that’s your guy Davis he’s one of the
faster players on the field and he plays that one of those inside linebacker
spots in the three five and he can run man and you just saw right there the
difference between san jacinto Notre Dame Sanderson has got that speed and
athleticism probably not like anything Notre Dame seen from the 25 of san
jacinto it’s third and five Notre Dame the big fella in the middle is Sheldon
Newton he’s a junior watch him in the middle of that line for Santa Santa
here’s Mosley in motion a little bit of a confusion here comes her V on the
pressure Koenig gets around it but it’s incomplete intended receiver is Tyler
Mosley and on the coverage Jordan Nick Frazier for San Jacinto
fourth down well it kind of looked like they maybe had a little miscommunication
a little bump between the running back and the quarterback as he was trying to
sprint out but then once he got outside he had more time I think that he thought
you know Koenig had a little timeout there he could have squared his
shoulders and the receiver actually was open there was a chance to make a play
there I think I think he got disrupted a little bit you know when his timing got
thrown off but there actually was a play there to be made Jude Wong on to attempt
a 42 yard field goal the senior four-year varsity player puts
his foot into it’ll have the distance but will it be down the middle and it’s
gonna be pushed slightly to the left no good the 42 yard field goal missed so
San Jacinto able to work around that great return by la Cuesta that’s a huge
stop – a huge way to start the game if you’re San Jacinto you give up the big
return great field position they get 9 yards on first down and then you end up
with and a missed field goal I mean that’s as
good as can be you know now the good thing for Notre Dame in high school you
miss a field goal like that the ball goes back to the 20 so they don’t
actually get it where you missed the field goal from like in college of the
NFL so you know it’s almost as good as a pun anyway you know they take over at
the 20 and he got 80 yards to defend all right coach our first look at keziah
Halloween the sophomore QB for San Jacinto had a fantastic year he’ll give
it to Kelvin Davis Davis through the middle tries to get outside but he’ll be
wrestled down by Jaden row he’ll get nearly 190 yards on the run for Dana
that’s not Holloway at quarterback so you wonder what’s going on that’s
Anthony Arciniega so you wonder if Holloway has dinged or
if there’s some kind of a disciplinary situation or what because Holloway has
been the guy all year on all of a sudden you’re right Anthony Arciniega is the
quarterback to start the game so you wonder what’s going on second and two so
give him eight officially arson a go behind quarterback we saw Halloween in
the opening warm-ups he seemed to be okay and a false start called on Santa
Santa will mark it off five yards that was a big problem for the Tigers last
week coach they were flagged for a hundred yards and penalties in their 30
20 win over looking to won a lot of times when you get a new quarterback
that’s something that happens you know he’s got a little bit of a different
cadence or a little bit of a different operation and so sometimes that kind of
thing happens second and 13 the give and into the backfield dropping the ball
carrier is Cameron Mosley making the play Cameron Ashley excuse me Ashley
making the play and dropping him down at about the 21 yard line Wow nice play by
Ashley he really came off the ball hard he looked like he was supposed to be a
counter play but Ashley just beat his guy got inside the down block it was
right there in the backfield so movement up front the a she does as I’m now
standing up on the outside third down for san jacinto from the 21 they need
the 30 for the first another false start called on Arciniega
so be interesting now we talked to coach Eric Galliano did not mention anything
about Halloween not starting so maybe he ding something as you mentioned in
warmups he looked pretty good we looked fine to me
you’re watching him throw for a while yeah he looked fine to me I don’t think
it was an injury thing I didn’t really see him run but least as far as throwing
he looked fine to me but you know he’s got he’s over there with his helmet off
standing on the sidelines he warmed up so it isn’t like he’s not here they went
again and here we go third and 14 and another 5 yard penalty marked off
they’ll mark it back to the 11 yard line the only to get to the 3 for a first
down not the way you want to start it if you’re saying to say no no no that’s a
brutal start you’re going the wrong way under 9 minutes to play first quarter no
score first drive for Santa say no here’s the give this is Davis piercing
up the middle twisted down back over the 20-yard line Jaden roll again brings him
down gets a lot of that penalty yardage back but it’ll still be fourth down
Davis looked great on his two carries you know but you can’t get 20 yards and
penalties and expect to convert so Notre Dame did enough but but you got to be a
little nervous Davis looked good on both of those carries caleb herby will punt
and Ashton Offerman back to receive the punt in Notre Dame territory just to the
right of the painted tiger village at midfield high snap and good kick by
Herbie averaging nearly 40 yards a kick fair catch called at the 47 yard line of
Notre Dame well I’ll tell you what they were lucky her we used all about six
three of that body to catch that snap I was a high snap went up and got it
sometimes you got those shorter punters that ball would went over their head so
good field position to start for Notre Dame they’ll start from the 47 yard line
of the Titans and they’ll get a second opportunity so second drive that they’ve
had good field position to start coach it’s not a big defense for San Jacinto
either if you look at them I mean you know Newton is massive but the rest of
them are kinda just it’s kind of an under sized group you know playing this
three five from the 47 first and 10 notre-dame Tony
with the play-action will swing to the flat for Mosley Mosley dancing over a
midfield into san jacinto territory maybe pick up about 5 on that play they
like getting him the ball to the outside coach well I love what Jason macmaine’s
the offensive coordinators do and that’s another RPO play out of an exotic
formation you know the inside receiver was covered up there is ineligible but
but they are pio and you make you go out there and cover it they got extra guys
out there when they throw it to go block the DBS that’s a great job by Jason
macmaine’s the offensive coordinator 6 yards on first down second and for
Ashton Ottomans flicked to the near side here’s a sheet is Osso in motion give
Mosley Mosley’s got little space good blocking downfield by ottoman but he’ll
be brought down inside about at the 41 yard line coming up to make the play
Cameron Rocha got some help from Devon banks and they got a round Newton on
that one that this is now a three five defense the defensive ends generally
aren’t your contain players you know you always got to have a contained player
got to turn the ball back inside in the three five usually that’s gonna be a
second level guy either a linebacker a strong safety and here’s that triple I
out of the shotgun first and 10 41 out of the triple I tailback Mosley and
Mosley will dive over the 40 to the 39 tackle on the play Cameron Rocha from
the cornerback position Rocha makes a tackle but that’s Newton’s play newton
bench pressed him into the backfield there and kind of made him make a move
before he was ready to make that move so he doesn’t get credit for the tackle but
that really was his plan newton the 64 290 pounds junior the nose tackle
transfer from the West Valley some of them the team in tackles had one of the
four quarterback sacks last week against La Quinta second and eight from the 39
of Santa cinah Koenig to throw looking for autumn it’s one on one and
incomplete pressing the edge was Cameron Rocha against Ashton offerman offerman
coach had a big game last week five catches 130 yards and a couple of
touchdowns you know one of the things I always tell my quarterbacks you can’t
catch it they can’t catch if it’s out of bounds you got to throw the ball in
bounds you know if you’re throwing it out of bounds you’re only doing that
because it’s a throwaway right you know otherwise it’s got to be inbounds or
he’s just got no chance I mean ask I often go up and get it but not if you
throw it out of bounds he was the one player that eric.kolly
onna the head coaches santa-santa said he’s a problem for us yeah his
combination of size and athleticism though he can go up and get it but not
not five areas out of bounds third and eight from the 39 Koenig looking and now
he’ll go down that’s caleb harvey Hervey making the
sack back to the 46 yard line seven yard loss fourth down yet hurry doesn’t play
defense every down he’s a spot guy but I think you can see maybes a little bit of
a pass rusher you know he got there fast and he almost look like he was unblocked
I know they had a guy to account for him but boy he went by him fast you know
he’s a big guy who’s athletic at the next level weird see project is he more
of an offensive player coach or a defensive player it’s boy it’s hard for
those guys to find tight ends now if you could find a kid like that looks like
that they can play tight end that’s a that’s a diamond in the rough at the
next level des monts say Williams catches the off them and punt inside the
10 he’s up to the 15 he’ll get bent back there so the punt went back to about the
6 yard line so a good kick from Avant about 40 yards and about ten maybe eight
yards on the return first in 10 san jacinto from the 15 we got one offense
averaging 38 points a game one offense averaging 33 points a game and so far
stop-stop-stop-stop the defenses have showed up early but a defensive slugfest
this Halloweens in so perhaps the Disciplinary measure taken by head coach
Eric Galliano in his fourth season at the helm of San Jacinto coach Galliano
career record of 36 and 9 pretty impressive when you consider of those 9
losses 7 are either at playoff opponents or sitrus Hill first and 10
Halloween will fling it complete to the outside at about the 22 and they’ll push
the receiver back I believe that was Wayne Thomas on the catch and Thomas
played last week with a broken hand had a cast on his hand they’ll mark it up to
the 21 yard line give him six on the completion nice swarm by the defense
there for Notre Dame running over to make the tackle so they got the
completion but it’s only 5 yard gain cuz they ran over made a good tackle Halloween just a sophomore started as a
freshman last year and has definitely shown some growth both physically and in
terms of his composure and grasping the off and second down toe he’s on a fling
get downfield he’s got a man and that’s Thomas into Notre Dame territory making
the catch down at about the 40 yard line so a 39 yard strike and Halloween threw
a great ball there coach the thing about Thomas is he can run he’s big and tall
so you don’t you don’t expect it but he just goes by he’s got those gazelle legs
and he’s went right by him you know and he was wide open so they’re gonna have
to back off of him a little bit they’re not gonna be able to let him do that the
whole game ball to the 40-yard line of Notre Dame and santa-san knows offense
seems to be clicking both these offenses have played well the last couple of
weeks so should be an interesting matchup tonight with Beth Lee with the
two quarterbacks three receivers split out to the bottom of your screen Davis
is the lone setback and the option to Jaya Halloween will keep it maybe two on
the play yeah it looked like you know an option plays like that you always want
to keep the ball going where it’s supposed to go you know that’s not a
cutback play quarterback zones one thing you can maybe cut it back but on option
it’s designed to go outside when you cut it back you’re not blocking those guys
in there so you really put yourself at a disadvantage thomas is to the near side
of the near SLOC Dumont’s a Williams for San Jacinto second and eight from the 38
of Notre Dame Davis the setback Hervey split out to the far side looking for her V her V kind of came
back underneath I think it was supposed to be a back shoulder throw a little bit
under thrown ‘la quest a one-on-one incomplete third down yeah it looked
like a back shoulders hard because they kind of were in trail technique there so
okay you know you usually want to throw the back shoulder if the DB is working
over the top of the receiver but it looked like the DB kind of had backside
you know that one’s got to be up over and give him a chance to catch it that
really wasn’t the spot for the back shoulder third down from the 38 of Notre
Dame this is Davis Davis finds the corner breaks one tackle and gherkin
will bring him down at the five yard line he’s good 33 yard run and Kelvin
Davis defensive starter pressed into duty because want Denny unable to go
today been able to answer the bell with an injury well that he gets it all the
way to the five yard line that dudes a sophomore man he’s a pretty
good looking player Holy Smoke he’s got skid he’s got some scooch officially
marked at the for first and goal Santa Cena curvy motion Davis and he’s in
touchdown San Jacinto how about that pretty easy when you can
draw it up like that hunk oh that was a convincing Drive Halloween comes in and
all of a sudden they’re doing their thing and they got a lot of weapons man
you got Thomas and you got Hervey and you got Halloween and Davis is really
something there’s a lot of weapons on that offense so Notre Dame is gonna have
to score with them I don’t think they’re gonna stop them consistently they’re
gonna have to score it’s not they’re not gonna be able to win this game 14 to 10
or whatever they’re gonna have to win it with big score Julio Uruguay in fake p80
is faked it’s gonna be a two-point conversion I believe that was Hervey who
made the reception so eight to nothing Santa so you know how about that
wrinkled Vinny little jump pass the old Tim Tebow jump pass from the holder look
pretty good man that’s when you work on all year you got to run it time to run
it run it now so Eric Galliano the head coach of San Jacinto reaching way deep
into his bag of tricks early they tried an onside kick early
last week it worked for them to build a 14 a nothing lead here they go to the
two-point conversion out of a kicking formation I often wonder why teams don’t
do that more this is hard to drill is it hard to practice it’s hard to practice
and you gotta have it you gotta have an athletic holder you know you gotta have
a holder that’s capable of doing that kind of stuff and that’s kind of a hard
guy to find but boy when you find one there’s a million ways you can fake
stuff I mean it’s it’s always a good idea and and teams don’t expect it and
they’re down after you score I mean there’s lots of lots of arguments for it
Uruguay will kick it away for San Jacinto the return from the 15 off the
mix Ottomans got a head of steam off the vent wide patch a green to go he’s
inside the 20 still fighting and he’ll finally be bought down in about the 13
yard line well you know they’re kicking it they’re kicking it over there but
they’re not covering over there they’re kind of covering straight down in lanes
but they’re kicking it way to the side so they’re outnumbered you know it’s
just the power it’s just a power return and they’re getting the kick out but
there’s not enough guy if you’re gonna kick it directionally kick it like that
everybody should be running in that direction to cover there they’re
covering too much field they’re not you know as some zoo would say they’re not
focusing on where the where the enemy’s gonna be
you know 72 yards unofficially on the return of the 13 of San Jacinto
touchdown drive for the Tigers 5 plays 85 yards 2 minutes 26 seconds
culminating in the Davis 4 yard run of the two-point conversion and now Notre
Dame though in the red zone you don’t use must score but Notre Dame’s got a
score here 8 nothing san jacinto triple I Koni play-action thought ehat Joseph
green couldn’t hold the ball incomplete on the coverage was Devon banks for
Santa sentence that was good job by banks coming down from that safety
position you know the in in the three five the
safeties the guy that plays the flat in Qatar three and so coming down from kind
of a to high look to play the flat there and and ended up taking away that was
really nothing there I mean he could have caught the ball but it would have
been at one or two yard gain I was a great job coming down by banks second
and ten from the thirteen for Notre Dame eight nothing San Jacinto has just
gotten on the board here’s Mosley in motion and around this is Ottomans to
the ten and inside the tent Hill gets slammed down by Newton at the 9 yard
line so four yards for Ottoman on the play off of it needs while he’s over now
3,000 all-purpose yards for his career with those two returns earlier his first
run on the evening makes it third down and six and Offerman’s pretty good
player he’s big but he’s faster than you think he’s gonna be you know when you
see him live you see him on film you don’t know how fast he is you see him
live he he can scoot a little bit for a kid that size three-year varsity player
4.5 GPA consideration from UCLA and Yale according to head coach Aaron of Huerta
third and six for Notre Dame Konak looking middle autumn it can’t
hold it coming over and make him the hit Brian matzos the senior safety coming
over there and dispossessing Ashton off the mid of the football fourth down then
they tried to they tried to get in empty you know and it was a little what we
used to call basketball rowdy went out and then back in you know knee was open
that that throws got to come lower you know it can’t come high like that when
you got the DBS back there kind of coming at you up high inside is not a
good place that balls got to be low or you can go down and get it well there we go
Aaron Huerta is gonna roll the dice you’ll go for it on fourth down from the
nine Koenig looking throwing touchdown Ashton
Avant latches onto that one that’s a well-designed play by Jason
macmaine’s and it’s a great throw and that ottoman is a really good player so
that there was a lot going on there they motions out of empty to get to quad
so they actually had four receivers to the right side but isolated othman on
the backside and that makes him really hard to cover cuz you almost have to man
him there’s four guys on the other side you know and so they had to man him and
he just routed him he just beat his guy Chu and Wong on to try the p80
and it’s eight to seven so we were joking with coach macmaine’s and coach
worked it before the game we’re talking about last week and saying you know they
kind of let it fly against citrus Valley where were joking scared money never
wins well they proved it there easily they could had the three points in their
back pocket but as you mentioned they knew Santa Santa had scored a touchdown
they wanted to match it with a touchdown and they did so yeah I don’t think fuel
goals is gonna win the game for Notre Dame I mean just from from that last
drive that I watched when Halloween was in the game right it doesn’t look like
it doesn’t look like field goals are gonna win it looks like they’re gonna
have to match touchdowns for touchdowns and hope that they can maybe force a
turnover or something here there but but that San Jacinto offense has a lot of
weapons so I think Notre Dame if you Notre Dame you know we gotta get
touchdowns field goals especially in the red zone field goals aren’t gonna cut it
off them and carried the water there he got the punt the kickoff return all the
way inside the 15 then a four yard run in the 9 yard reception from Koenig for
the touchdown he’s good I’m convinced he’s got me convinced he’s a really good
player yeah so thumbs up from yeah oh yeah oh yeah and they can play along
with the kick field at the 21 yard line this is Jordan McCray sure and McRae in
the middle up to the 34 so about 13 yards on the return decent field
position on the tackle Patrick Wallace key for Notre Dame well
and and the other thing you’re hoping for when you’re Notre Dame you know
Davis is playing both ways Hervey plays both ways a little bit so you’re hoping
that maybe as the game goes on those guys start to get a little tired and
maybe aren’t quite as explosive but boy on that last Drive they sure looked
explosive and that’s part of the challenge when you have guys who play
both ways I know talk to Eric Galliano he didn’t necessarily want to do it but
it’s playoff time and it’s like you know it’s like World Series gotta win
hey if you have to cursor Shawn’s got to throw two innings and relief so be it
probably a bad parallel right now but you know you know what Davis trying to
find some room spins out of one tackle great physical run up to about the 43
yard line nine yard pickup for Kelvin Davis who was a last-minute substitution
for the injured wand Denny he’s having himself a pretty good game coach you’re
telling me this guy’s their backup running back that’s right
Holy Smoke it’s awesome wish you had him when you’re back on remote oh man pretty
good running back to Vermont we did we had a couple good fastest second and one
Halloween flings the ball to the outside he was open but there was a
miscommunication incomplete and he’ll bring up third down I think what
happened there is it was supposed to be a wheel route you know when out and up
but he was so wide open on the out the Halloween was just like here just take
it you’re wide open already and and hurry didn’t know so he ran the route I
think that was the miscommunication was he was so wide open he just wanted to
hand him the ball here take it you’re wide open third one so it’s at Alec
Baldwin laughs and go Derek and Ross people are out there begging you to take
their fun are you man enough to take third and one Davis hurdles to the
instead that’s that’s not Davis kick on the outside it’s still a first down
either way good bidder running on the play for San Jacinto
Devon banks getting the opportunity now I think we had a lay hit back here so
I’m not sure if it’s dead ball but it looked like San Jacinto might have been
Hervey it was one of the San Jacinto guys behind the play is the guy that
made the hit so it’s gonna be against San Jacinto now I don’t know that if
it’s dead ball or live ball cuz that’s gonna be an important distinction here
officiating crew having a little bit of a caucus at midfield is it a live ball
penalty that’s not a first down if it’s a dead ball penalty and it’s a first
down down there market after right that is the discussion hells are pretty nice
run he kind of jumped and hurtled you got Nami hurdled and then they stopped
him and then he went back he would kind of went back outside reminiscent of
Marcus Allen remember the 83 Superbowl where he kind of reversed all the way
against the Redskins he ended up getting a touchdown
I was only two in that game well I think I saw it on film so looks
like they’re moving the sticks up so it’ll be a post oh it’s there was one on
Notre Dame – I didn’t see the Notre Dame one so I guess they both got them
well it’ll be a seven-yard gain I didn’t see the Notre Dame when it must been on
the sidelines I didn’t see and I saw this Anderson on one it was right out in
the middle so banks with a seven yard run for a first down the ball to
midfield 87 san jacinto leads early against Notre Dame here quarterfinal in
division 7 Halloween will keep Halloween’s got some space and Halloween
gets up to the 33 so 17 yards on the run by a giant Halloween and man he looked
so smooth on that run coach they just got a lot there’s a lot there’s a lot of
weapons there for the San Jacinto team you know him and Davis and the outside
receivers there’s just a lot of weaponry Notre Dame’s kind of buck they kind of
look like they’re a play behind right now you know they they they’re tackling
the guy that doesn’t have the ball every time first down
Davis running inside spins through the first level of tacklers gets inside
about the 26 good gain on first down and that’s the other problem he makes the
first guy miss so even when you get a guy there he makes him miss I mean that
should have been a one-yard gain or no gain and he ends up with four or five
yards cuz he makes the first guy miss experienced offensive line two for San
Jacinto locked in a real good trench battle tonight between notre dame and
san jacinto so call it 5-yard gain second and five from the 29 Halloween
here’s Hanlon in pursuit good crack back block Hanlon and then
Halloween gets back maybe to the 25 again it’s just it’s frustrating when
your defensive coordinator cuz you really feel like you had him twice you
had him in the backfield and then you had him again on the perimeter looks
like there’s a guy down Timothy Pugh starting offensive lineman right tackle
for San Jacinto looks like he got the worst of it on the play they’ll mark the
ball I’ve lived with the 26 that’ll bring up a third and manageable and we
come back you know Eric Galliano himself an offensive lineman coming up he played
at Cerritos College later at Utah State was offensive coordinator for a couple
years under Bill Powell here at Santa Santa before taking the head coaching
job and you know interesting guy in terms are kind of kind of trying to
run this program because he’s really had a hand on both sides of the football
this year got a coordinator on both sides but you know when you were head
coaches you know coach you kind of need to be involved really on all aspects of
the ballgame yeah it’s nice if you can have coordinators that you can trust to
where you don’t have to call every play you know but at the same time you want
to be involved in the game planning on both sides and and you know you kind of
still want to get your way and have the team be the identity that you want it to
be you know from the 25 it’s a third and three tight slot is Dumont’s a Williams
they gonna get some man coverage here little blitz and man coverage action
Thomas to the reel to the near side top of your screen is Hervey here’s
Halloween looking for Hervey down the field under throwing us little bit
tipped and could not come down with it that was Aiden Koenig on the coverage I
believe for at Notre Dame locked up with caleb Hervey he’ll bring up fourth down
yeah I think they’re I think they’re kind of saying you know we we can’t let
them run the ball right down our throat so if it means we got to play a little
bit of man coverage and take some chances then that’s what we got to do
especially on third and short because what the heck you know and so now I got
him in fourth down chance to potentially get a stop
so Thomas split out to the nearside in the near slot Keith hunter tight slot on
the far side is Harvey and then des monts a Williams to the far side right
up the middle for Davis first down to the 20-yard line tackle by Wallace key
for Notre Dame Davis is a man he’s just like he’s a man he’s a sophomore and
he’s a full-grown man that was a full-grown man run he put his shoulder
down and and got two he knew what he had to get for the first down and he got it
end of the first quarter here CIF division seven quarterfinal winner takes
on the winner of Grand Terrace and Valencia and it’s interesting it’s the
home game for Notre Dame but we’re at the home of the Tigers the RCC Tigers
but San Jacinto also the nickname of the Tigers that’s interest that is
interesting you have the big tiger head right there on the midfield so if you
joined us late Jeff Gorham on assignment UC Riverside basketball he’s up in
Portland the Highlanders played Portland State at UNLV this weekend so coach
Vinny Fazio has graciously stepped in to coach quorums very large shoes Jeff’s a
very big man he is he is big and bald but remind you the Mariachi festival
going on tomorrow it’s on mission in dry between lime and lemon it’ll start at
noon and go till 10:00 p.m. and a lot of food folks music and fun so check out
the Mariachi festival I thought we’re gonna see a graphic but I don’t see it
so I was waiting for that one to flash up back to action first in 10 San
Jacinto from the Notre Dame 20 Halloween under pressure he’ll throw complete
believe that’s pervy down inside the 10 – about the 4 yard lines look like it
might have been a blown coverage there by Notre Dame I think half the team was
playing man and half the team was playing zone and so you ended up with a
kind of a busted coverage I think everybody was like looking around
pointing and saying you got that guy you know nobody took him instead Devon say
Williams the reception mistook the four for a nine Herbie’s a big guy can’t
confuse him with Williams ball down officially to the three first and goal
san jacinto banks trying to get outside Jaden rope
cuts him down and banks is a good athlete but there is a big difference
when he’s in the game versus when Davis is in the game you know in terms of
ability to just put their shoulder down and get those yards so you know there is
a difference when you get Davis out of the game
second and goal from the three good play by row their Halloween looking and
Hervey nearly came up with an acrobatic catch incomplete third down can’t a
Koenig on the coverage as a good job by Gorgon on the on the gergan she mom told
me Jurgen on the containing the quarterback it was a play-action pass
they wanted to get Halloween on the perimeter for a little run pass you know
make a choice and and gergan contained him kept him inside he had to throw it
before he was ready wrinkle in the chess game sighs at the receiver position for
San Jacinto Ashton off the man into place and defense yeah yeah six-foot for
third and three Halloween under pressure will fling it and this time it’s
complete for a touchdown calum AV gathers it in another touchdown
for the Tigers well that’s a frustrating one for Notre Dame because they kind of
played it the way they wanted to play it they kept the quarterback they did the
same it was the exact same play they just ran again it was the exact same
play and they said you know we’re gonna keep the quarterback inside they did it
they did what they wanted to do but you know is a pretty good whip there by
Halloween and Hervey such a big body drive when 66 yards took three minutes
and eight seconds and Uruguay will put it through and it’ll be 15 7 in favor of
San Jacinto get another look at the drive Halloween kind of starting to ear
it out a little bit here’s the completion to Williams
he’ll bang down inside the 5 and then a good play here by Jaden Roe as he makes
the play on the outside and then a couple of cracks at the end zone
first one nearly complete but Hervey kind of can’t come up with that one and
then Halloween escapes pressure and is able to get it to Hervey who holds on to
it this time walk denied that’s a nice play by hollowing in there I mean that’s
hard play with them coming off the edge like that and to be able to get that
ball out there in a place that he can catch it and only his guy could catch it
that’s that’s a heck of a play by a young quarterback 9 plays on that drive
66 yards 3 minutes and 8 seconds and so now the chess match begins so you saw
Ottoman on defense for Notre Dame in the onside attempt will be covered up at
midfield for Notre Dame by Kerry Collins I think this thing was supposed to be a
squib I think that’s supposed to be squibbon and what you teach a guy on the
squib is you don’t want to kick it softer you want to actually kick it
harder uh-huh you know you try to kick the squib it’s through the end zone
because it’ll bounce and it’ll stop itself but if you kick it softer that’s
what kind that kind of thing can happen where a guy can field it and now they
got great field position that’s not what you want on the squib you want that ball
to go all the way down to the 5 I can roll the dice in the crop table you want
to hit the back and want to hit at the back absolutely absolutely
not that I’ve ever rolled the dice no no yeah no I got you I got some the 38 how
would you know that how would you know the first in 10 15 7 so we got a ball
game here here’s Mosley Mosley’s got some room mostly cuts back in makes a
nice move and he could go to the house Tyler Mosley 62 yards touchdown Notre
Dame late flag comes in the flag is gonna be sideline warning
against Notre Dame but if the touchdown is going to stand and boy Mosley can go
and what’s happening what’s happening to San Jacinto and they’re three five
they’re playing it with the two defensive ends kind of down inside the
tackles and they’re just blocking them down and it’s got to be you that strong
safety or that outside linebacker that are setting force you know the first
thing you over in practice on defense you go over to things
who’s got the deep zone so they can’t just throw it over our head right and
who sets force so they can’t just run it around us you got to do those two things
you’re not doing those two things you’re not a defense and right now san jacinto
is not setting force all the time on the run plays they’re getting washed and
that second level guys not getting forced set contain some people say
contain I like to say force but same same concept long pumps it through 15 14
and it’s interesting so we have some time now we’re gonna look at the play a
little pivot and watch Mosley outside then he makes a cut back to the inside
nice little move there and then he’s free to go talking about this 335
alignment there are a couple different things they can do against the team like
Notre Dame you can coach Galeana talks about trying to push all the action to
the middle but you also can defend the outside with it just as equally correct
there has to be somebody on the second level that is that comes down when they
see a zone block or a down block that comes down and sets the edge to make
sure that that ball can’t get outside and then vertical they have to make it
go around and then they can turn and try to run it down or they have to you know
that but they have to cut that Lane down and right now there’s just way too big
of a lane between the defensive end and whoever that second forced defender is
either the strong safety of the outside linebacker and the balls getting
downhill and out in that Lane and that’s what’s happening to him and it’s
happened a couple of times and now on that case Mosley is just a really good
athlete and so not only did it turn into a game but turn into a touchdown well
the keys for Notre Dame involved their playmakers and the two playmakers have
made some big plays for the Titans here’s the return for Santa C no it went
deep inside the five-yard line it will come out to near the 20
that’s where the carrier will go down that was Jordan McKee Frazier with the
return for San Jacinto so you got about 17 or 14 yards on exact to the 17 yard
line or so well I hope you got the over speaking of speaking of Vegas I hope you
got the over tonight because it looks like the two offenses are starting to
get into a groove and it looks like maybe Notre Dame has taken san jacinto
punch a little bit you know you take that early sanderso kind of shock and
autumn early and and it looks like maybe Notre Dame has taken that punch and kind
of now has responded and is starting to get themselves kind of back into the
flow of the game big play by off men on the kickoff return of a great play there
by Mosley on the touchdown so two big plays have kept Notre Dame in this one
Halloween keeping it and down he goes Halloween gets taken down that was a she
disses oh he started the year as a running back we’ve seen him play in the
full-back position today but they moved him outside the defensive end the
Carnegie transfer he’s big he’s fast in the athletic just what the doctor
ordered for a team like Santa said oh yeah he’s a guy that actually matches up
you know he looks the part again so san jacinto guys he kind of looks like one
of them you know big and fast and physical like them
three yard loss back to the 13th Halloween looking Daman say William sits
down in the zone and has tackled at the 24 yard line so 8 yard pickup on that
brings up third and 5 house a nice catch in traffic you know that’s a little snag
route you got the outside guy coming into the snag in the number three guy
run in the out and you just throwed whoever’s open that was a great throw
but I was a tough snag he was covered that was a tough snag in traffic
Halloween now unofficially 5 of 9 through the year for 70 yards and third
and five big third down come very big Halloween pressure Ashida zazo gets
around it whips it inside and williams can’t hold it Jaden ro says how do you
do you know and and you know me cuz all I don’t like to be critical but I’d like
to see Davis at least once on that drive right I mean Davis never touched the
ball I mean he’s got to touch the ball he’s dominating the game every time he
touches the ball something good happens you know I understand the Halloween’s
your guy and you want to be able to throw it but Davis look Davis is out
there running routes get in the book in the ball feed the monster and he’s
playing defense too so maybe you’re trying to pace yourself a little bit
it’s a pretty good lick that ro just dealt so Koenig is gonna return the punt
Hervey foot into it Kony catches the ball about the 47 Trent reverses into
Santa Santa Territory finds the edge but inside the 35 so a good return you know
18 Koenig is kind of been mr. everything he’s playing on defense he made some big
plays last week as a receiver coaching Horta said you know we prefer to just
play him on defense but he’s too good to not put out there and one thing that’s
happening right now Gasol is Notre Dame’s winning the special teams battle
you know special teams really is a third of the game and it’s feel field position
has been a huge part of this game and right now after the early fake you know
two-point conversion by San Jacinto Notre Dame with their returns with it
they are winning the special teams battle right now
Michael Lara special teams coach for Notre Dame they pride themselves on kind
of giving their team a little bit of an advantage first and ten from the 35
interesting formation here that’s Moseley turning off in motion a little
shovel pass out to Mosley Mosley 35 30 will dive forward to the 26 yard line
make you score that one a forward pass and to the 26 yard line he goes not
quite a first down Jason macmaine’s can coach man I mean
they got it they got everything they got formations they got ways to get their
playmakers the ball you know this is a little way to try to run that fly sweep
they tried to run it earlier but it wasn’t as good this time they gotten a
little overload formation to run it so coach macmaine’s is doing his thing
right now macmaine’s for many years the head coach at Rubidoux last year took
over Carnegie and now the offensive coordinator for head coach Aaron Huerta
sweeping to the out mosley with the first down and more will
totes hop and dance will get inside the 22 about the 17 good game by Mosley
they’re not setting for us I mean there’s just nobody out there right now
so really this is good all the time they can take and run these little stretch in
zone plays until somebody comes from the outside in to set for us as long as they
can get around Newton which they know they can because they’ve been getting
around him all game there’s not it there’s nobody out there they can run it
again interesting matchup inside Fabian
Quintero the Center for Notre Dame first and 10 line is the 18th there’s the give to Mosley this time
trying the inside he’ll go down after a couple of yards yeah I mean those
defensive ends are coming in pretty hard so it’s gonna be hard to get too much
inside you know Newton and Hervey are coming inside pretty hard you if they’re
gonna want to run it it’s gonna almost have to be outside just trying to keep
them honest a little bit there’s Hervey making the play yeah Hervey and newton
are just coming inside every time they’re slanting inside those tackles
receivers stacked to the near side Ashida zazo and motion give to Mosley
kind of mishandles the ball now he’s finding some space cruising to the
outside moseying on into the end zone is Tyler Mosley touchdown Notre Dame wow
that was quite a run it’s the same concept they’re just running the little
stretch play it’s just stretch and and this time he sets him up outside steps
back in and and they’re doing a great job handling the second level defenders
from san jacinto and they’re just carving them up in the run game right
now start it off with a special teams play and then Mosley takes it into the
end zone with seven 17 to play here in the second quarter and we got a track
meet developing as Notre Dame takes the lead 20 to 15 and Huang adds the p80 and
it’s 21 15 he missed it oh wow pushed it to the left yeah wide
left here’s the punt return so Koenig starts it off strong with the punt
return here and then you get Mosley getting a little
bit extra there about a four yard run he stretches out five yards see that’s
where there’s got to be a guy coming from the outside in to set that edge
with the defensive ends going inside like they are slanting inside they’ve
got to have somebody to set the edge and right now they don’t have them and
surprising cuz san jacinto there they got some speed on defense coach they’re
gonna have to get on the board and make an adjustment see that they can’t try to
come inside again they’re coming inside hard but those second level guys aren’t
getting the edge set I know they were really concerned about Notre Dame
hitting them with four verticals we talked to Crouch Caliendo before the
game and I think they’re they’re playing kind of a two shell look out of the
three five and it’s it’s costing them their forced defenders in the run game
they’re gonna have to walk those guys back into an eight-man front booms it
back from the six Williams check that asthma Frazier the Fraser still with it
Mike Frazier to the 26 so a 23 yard return by Jordan McKee Frazier and
that’s where Santa Sinha will start it off Notre Dame does a nice job in a kick
game man coach coach Lara’s doing a good job because they’re there they’re solid
they’re solid all the way around they return well they cover well and let you
know and we-we’ve having talked about this off okay when you were coaching
special teams can be such a factor to pull up a team oh you’re a borderline
team you have good special teams all of a sudden now or a playoff team that can
win some games well the special teams coordinator the University of Redlands
okay I have a lot of take a lot of pride in to kick game stuff and and so you
know the University of Redlands we took a ton of pride mean coach Maynard mostly
because coach Mader made me but sit down and watch it film and breaking stuff
down and getting after it I mean we took it very seriously and and you can tell
it doesn’t take long to tell if a team takes the kick game real seriously or
not some teams take it really you know I felt like it Ramona one thing we did we
stole some games cuz we worked really hard at it game and we stole some game
and they after you left they stole the game last year look up a couple times on
kicks you know and that that’s that’s something that really is a program
dealing and correction skis done a great job there yeah that’s something that’s a
program deal you know when you teach when specialty plates are still there
the kids know it’s important and so it’s important so it
stays important in the culture you know that’s that’s a cultural thing that goes
forward but but yeah you go in the game you you can win two or three games a
year because you’re good in the kick game you know talking about special
teams with coach Galliano he actually had to recruit kickers from soccer yeah
you know Uruguay is a soccer kid but now he said you know now I get four or five
soccer kids coming to see ya if they can play it used to be we had to go try to
find somebody now they come to us so that’s kind of turned over for at San
Jacinto first down play this is Halloween trying to find some room and
he can’t good contain again you talked about it on the Notre Dame defense well
I’m just gonna say that you see the difference right you see Notre Dame is
setting the edge they’re not letting the ball run around they’re setting the edge
and letting their inside guys pursue San Jacinto is not set in the edge and the
balls running around them that’s the difference this is a great job set in
the edge here they come in he kind of bounces outside and yes that’s max
Anderson and then here’s Koenig comes over my help is coming from the inside
if you set that edge you’re gonna get help
second at 11 from the 26 for San Jacinto here’s the throw he’s open I’d a nice
patch Wayne Thomas high points that brings it down at about the 45 yard line
are you kidding me what a great catch do you see that boy oh boy that’s a
talented dude man Wow the Lateran got that Wayne Thomas oh they lost him
earlier in the year because he broke his hand played with a cast last week and
caught three touchdown passes up the middle your guy Davis will fight up to
about the 49 maybe three yards on the carry house a nice tackle that’s the
first time we’ve seen Davis tackle by the first guy that’s the first time so
far tonight that the first guy to get his hands on Davis has tackled him so
that’s a nice play by a Notre Dame and you wonder if like you said maybe Davis
is getting a little bit tired he’s playing a lot of football even a spot
player on offense but now having to kind of carry the load is a different story
as Halloween gets the ball to Thomas again and they’ll rule him down inside a
Notre Dame territory so about a quick five-yard pickup on the play the sticks
that was great pass protection by Davis to his a little slide protection he had
to get the defensive end and he’s went got it and remember Walter Payton Walter
Payton was the best pass protecting running back I ever saw he would go
attack those guys they didn’t want him blocking them they’d rather
have alignment then get Walter Payton third down and two from the 46 of Notre
Dame Notre Dame’s would take a timeout huh timeout call bomb the field and
they’ll talk it over well it’s a big down I mean it’s a third down you know
anytime you get this third downs whether you want to call it the money down or
the key down or whatever you want to call it this is a you know this is a
turnover if you can make a play you got an opportunity to get a turnover and
with the way the Notre Dame offense is going you’re looking at the clock going
if we get the ball back with five minutes to go right I mean we got a
great chance to go down and get another score so you know they can if they get a
play I think you’re saying you said oh you’re into down territory I mean I
think you’re going for it unless you get a penalty or unless you get a big sack
or something where you go backwards I just don’t think you can punt the ball I
mean I don’t think they’ve shown defensively that they can get off the
field Scott Lambert defensive coordinator for
Notre Dame came over with Aaron Huerta they’d work together at survive and they
had a great defensive game plan last week coach I know you said you watched
the game yeah how great was their game last week
excellent and against the well-coached citrus valley team Curt brewing the
third down and two this is Davis right up the gut first down like iseas listen
to you coach yeah right I mean am I crazy am i CEO are you seeing the same
thing I’m seeing they get you know four yards if you hand a guy the ball three
times and get four yards each time you have a first down well sometimes he gets
20 yards every it’s 20 yards clock moving first and ten Sanna Sanna from
the Notre Dame 42 keziah Halloween deep drop he’s gonna air it out got a man
down field Jaden Mero with an acrobatic
interception touch back in the end zone and the senior makes a big play
one-on-one with Caleb Harvey and Jaden Roe scores the turnover for Notre Dame
Jaden Rose listed at six feet I don’t think he’s six feet he looks like a
little kid next to her V and he just went up battled him with his hand little
hand fighting referees let it go like they should went up and took the ball
what a great play and now you’re Notre Dame you’re on offense again with a
chance to go down and really make some noise you’re adding another touchdown
your two scores and that’s a big one because if Hervey
reels that one in it’s a two score game or it’s a lead for the title has a huge
difference yeah and the turnover now spins the ball the other way
now notice san jacinto has got an extra guy in a game we talked about this they
got eight guys in the box now first and 10 from the 20 here’s the give this is
green trying to bounce it back inside he’ll stay inside he’ll keep fighting
over the 25 to about the 27 physical runner Joseph marine ones with his pads
low he was a sit out kid and he’s really helped the offense the last five games
for Jason macmaine’s and the Titans yeah they’re doing a good job in the run game
you know they don’t look like they don’t look big on on the o-line but they’re
they’re getting some push they’re doing their thing Sanderson was moved Newton
to the nose guard spot now he’s no longer an outside edge guy he’s now the
nose guard 7-yard gain second and three from the 27 Koenig to the outside Hudak
with the catch who that gets away from the first tackle
and it gets cleaned up by hunter living up to his name up to the 43 yard line 16
yard pickup on the play Aaron Huerta not happy about that boy it just feels like
they’re starting to get comfortable then it feels like Notre Dame’s starting to
get custom written off rhythm rehab Koenig looked good on that throw he
looked like he was totally comfortable Pass complete call it the 44 passing
game has really been clicking the last one out two and a half weeks or so for
Notre Dame oh try a little bit of a misdirection play and not fooled was the
defense it looked like that took too long to develop didn’t it look like I
don’t know if it was if it was busted or if it was just a long developing play
but slow developing is probably not as good I think their big advantage right
now is they can get the edge so get it out there as fast as you can you know
Newton gets in there along with Williams Stinnett a couple of big boys on the
inside so Stinnett outside he’s a he’s a big boy trying to help set the edge and
they move Newton back outside second and 15 for Notre Dame 39 of the Titans bunch
formation to the bottom of your screen and candy keeps it gets out of the grasp
there throws the ball to Hudak and could have been intercepted but it was not
incomplete on the coverage was morta for san jacinto
Brian Mattos not sure if that got busted or if that was they might have out
thought themselves by one step on that one because it looked like if they did
just run the reverse that it was there it looked like they had the perimeter
you know to Mosley on the reverse but then I think I don’t know if it was a
fake reverse pass but it looked like they should have just ran the reverse it
was out there either way third down and third long now a first down will be to
the 46 of San Jacinto Hudak to the nearside
here’s Koenig in motion Koenig looking pump-fake down the field living for
hoodak one-on-one with mcfreak implead hand fighting down the field hit ball
falls incomplete about the 25 they gave him a chance there’s just nothing there
you know there’s great coverage great coverage by San Jacinto they tried to
run a double movement it’s hard to run a double move on third and 15 you know the
double move is really for second for right you know where you got a chance to
get them but third and 15 they’re not biting on the first move you know they
know it’s not a first town we may have an injury situation with Ashton Othman
he’s not been out there and normally he punts but he is not punting looks like
justice Robinson is gonna get in there to punt it’ll be a short kick and it was
gonna take a san jacinto bounce but it was recovered and downed by gergan that
was Adam gergan who down the ball for Notre Dame so good field position for
San Jacinto they trail 20 to 15 with 249 left in the first half
Kazaa hosts I’m Vinny Fazio with you junior Barrett down on the sideline we
got ourselves a playoff game coke that was a big stop and and then you get the
bad punt and and now the sudden that is a big turn you know San Jacinto had not
been really doing much defensively you know Notre Dame was kind of doing
whatever they wanted now suddenly get a stop and a short punt get great field
position got a chance to take the lead before half-time a classic situation a
touchdown here would be big for San Jacinto obviously thrown to the outside
there curvey incomplete on the coverage for Notre Dame Ryan Hernandez second and
10 it’s big coach because you know Santa sino gets the ball coming out in the
second half the old Tom Brady Tom scores and then he gets the ball back yeah for
sure and I think in this kind of game it’s a factor where you got kind of
little bit of a track meet going so Rocha and Hunter to the near side Hervey in the farce lot second and ten
Hanlin Halloween pulls it down a hill throw the ball down the field in
completes what they’re getting is they’re giving them an empty formation
and Notre Dame is staying in there for three and kind of bumping in the for
three cover to look but Notre Dame only has three guys to the three receiver
side but they have three guys the two receiver side in Halloween is looking
initially to the two receiver side on the left there but that’s where they’re
outnumbered he needs to look to the three receiver side they’re three on
three over here they’re two on three on the other side he needs to look to the
three receiver side first that’s where the openings gonna be in this empty
formation third and ten this time he’s got Davis with him he’ll throw the ball
down to the field open in the middle of the field incomplete that was hunter the
quest it was in on the coverage incomplete fourth down a couple of those
throws are high but your receivers got to make a play for you at some point you
know they add two chances that make catches there that would have been first
downs now there were high throws but they were also throws to hit both of
their hands and when it hits both of your hands you got to get those if
you’re gonna want to win deep round playoff games which is what this is so
you know they’re gonna have to uh they’re gonna have to make those plays
for their quarterback and pick him up good part of the field for a fake if
Santa said I wanted to try one they won’t
Hervey will punt it and fielded at the 13 little love tap there at the end of
that one Aidan Kony makes the catch I think this is good officiating you know
it was a late fair catch signal he did make it but he made it real late you
know and so there’s no reason to call penalty on the guy you know he didn’t he
wasn’t down there trying to do so I think intent yeah what was his intent
was he trying to to cheap shot him no he didn’t he thought he was didn’t know
he’s gonna fair catch fair caught it late let him fair catch it you know I
thought that was good officiating right there the good basketball officials
always talking about I need to see is it going to be an advantage yeah when I’m
with you if it’s gonna be gain advantage then you gotta throw the flag above the
whistle if not you don’t worry about it you got off them up back on the field
now so that’s big for Notre Dame he’s to the far side to the near side is hoodak
for the Titans they lead 20 to 15 a couple of minutes left here in the
second quarter here’s Mosley on that shovel pass up to the 20 yard line he’ll
be taken down at the 22 that was Kelvin Davis making the tackle so about nine
yards on the play very close to a first down getting it hold here on Notre Dame
so the first penalty call Bhama tight yes boy there haven’t been a lot huh
after that flurry of false starts on Santa Sinnoh been a pretty clean game
and those were false starts I mean those are those are no-brainers you know but I
mean that’s the first real penalty you know we really think about the
offsetting personal yeah yeah the offsetting personal foul but I mean
really this has been a very clean game which I guess it should be right when
you’re playing in the quarterfinals let’s see if you can see it here there
it is yeah I look like right there on Hervey huh from the five first down up
to the 24 yard line so a first and 19 how fun bolt balls on the turf still
loose this would be big I believe covered it Sanderson knows San Jacinto
football oh that’s huge coach boy and really all they’re trying to do is kind
of run the clock out get a look at it Mosley just didn’t quite get it and
Hervey was right there he was johnny-on-the-spot big play by caleb
herby well Davis was in the backfield fast to the little blitzing linebacker
was back there and and I think it made Mosley look up you know and and they
just didn’t get the the exchange clean that’s tough you know they’re just kind
of trying to get out of the half and and they’re gonna end up they’re gonna end
up giving San Jacinto the ball great chance to score here and take the lead
before half that would be huge for San Jacinto mentioned earlier they get the
ball to start the second half see with coach Eric Galliano can dial up here first and goal from the three at
Sebastian Carmona the tight end shuttling in motion it’s like Sanderson
wants a timeout they weren’t didn’t have the right formation motion combination
that they wanted you know you got to give a lot of credit here to the San
Jacinto defense right they didn’t look very good number two or three series
they look very good and now all of a sudden they’ve stood up they rolled that
extra guy that got in an eight-man front they got out of the too high look got it
into the eight-man front and they’ve started to blitz a little bit and the
blitz is kind of I think thrown Notre Dame off a little in their run game all
of a sudden they’re making some plays in a run game they’ve really improved
defensively we were talking to coach kalyana before the game coach cod Gill
who’s now as defensive coordinator has really stepped up they’ve dropped their
points per game they they gave about 23 points per game last year this year
thirteen point six that’s a big about 328 yards per game last year this year
down to 232 yards per game that’s a that’s a huge shin so it just really
obviously talent has a lot to do with that yeah you got a coaching for sure
and and and you gotta have some fight in you too you know you don’t look very
good for three series you gotta keep fighting can’t give up gotta keep going
and they have from the three san jacinto it’s a first and goal Davis is the
single back Thomas and Hervey to the top of your screen des monts a Williams to
the near side Davis between the tangles big hit
they’ll drop him at about the two well tell you what Notre Dame’s battling in
there man they’re hitting and button and they’re not afraid they’re they’re
getting in there and mixing it up with san jacinto and they’ve they have kind
of mucked the game up a little bit you know San Jacinto is offense everything
looked easy and kind of smooth and cool and now all sudden it’s kind of got
mucked up a little bit for him Notre Dame just came out last week and
everything kind of went their way they smashed citrus Valley early the
Blackhawk did show some resistance but ultimately they were able to finish it
off here’s Davis just sneaking in over the left side touchdown Santa Cinna
I love the call by coach galleon though there to go back to Davis you know III
know he likes to throw it and I know he likes that to be part of it but Davis
just has an advantage I really think he has an advantage and if they just keep
hammering him in there he’s gonna make plays I think I think he’s the best
player you and I think they just keep hammering him
he’s gonna make something happen I love going back to him he didn’t look very
good on first down go back to him give another chance last week Notre Dame was
up 21 nothing then the Blackhawks scored 14 points in the third quarter a Notre
Dame used two turnovers to kind of capitalize on both and the p80 by
Uruguay is good to make it 20 to 20 so back in the lead is San Jacinto and
we’ll get a look at that touchdown run by Davis just nobody almost would have
been a touchdown in touch football row with the coup de Gras late but he’d
already broken the plane it was a 21-14 game you could sense the momentum going
to citrus Valley and then all of a sudden there was a special teams play a
fumble on a touchdown and then a play Aydin Koenig dislodged a ball from a
citrus Valley player and then Notre Dame was able to put the ball in the end zone
and all of a sudden it’s a 35-14 game one if you’re Notre Dame you got two
timeouts you got a minute and eight seconds you’ve been good on offense
right I mean so you’re thinking score I mean you’re in score mode right now
you’re not in let’s go to half mode you’re in let’s get the ball let’s get a
return and go score a little pooch kick they’re gonna have great field position
hoodak feels it 232 he’ll get maybe to the 40 and that’ll be good field
position for Notre Dame san jacinto is not the the kicker doesn’t I don’t think
understand the concept of the of the squib kick you know that is not what you
want that there you have the ball at the 40 now you know if you’re gonna do that
just kick it out of bounds you know if that’s the squib kick you
gotta kick it hard and let it bounce and get way down there these balls are way
too easy to field and so they’re getting great field position I mean they’re you
know what are they 30 yards 30 yards and you haven’t answered a field goal yeah
now Jun Wong this year is 6 of 8 for his career nearly 70% 69.4%
and he has a leg on the long field goal earlier it was just wide hit the upright
last week 2 on a 38 yarder first and 10 Notre Dame from the 40 Kondo down the
field intercepted he just airmailed it keith hunter makes the pick at the 36
yard line this miscommunication was somebody
supposed to be there coating her mailed i think the guy was open it was a seam
route and you know part of what you’re trying to do in the three five if you’re
playing the cover three look which san jacinto is you want to get the
linebackers under the seam route so they’re gonna try to drop the
linebackers underneath the seam to make it a high throw and then there it is you
just airmailed it i mean you you need to drop that seam in between the
linebackers and the DBS there’s a window in there but it’s a hard window it’s a
hard window to drop the ball and then they had a little pressure and he just
airmailed and he just threw it high and and now if you’re Santa said oh you’re
thinking score I mean you could have been it to go on a timeout converted one
turnover already have the Tigers first and ten here’s the throw to the outside
it’s complete up to midfield tackle why get out around on her because you’re
right they’ll mark it up to the 49 so a 14 yard completion from Halloween to
Hervey I know he likes to run guys over we got to get out of bounds there the
clocks running clock moving 44 seconds to play Halloween will fling it sitting
down in the middle of that zone down to the 38 yard line so a first down well
the receivers are playing now for San Jacinto that’s two pretty good catches
in a row there Carmona had three catches last week Sebastien Carmona one of the
seniors he aspires to coach I know Eric Galliano vote for him happy about him
from the 38 Halloween will fling it down another receiver is open and this time
Thomas did he get into bounds he did may want to think about their timeout
I think his knee went down this clocks gonna run here that’s to the 26 yard
line he is such a smooth motion coach when he
flings that foot oh yeah yeah he whips it 18 17
clock ticking have not used the time out yet Halloween needs to make a decision
here incomplete it’ll stop the clock hurry
the intended receiver Jaden row on the coverage for another name eight seconds
to play on he’s a young quarterback one thing you teach your quarterbacks is it
with the time running out if the play is not there burn it earn it and let’s run
another play you know but that ended up being a 12 second play and so now I mean
you really got one throw and then hope you have field goal time you know and
and so now he really needs to know that I mean you only got eight seconds so
this ball is got to come out right now one timeout left for Santa Santa so they
could throw the ball in the middle of the field yeah yeah absolutely the
timeout is big 22 20 has been a good one here in the public sector they’re gonna
call their timeout hmm so I don’t know what arrghh wise I had one field goal on
the year I believe was a 30 yard or so don’t know what his range really is from
here would be coach about a 43-yard field goal well I think what you’re
telling them right here if you’re galleon do is we want something towards
the sideline right something that we can get towards the sideline get a little
closer and if we don’t it you know if we don’t get it
be ready if it’s a first down to run up and try to clock the ball you know eight
seconds it’s hard that’s what that’s a tight window do you try to get the ball
clock you listen to an Urban Meyer or a Nick save and talk or a Belichick or a
chip Kelly they talk about attention to detail and you made a great point is
that you got to know the time and score because you got to know when you have a
chance to get out of bounds right get out of Bounce because you’re not always
gonna have that chance they can try to push you in the middle of the field well
and and I would have loved you know again I’m not a second-guessed guy I
would love to use the timeout on the completion with about 22 seconds use the
timeout and then just work the other part of field but they might have a
trick play here they may have something good before receivers stack to the near
side Halloween middle of the field complete
to the third they got a chance to clock it if they go oh okay they may get
something here well cuz it was a first down so that they’ll bill
reset the football I don’t know that they’ll have time to clock it with well
they got a penalty we got a penalty on the field so if that’s a penalty if
that’s a targeting or or a head contact and the ball moves up they may have time
to clock the ball although it looks like they’re just gonna maybe try to run a
play they may not have time to do that I hope they’re waving the flag off they’re
gonna wave the flag off the company so fast 13 yes they got it off Halloween
looking and he’ll go down and that’s handling on the play he’s been so big
for Notre Dame check that that’s Mercato Mercato the senior making the play he
was on the team back as a freshman in 2015 when this team went to the CIF
title and to the state playoff game and that’s how the half will end 22 20 San
Jacinto leads I believe we’ll have Aaron Huerta at the half with junior Rivera
going in and I will hit Eric Galliano on the way out but a pretty good first half
coach yeah absolutely you know I thought boy San Jacinto was gonna gonna kick
themselves if this ends up you know cuz they could have scored they could add
some points they’re you know not going out of bounds was very costly Halloween
you know taking 12 seconds on the play and trying to buy time you know they
they cost themselves Aaron where to down on the field with JR Ribera it’s 20 to
20 San Jacinto junior coach not a bad first half but the turnovers I’m sure
really hurt you yeah you know we know we can’t turn the ball over and that’s
something we haven’t done in the past and we’re gonna clean it up and have
something be ready to go what do you like about the first half uh you know
we’re matching physicality with them that’s what I really like and and and
you know he’s able to throw the ball but we’re there to make tackles and we’re
doing our assignments stannis the Northmen because it looks like it was a
nursery and injured ready go he’s ready to go you’ll see him make some plays in
the second half all right good luck yeah thank you all
right coach all right guys very tight game so far coach is still
pretty positive about what may happen in the second half we’ll send it back up
top I mean why wouldn’t you be positive coach yes it’s it’s a 20 minute game
ball game you give the ball to the other team to start the defense has stepped up
and they’re playing pretty good they’ve I mean this game is really kind of ebbed
and flowed as games between teams that are better match similarly do but at
first it kind of looked like San Jacinto was athletically gonna overwhelm them
and then Notre Dame kind of mucked the game up a little bit and and started
executing on offense and did their thing and then San Jacinto kind of sparked
back up there at the end so it’s kind of had to ebb and flow as a good playoff
game should twenty to twenty the score at the half will step aside and come
back with second-half action here from Wheelock Stadium the home of the RCC
Tigers CIF division seven quarterfinal playoff action
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I always dream like one day I will have my own business and since I’m being in
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father you know that’s nice too I wonder the people when they came I want that I
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that’s what I’ve wanted to tell all my customers that they’re not just
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suggested well maybe you could throw a toy in a tube you know Kazaa Hasan
Vinnie Fazio JR Baron our entire award-winning Riverside TV crew this is
Kelvin Davis and he gets it off to a good start and then watch a little
trickeration here as Sebastian Carmona with the little jump pass for the
two-point conversion to make it ain’t nothing Notre Dame comes right back
Ashton Avant from Rodney Koenig makes the reception and I got some more
first-half highlights here at Kaleb Harvey with a touchdown junior Berra
though is on this field with Eric Galliano the head coach for San Jacinto
his team leads at the half 2220 coach it’s a tightly but I’m sure you want it
to be a little bit better first half for you yeah you know they exploit us a
little bit on special teams we made some mistakes on the special teams you know
he’s got to try to recover from that and not do those big plays they had two big
plays on kickoff returns that put them in good field position you know one of
them we got a great stop and the other one they scored so if we clean up those
things I think it’s gonna be okay anything differ from you guys in the
second half now we made some minor adjustments on both sides of football
you know some things that we saw that they’re doing you know we just gotta
execute the game plan and move forward all right go back to you awesome thank
you sir all right guys well so they’re back up
top let’s get the second half going the old old linemen he’s on old he’s a young
guy but he used to be an old linemen he played at Utah State we got a look at
Tyler Mosley has two touchdowns in the first half Mosley eight carries 91 yards
he also has three receptions for 25 yards and what is that about you’ve been
in that locker room in playoff games making those adjustments obviously you
can’t do anything to major C Mosley second touchdown run here what are some
minor tweaks that you see that could happen on either team well I think
you’ve already kind of seen him start doing it you know you saw san jacinto
roll into the the true 35 instead of the kind of too high look that they were in
earlier you know you saw a Notre Dame kind of
start to take advantage of that stretch play and the outside run play so I think
you’ve already kind of seen a little bit of ebb and flow these guys are good
coaches both sides are well coached so you know they’re gonna adjust and and
this first drive is really gonna be important you know the San Jacinto gets
the ball and and they got a chance to go down and if they get a score they can go
up two scores here so this is a big time in this game you know Notre Dame’s got
it got it really rise up make a play here you know from being a head coach
that a lot of your success is attributed to who you bring with you you know
having a staff is a big deal and I know you know you’re obviously your father
can speak to it as being kind of a right-hand man for dick buuck all those
years of fontana but two adjustments that both these coaches made obviously
Aaron Huerta everything was new to him he bought in Jason macmaine’s I know you
think he’s done a great job on the offensive side and coach coghill working
for Eric Galliano the new defensive coordinator had suggested they had a
great year defensively this time how does that work like how does it match
when you bring in a new coordinator to get it going so quickly well it just
depends you know when you get a guy like Jason macmaine’s you know you get a guy
Jason mains you just go hey do you think man that’s what coach says do you think
you do you think you know I’d like to kind of know what you’re doing but do
your thing and that’s what Alex Pierce is always done with me
you know hey just do your thing I’d like to kind of know what you’re doing but do
it your now if you get a younger guy you’re probably gonna be a little more
hands-on I think that’s I think coach Caliendo is probably a little more
hands-on with what’s going on and wants to know and wants to be involved but if
you get if you get a Jason macmaine’s you get him and you figure it out you
know here do your thing the old Norv Turner figure it out buddy yeah yeah
he’s that good underway in the second half along with the kick
this is mcfurface way up balls on the ground balls loose flag comes in Notre
Dame comes up with it was he down is the question there’s a flag and there’s the
ball I think it’s Notre Dame’s ball if it’s
if the flag is not on them it looks like it might be a facemask
penalty to get the signal out of gergan indicating a facemask won’t say on who
it is they’re gonna have to kick it again right facemask against the Titans it’s get
another look at it so MacRay sure to the outside here and
that’s where the ball becomes dislodged yeah Notre Dame football so gonna have
to kick this again I’ll have to go back and kick it again because you can’t
otherwise there’s no names ball yeah the 15 yards or five yards or
whatever but it’s Notre Dame’s baller you have to kick it again just the
second penalty of the game on Notre Dame for 15 yards not counting couple that
were offset and that’s a well that’s a big play there and now you may say well
if we wouldn’t grab his face mask but not a fumbled and that you may have an
argument there but boy that’s a big play I mean if that if not Notre Dame’s ball
at the 15-yard you’re talking about a huge difference
so Jun Huang to kick it away again looks like hunter back with McCray sure
now it was Dumont say Williams before Huang for your varsity player exchange
student from South Korea McPhee from the ten find some space in the middle spins
off the tackle up to the 34 so worked out pretty well for the Tigers Vinny
well the first time that’s the first time they’ve kind of got that going you
know they’re trying to run that cross block return and so far they’ve never
been able to get that crease and they kind of got the crease that time but
Notre Dame does a good job in a kick game there’s just not much there I mean
that you know the 35 that’s a that’s a that was a pretty well executed return
by san jacinto they’re just to get to the 35 yard line so Notre Dame’s really
in the kick game is very solid 20 to 20 san jacinto with the lead and the behind
the ball they came out with 12 they got too many guys on the field you see the
man running off the field for the Tigers did he get off in time is the question that’s illegal participate can’t you
can’t break the huddle with 12 guys on offense even if even if he comes off
you’re still illegal if you break the huddle with 12 and they don’t huddle now
there are no huddle team but you can’t we can’t get into a formation come out
start to get it you can’t have 15 guys there that throw three and then run
three guys off right they’ll call that every time so five-yard Markoff ball
back to the 30 of Santa Cinna first and 15 Halloween gets out of his hands
quickly Thomas toes up the sideline Anderson gets over Anderson but he does
shove him out at about the 47 so 23 yards let’s say on that pick up for the
big fella what Thomas is fun to watch play huh
every time I see him do something like whoa good block and and he’s got boy
he’s got good natural athleticism for a big guy you know he’s not gangly he’s
not awkward he’s just good you know for a big tall guy sometimes those guys
haven’t grown to their body yet he has from the 49 of Notre Dame is where they
mark it first in 10 here’s Williams on the end around Eric Hanlon nothing says
hello and drops him at about the 45 yeah to get that fly sweep going you
know I’m a fly sweep guy but to get that fly sweep going you got to get the edge
hooked if you don’t get the edge hooked he just runs in and makes a tackle you
know they tried to run the fly sweep there but they didn’t get handling
hooked and he just got in the back field he’s right there to make the tackle he’s
been such a presence he’s one of these Carnegie kids a junior defensive lineman
played inside earlier the year now playing outside doing a great job for
the defense of Notre Dame second and 15 ball from the 46 we’re back in San
Jacinto territory Davis gets to the outside back in a Notre Dame territory
not quite of the first down out of bounds at about the 42 he just puts a
lot of pressure on you Davis does because he makes the first guy miss all
the time and so it’s hard the numbers game kind of breaks down you know when
you’re doing a defense you want the number you want to have one guy there
well they have a guy there but he just runs right by him you know they had a
gun block guy stand in the hole he just ran right by him playing for one Danny
interesting situation at running back for San Jacinto this year this is Davis
again fighting forward inside the 35 maybe ten more yards for him another
first down man San Jacinto has got some guys you know I coach the San Jacinto in
2005 and we had some guys the day they got guys this is the most guys I’ve ever
seen at that place they got some guys seth gergan with the tackle Matt sets
mom before the game Davis and Thomas and Halloween and har Hervey a bunch of
sophomores in June that all gonna be back next year first and 10 from the 34
they go right back to the bread-and-butter up the middle into the
teeth of the defense clock continues to move a couple of yards on the play you
can definitely see the difference when Davis isn’t the running back you know
you can definitely see yo you know today how does it move you got to take a
chance you know you got it you got to take your your opportunities when he’s
not in the game because you got a bet you got it you got a chance there you
know that it’s not you know the danger is less
Thomas on the outside up to the thirty couple more yards it’ll be third and six
that’s his sixth reception on the evening that was a great play by the
corner Oh looks like he’s down he’s hurt
Jaden row making the play for Notre Dame actually that’s Aidan Aidan Kony yeah he
did a great job they’re beating that block went right by that that little out
block on the quick screen that’s the same quick screen they ran on the first
play they tried to come back to it against cover to look and and he just
beat him he just beat the guy coming to block him you know it wasn’t a san
jacinto had numbers he’s beat him you know he’s gonna throw it out there there
comes the block and he beats him and he’s right there you know Thomas makes
him miss but by the time he’s able to do all that they get guys over the ball
over to the ball you know sounds a great play by Koenig he had a big hit last
week to caused a fumble again citrus valleys had a great year all year okay
and a big third down now third and seven from the 31 four receivers in the
formation to buy to go the Tigers Davis the lone setback they’ll feed gave us to
play and Hanlon will take him down it’ll be fourth down they made a mistake if
you watch it I don’t know if we have the replay but Sanderson Hill pulled two
guys into each other so I think they bloat they blew the call both the
tackles thought that they were the puller if you watch well you can’t quite
see but look there’s two guys that kind of run into each other in there they
pulled into each other and now you’re in fourth down they’re gonna go for it
they’re leaving offense on the field ball needs to get to the 24 so fourth
and seven call it it’s a big play here Davis the setback
Halloween public go got Thomas complete inside the five instead that’s her V was
one-on-one with Koenig now that was set up coach gali endo set that up right
they’ve been running the quick screen her V goes out and blocks quick screen
her V goes out and blocks this time he goes and fakes the block and then runs
vertical and they throw it up and he’s wide open
James Rowe excuse me on the coverage well designed play by coach gali endo
their first and goal from the 3 so San Jacinto just bringing the ball right
down the field they’ll feed Davis no signal yet I thought he was in but he’s
not gonna get the call down inside the 1 so Davis now 114 yards unofficially on
15 carries he’s got a couple of touchdowns tonight he’s gonna get one
more right here right there gonna go back to him right got to feed him right
second and goal from the one Halloween option trying to find the corner he’ll
spin in I’ll get it in doesn’t nice defensive play he’ll stop him inside the
1 again was that row I couldn’t tell if that was row look like row coming down
from the safety spot good job by the edge 32 there set the edge and yeah row
stands him up Jaden house a great play by Goethe here’s a big play now Davis
this time he’s in touchdown San Jacinto Davis just has a nose man he hasn’t
knows he knows what he needs a kid and he finds a way to get it he’s got he’s a
very natural player for a for a sophomore eight plays 66 yards for San
Jacinto about four minutes on the drive 354 to be exact and Uruguay will put it
through and it’s 29 to 22 to it to score game that’s a big kick there look at the
drive Williams starts it off with the return remember they had the fumble
earlier which was erased on the penalty so you mentioned it was a big play it
really was and then Holloway there’s the quick screen you see her V blocking out
there that’s the setup for the play that’s gonna come later
so Thomas traverses into Notre Dame territory he’s had a big game with six
receptions big play by Hanlon there for Notre Dame stopping Dumont’s a Williams
and then Davis a couple of nice runs gets inside and bounces outside on that
one kickoff coming to Notre Dame another squibber fielded at the 32 and then
here’s the throw down the field that you were talking about it was all set up
they ran it ran it and then set it up to throw the pump and go and then to give
to Davis and that’s how he gets first stop I thought he might have been in on
that well I thought he was Jake Monroe here stop it’s a great play
by row here going up high to drop him and then finally Davis burrows in for
the touchdown all right you’re in a little bit of critical highway to the
dangerzone as they say right here if you’re Notre Dame you got to get points
dropping Kenny Loggins and Vince Fazio how about that first and 10 from the 31
Mosley picking his way stood up by Mattos what’s happening right now is the
San Jacinto guys are up into it right you see Hervey come off the ball there
yeah I mean that was he’s into it now he thinks there he thinks they’re going he
thinks they got a chance to put this game away so he flew off the ball you
know like a like a lightning bolt there on that one and he was in the backfield
to disrupt things so Notre Dame’s got to kind of take the punch again they took
it earlier and they fought back and got back into it but right now San Jacinto
feels like this is their chance to to maybe throw a knockout blow
two yard game second and eight from the 33 County oh he’s uncovered finds Joseph
green in the flap green up to the 42 yard line first down
Notre Dame well designed play by Coach macmaine’s to sneak the running back out
that way get him in the flat and there was nobody out there so Greene his first
reception he’s been in addition he sat out the first five games for Notre Dame
but it’s been an addition at a solid game last week comes in 10 reception 63
yards so he’s kind of a guy we’ll keep you honest a good safety valve for Kony interesting formation here this is one
where they motioned to get it to Mosley earlier they’re trying to run the
stretch oh he falls on the turf and recovered by San Jacinto that’s a couple
costly turnovers that’s the senior Brian Mattos his second fumble recovery on the
season and a big play for the Tigers defense in Notre Dame territory and it’s
just Hervey again Hervey has been so disruptive coming off the ball hard and
he’s in the backfield right away he’s setting the force he’s making the plays
back there and then a good job by the secondary defense there by san jacinto
good job by mottos you’ve seen the second guy you know as they’ve once they
made the move to the true three five you know they got out of the too high look
and into the eight-man front they’ve been much more effective on setting the
edge and you saw mottos right there that time he gets the fumble recovery so
29:20 san jacinto they could really put some space between them and the Titans
here Notre Dame’s defense big opportunity here they’re gonna have to
play the short field Halloween looked like he was gonna go for it throw the
ball down the field and it’s complete to the 20 yard line on the coverage was la
Cuesta the reception to keith hunter the receivers have shown up for for san
jacinto remember a couple drives ago a couple drives ago in the first half they
kind of let him down a little bit but they’ve made a couple of really good
catches here in the last few drives so Keith hunter with the resettling can
whip it man Halloween has now completed his last
seven passes first down from the 20 and Hanlon combine to drop him for a
loss back to the 28 yard line it just never got going I think it was supposed
to be a shovel pass I saw him run this in warmups
they start one way and then kind of shovel it back the other way and I think
if you see look at the running back coming back for the shovel 28 Davis was
coming back for the shovel but they were just gergan and handling we’re already
in his face and he just said screw it didn’t he hate it you know that was a
good decision by you know you took a loss but he didn’t take a chance that
was actually a good decision there by Halloween is so active up front he’s
been really impressed bass very weeks second and 17 Halloween complete that’s
Daman say williams they’ll catch the ball inside the 20 to about the 17 yard
line so it’ll be third and seven and that’s too many to give up there I know
you know you see they’re in second and 17 or whatever and you want to give you
want to give them a little cushion but that’s too many him ten yards you know
that’s it that’s an easy ten yards and now they’re in a convertible third down
situation so Halloween now 15 of 23 through the year for 238 yards
unofficially he’s just ringing it up third and seven comes pressure Halloween
Oh run it first down not quite into the end zone no he is
touchdown Halloween cross the ball over the plane just outside the pylon where
look like Randall Cunningham on that one hit open he’s got those big ol long legs
and that looked like Randall Cunningham going up the middle and finding the
endzone boy he is that athlete that kid’s gonna be fun to watch for a couple
of years he’s fun to watch now 17 yard TD run for kochiya Halloween makes it a
35 20 game and a p80 coming up from Uruguay for San Jacinto nearly blocked
but it’ll be through making it 36 20 when I first we covered a game for San
Jacinto last year they played Arlington and I was talking to Eric got Leo know
about keziah Halloween you know only is still 15 turn 16 till after the season
he was a 14 year old starting at quarterback last year as a freshman and
we were talking about how he came about that coach galley on his first year as
head coach they lost in the second round of the CIF playoffs took a home and he
saw Jaden ding up said you know he can make it work and obviously Daniels has
gone on to an incredible career he’s gonna have a big career going forth and
that’s what he envisioned with Coach I Halloween and all he’s not all the way
there yet you can see what he saw as the squibber bounces inside the 30
Hernandez fields that you’ll get taken down there at the 28 and that’s where
Notre Dame will starting well the bad news if you’re Notre Dame is you’re down
to scores the good news is you still got about 18
minutes to go well you’re only down two scores I mean it’s 36 to 20 so you’re
you know you if you got a couple two-point plays you’re still there you
know now what’s happened is that the defenses has kind of let him down a
little bit they’re not able to get stops on the last couple drives and so if
they’re not gonna be able to get any stops then it’s then it gets really hard
you know if they’re if San Jacinto is just gonna go up and down and score you
know it looks like Sanderson knows defense has stabilized a little bit and
so this becomes a very important time in this game they’re gonna have to go down
and get some points Rodney coning I thought it came really came of age in
the last two weeks a lot of it’s on his shoulders healer throw the ball to the
outside complete two Ottomans off him but trying to make something happen
after the catch he’ll stretch for the first down over the 40 yard line
again you kind of saw Notre Dame starting to get comfortable there in the
second quarter but they look uncomfortable you know they’ve looked
uncomfortable again on the last few drives as San Jacinto has kind of
started to gear it up so again they’re gonna have to stay the course they’re
okay they’re still in the game they’re gonna have to stay the course
though because Hervey and those guys are fired up now they’re playing from the 40
it’s a first and ten for Notre Dame Koenig you throw pressure spins away
from it he’s got to get rid of it complete to his brother Aidan who’s the
safety valve takes a big lick but he’s up to the 46 yard line
only a six yard game that’s a big six yards hit on the play by Cameron Rocha
Rocha comes down hill man yeah he’s a he’s a physical they played
at foe hike oh man he is that you know he looks like a foe you looks like a kid
that play a funny name Dmytryk Brown that I played with a foe I that would
come downhill and hit you like that he comes downhill without a great play by
Koenig there yeah that could have been a sack and to just not take a sack was big
but then to turn into positive yards even bigger second and four from the 46
for Notre Dame trying to rally back here they trail 36 20 here’s Aiden Koenig in
motion low snap Koenig looking down the field
he’s out a man had to get rid of it Mosley I don’t know if he broke off the
route or just got started late coverage was Rocha for Santa Cinna the play was
open it was a well designed play and it was there but Hervey’s just winning
Hervey is winning individual battles right now because he is up into it he’s
interested he’s fired up he’s active he thinks he can make every play he’s at
the point in the game where he really feels like he can make every play so
he’s just going by guys because he thinks he’s the best player right now
and so they’re gonna have to find a way to maybe go on to or something to try to
slow him down a little bit but he’s coming coming and coming third down they
need midfield for the first down to back set here’s Mosley
Coney controlled rolls got a man too completely with a first down at the 42
yard line of San Jacinto good game their mottos was out there he just didn’t find
the receiver behind him you know you when you’re dropping in his own coverage
you got to be able to find that guy again ever we caught it we caught having
your head on a swivel you got to see the receiver seat you know watch Matos here
let’s see if he freezes he steps up he finds the receiver but then he locks on
to the quarterback and the receiver sneaks in behind him you know you gotta
have your head on a swivel you got a quarterback and ball and quarterback and
receiver quarterback and hand on the ball man him absolutely I was like
basketball yeah first and ten from the 42 of San Jacinto rodney Koenig now
trying to light a fire under his Notre Dame Titans little trickeration this is
awesome it’s up to the 39 so kind of a lot of movement not much of a gain but
still a positive game three yards going fourth don’t look like the same one they
ran earlier and what I like about this drive for Notre Dame is that they’re
kind of trying to keep saying to settle off the field a little bit right there
running the ball they’re doing some things are taking some time they’re not
going as fast because they I think they realize listen you know the more
possessions San Jacinto gets their athletes are starting to kind of take
this game over on that side of the ball so we’re gonna have to not only score
but we’re gonna have to protect our defense a little bit too Nathan ortise
and Kelvin Davis on the stop on that last play two yard gain second and eight
from the 40 Konig throwing complete conics good man that’s good yeah he’s
good he’s goes back there and hits that step and throws it man he’s a good
player cuz he’s senior what great senior he’s
good somebody recruit that kid ten yard pickup I’ll tell you what if you’re if
you’re at the University of Redlands or Laverne or Claremont College or whatever
don’t you see that guy than that guy looks like a guy that would play
quarterback at Hallmark Manor yeah I’m on it coach maynard he’s probably
watching coach Maynard okay Nick get on him from the 33 33 to play in the third
quarter Mosley motioning here’s green green running inside between the tackles
and sheldon newton body slams ended up a 24 yard line but
joke green can not tell all his show later about his encounter with the sugar
bear he came away okay six yard gain on the play that was a little stretch play
they were running earlier in San Jacinto starting to set the edge but then that
ball cutback you know they got the edge set and and green with a great read cut
the ball back and found a lane to the 24 of San Jacinto good drive for the Titans
second and four Mosley oh he made a Miss gets past the one tackle and he’ll get
up inside the 20 to about the 16 first down eight yard run for Tyler Mosley
bottega’s got to make that tackle Ortega is the force guy there and he’s got to
make that tackle he’s right there and and you know we tell those guys those
edge guys in the three-five you’re the end of the world man nothing could go
outside of you it’s got you got to either make the tackle or it’s got to go
back inside but it can’t go around you know and not only does he not make the
tackle but it lets the ball go around him he’s a short tackle he’s gotta make
them eating tackler coach and he actually had eight tackles last week in
the win against looking to yeah he’s got to make that tackle from the 16 for
Notre Dame first intent Koenig loads it up throws to the outside complete to
complement at the 6 yard line just stepping throat coach just like you were
saying he’s good man he looks like he’s playing catch look he’s throwing with
his dad looks like he’s in the backyard just playing catch with his with his
brother with his dad you know man oh man he throws it so confidently he just
steps in there and throws 11 of 18 120 yards for Conan he’s looked
great on this Drive I mean this is this has been he this is the best he’s looked
is on this Drive when they need him past an ottoman now
for his career over 3,000 all-purpose yards he’s got 31 career touchdowns okay
they got second and short so you wonder if they’re gonna take a shot at the end
zone from the set Mosely trying to get the corner Mosley
dances inside he’s in a knock-down Titans you gotta go for two here yeah
they’re gonna go for two it’s early you hate to go for two this early but in a
16-point game you really don’t have a choice
you got to try to get the two-point conversion and see if you can make it a
one a one score game see I was at a game this is years ago I was at an Oregon
UCLA game where you see only had a big lead and Mike Bilotti started to go for
two and he missed a couple of twos and in the end it was a 34:29 game Oregon
had the football they just kicked the extra points they wouldn’t even get
Google I’m usually with you I don’t like chasing points to the fourth quarter
right you’re exactly close to the fourth quarter here and down ten or down nine
is not that big of a difference you know but down eight is a huge different now
you went off side so this is not good whatever your play was now I hope it
works from the 8th because now you went offsides you hate that boy that happened
to us it mirrored a valley one year we had a trick play for a two-point
conversion when we went off sides and and we didn’t end up getting it and it
wouldn’t won the game going for two ball back to the 8 yard line for the Titans that’s Mosley reverse double reverse
she’s gonna throw it throw it I feel oh and it’s short incomplete so they’re
down 10 I guess you in that sense you’re correct
if they kick in to 9 point game and the 10 9 the difference right I’m the only
difference would be if you if you think there’s gonna be a million more scores
you know if San Jacinto goes and scores now they can make it a three score game
which which is bad but then you’re so I mean I mean if you’re talking about a
lot making field goal right 13 and 12 not much of an issue right that’s that’s
that’s my point my point is 9 and 10 is not a huge difference right 8 and 10 is
a huge it was a difference correct so so you know you gotta try it there I’m with
them they’re like I said I don’t like the chase points and and they did a good
job you know San Jacinto got that too early and and as Notre Dame scored they
didn’t try to chase the points I just took they took the easy points but when
you’re two minutes away from a fourth quarter I think it’s time that you could
start making that you know having that conversation and they had a play I mean
that was a cool little trick play they had a play it just wasn’t as good from
the would have been from the three right you
know if they had that same play from the three they might have made it 36 26 a
lot of football to play it’s been a good one thus far
huzzah huzzah anthony fauci away the junior bear on the sidelines our entire
award-winning Riverside TV crew alongside action
nice job by San Jacinto hands team Keith hunter feels it nice job that was easy
that looked really easy good job so it’ll be San Jacinto ball at the 48 yard
line good chance taken Michael Lera the special teams a Notre Dame well you know
I mean I guess what they’re saying is we’re not stopping them so if we kick it
deep what does it matter if they have to go 80 or if they have to go 50 we’re not
stopping them you know so might as well take a chance maybe we got a chance that
ball bounces to us but this is a big time in the game I mean San Diego goes
down and gets a score here they make it really really hard you know so this is
this is it’s as they say Now or Never it’s now or never good voice there cuz
yeah you know that’s not my not my strong suit
little roy orbison Thomas we finally run that sweep sound like you’re doing a
really obvious an impression he doesn’t look like he’s running that fast but
he’s running really fast it looks like he’s were it’s like he’s
kind of cruising you know but he’s taking such long strides he’s covering
so much ground you know this looked like they had him it looked like they had the
edge set and then all sudden he takes like two or three steps he’s around the
corner he’s very good I mean they got they got three or four offensive skill
guys that are extremely good six yards on the play he’s a senior right Thomas
is yes I’m senior he’s got to have a few offers right he’s off a guy I don’t
think coach Galliano mentioned that he had any offers he didn’t have an injury
earlier this year what on earth do you want if you don’t want him second down
Halloween pulls it down nice block there by Davis on the woods big has been all
time dance out at the 35-yard line pick up
another first down I was a good job by Halloween on that he got out there he
got space he got out got as many as he couldn’t they went out of bounds you
know as they say it’s a business decision you know you get your yards you
can get out of bounds you’re the starting quarterback you don’t need to
run over a guy for an extra two yards get out of bounds from the 35 first and
10 and Santa Santa just continuing to move the football first half they had
nearly 300 yards Davis spins out of the tackle down to the 30
Jasha Hanlon did a great job Hanlan’s a really good player to play for Coach
Maynard well while I’m on the wall I’m on Coach Maynard recruiting bandwagon
Hanlon looks like a Redlands guy – he gets down there and spills it he really
disrupted it but Davis just kind of spun out of there
second and six after the 4 yard game Davis to do he’s only a sophomore we
talked he didn’t do four he’s a dude San Jacinto the future is bright for the
Tigers a hell until his junior he’s got a couple years I mean he’s good yeah
he’s really good played get another year to play for Notre Dame is he he’s one of
the Carnegie guy who said I’m yes complete to the outside at about the 25
yard line and that’s Thomas again his seventh reception yeah he’s he’s
something it’s a good route runner he’s well
coached you know coach galley endo has done a good job with Thomas he’s a good
route runner he does the little things right you know for a for a big tall
athletic guy sometimes those guys it’s a little bit of a little bit of the Wild
West but it’s not for him I think they’re gonna go to the quarter nope
they got it they’re gonna try to run another play
Thomas caught six passes last week 417 yards and three touchdowns he has seven
receptions this week and Tim Marino’s gets in there along with Hanlon to stop
the run running that one is Devon banks Marino’s one of those transfers from
Carnegie big six-foot five defensive lineman he’s a big dude pushes it back
to the 25 he is one he’s one right off the line he’s right in the back field
then Hamlin is Hamlin is so good man he’s the second guy there you know he’s
he’s very good he came in as the third quarter comes to an end he came in as a
linebacker and Aaron were to was trying to find a place to play him and he is
one of those kids that coach wherever you need me I will go that’s what he
looks like they looks like one of those kids yeah they were pretty good at
linebacker so you know we need somebody maybe to play up front do the defensive
line and he was able to do it remind her again tomorrow coach Fozzy if they’ve
nothing to do with the family tomorrow a the Mariachi festival food music
available at noon to 10 p.m. at 3485 Michigan Avenue at the Riverside
Municipal Auditorium it’s between lime and lemon on Mission Inn Avenue you go
check it out sponsored in part by Live Nation and the City of Riverside Jeff
Gorham was telling us for six weeks he’s gonna be there and then he’s in Portland
calling a basketball game hey now you got anything to do with the the feast of
Lights that’s a yeah we go every year you know that’s a big deal for us we
that’s like a family tradition for us we’re here go have dinner and let the
let the little guy run around and look at the lights
yeah you know Jeff quorum they’re gonna hang up oh good yeah well I got to go if
Jeff Gorham’s gonna be there second and 11 from the 25 as we’re back to action Halloween there comes a Hanlin bumble whoa as he went down Halloween tried to
get rid of the football and as coach Fazio points out they got a rule out a
fumble the ball is gonna go all the way back to the 29 yard line of San Jacinto
and Hanlon this is the old a teach-in flag football to box the quarterback
that’s just what he did they did a great job that was a great job by handling
he’s the playmaker there and I hope he gets credit for a sack there but if
nothing else it’s a long loss boy Halloween’s lucky that ball went out of
bounds if that ball stays in play Notre Dame’s gonna walk it into the end zone
he’s one of those viral videos yeah I mean he’s lucky that that ball is I mean
that’s an easy touchdown and we’re talking about a whole different
situation if that works out that way third and very long throw to the outside
man this is Hervey and herb he’s got a head of steam up Anderson trying to
wrestle him out to get some of the yardage back to the Notre Dame 45 so
it’ll be a fourth down when you get 30 and you’re still 30 away from the first
that’s an interesting situation Santa’s gonna get a chance to punt it and punt
it down so that’s a good play there for San Jacinto they get it out they get
some of the yards back and and allow themselves to punt it in you know maybe
punt it down deep therefore Notre Dame Tyler Mosley will return the punt caleb
harvey among everything else he’s gonna punt coach offers from Fresno State
UTEP Oregon State Washington and Utah stakes yeah he’s gonna get some more – I
don’t think those are gonna be the last ones for him he it’s an interesting guy
as a college player you know cuz I at first when I saw him I thought he’s a
tight end and he’s so skilled that way but boy he’s a he’s a skilled defensive
end – and when he when he’s when he’s dialed in on defense and he goes hard
he’s the best player on the field came to San Jacinto hi coach Galliano was
telling me he want to be a basketball player yeah and had to kind of learn to
be a football guy and then had learn with his talent to be pushed and
you understand this sometimes when you have talented kids you need to push them
further because if they’re just hanging out with all the normal rank-and-file
guys they you know it doesn’t help them get better yeah you gotta want to be
better ball out of bounds the thirty first and ten Koenig throwing to the
outside nearly intercepted it was rate drop intended for Aiden Koenig and it’s
second down I couldn’t tell which one of the two strong safeties that was it’s
it’s generally either Ortega or Matos but whichever guy that was I was a great
drop got underneath that’s that’s a strong safety dropping underneath the
flat in the cover three and and he got there had his head on a swivel this time
and got under that one so 36:26 it’s a ten-point game it’s a
big drive for the Titans whose defense turned back san jacinto here in the
fourth quarter throw Mosley in space and three gray shirts all there around him
to envelop him not about the 30-yard line
that’s Ortega doing a nice job he missed the big one earlier and then he just
made a big one right there that was a big job by Ortega making that play Ortiz
and Rocha were also there to help out play action gets that side give or take
looked like he was gonna miss and he gets him back on the legs at the end
just had a bead on him and right after number six so they’ll give him the gain
up to the 31 yard line on the completion it’s an interesting play here they’re
gonna you know if they if they’re able to get enough yards you might wanna
think about going for it here on fourth down so good half of it Mosley with his
fifth reception Koenig got time Newton jumps up he’s gonna fling it downfield
nobody there and incomplete just a three gray shirts they tried to go to the
double move again and again like we talked about earlier that one moves hard
on third and long on third and long you almost have to do what you want to do if
you want to throw the curl you’re going to throw the out you got to almost do it
it’s hard to get guys on double moves cuz why they’re not gonna fall for it
they you know they they know you need a bunch of yards so they try to go back to
the double move but it’s just not a good situation for it
awesome it to the punter Sanderson what twelve guys their flag comes in they’re
gonna get some yards back they may go for it here so it was a fourth and nine
a five-yard Markoff would make it a fourth and four and they may go for it
here because you got to think you got a
better chance of getting four yards than you do a stop in San Jacinto you know
twice the rest the game right you know they got a chance to get this I think
they may go for it so the fifth penalty against the Tigers for 25 yards they’ll
move the ball to the 36 decision time for Aaron Horta or have some kind of
conversation here wait it’s just and that’s a tough one because you stop you
stop San Jacinto and finally get a drive and you can’t really get out of second
year okay I think this is now not a penalty so Santa said only had 10 on the
field the guy that was running off wasn’t the 12th guy he was the 11th guy
we got to wave it off and we’ll go back to our or back to action
Demond say williams stands at the 30-yard line of santa’s that’s a good
sales job by coach galle endo they’re selling that because how do you know how
do you know you know if you’re the referee this is two minutes later and
now you know I mean that’s a good sales job coach galleon to earned his money on
that one ottomans punt bounced out at the 38 williams feels at the 32 and
he’ll be taken down right about the 35 yard line
big stop there by san jacinto SD so getting down the field to make the
tackle Arroyo Roscoe for Notre Dame it’s a big hand from Michael Lara and Aaron
Horton all right now you’re sad to say no
you’re you’re in a couple of modes you know you want to score but what you
really want to do is try to get to first downs you can just get to first downs
you know to first downs gonna run some clock you know you’re gonna run three
four minutes off the clock maybe more and you’re gonna be able to punt the
ball deep again and make them drive the whole field so the biggest thing here is
you want to get to first downs you know coach Brewer coach dick Brewer I play
for two first downs two first downs that’s what we always talked about in
situations like this is getting to first downs from the 34 yard line Davis the
lone setback Murphy to the far side throw over the middle complete to Hervey
Hervey in full stride in the middle carrying tacklers down inside the 35 man
he’s good 32 yard completion from Halloween to Hervey and you’re right he
feels that he tastes it yeah he has turned it on he really has turned it on
in the second half he’s he was good in the first half he’s been the best player
on the field in the second half on both sides of the ball really he’s very good
so herby now with his 5th reception and they’re gonna run clock this is this is
a good job by the San Jacinto staff run some clock you don’t you’ve scored
enough to win now if you score great but you need you need the clock now Davis
headlong into gurken trying to get a strip but instead go down about the 31
yard line good job there by the middle of the Notre Dame defense gergan and
handling and all those big guys doing a good job there’s not much hasn’t been
much running room in there for the in the second half for San Jacinto it’s
mostly been throw game and around the corner Davis now is it the third running
back for San Jacinto this year they had Martin Grace who’d come back from last
year was their leading rusher last year they lost him in about week four then
want Denny who had 830 yards and 16 touchdowns on the year got hurt last
week unavailable and Davis has stepped in 18 carries unofficially 123 yards on
a couple of touchdowns that’s your third running
second down the throw down the field incomplete precariously close to an
interception one-on-one Thomas and Koenig that’s not what you want to do
yeah it’s just not what you want to do well it stops the clock first if it
stops the clock it’s a chance to turn it over I mean again he’s young he just
needs to you know you don’t like this take off running I mean take off running
out there you know run the clock it you you’ve got enough to win run the clock
well now here’s a big play for Notre Dame’s defense third and eight let’s see
what their coordinator Scott Lambert can throw out there against Santa Sinnoh
from the 32 of Notre Dame its third and eight Halloween here comes Josh EDA’s Oz
oh just little pop-up he’ll burn the down they did a great job to contain a
quarterback on that one and and that’s the right play if your Halloween getting
just burn it and get rid of it and don’t you know don’t take a big loss and and
now they got a decision to make this is a great job by in contain and in both
you know contain and pressure that gergan again he’s all over the place
there’s too little go maybe there’s two well Adam 32 and Seth 27 but they’re
both they’re both all over the bow hair all over the place 33rd Adam 32 s been
all over the place today they’re gonna looks like they’re gonna go for it here
huh from the 32 it’s a fourth and eight pressure middle of the field and trapped
by row but it’ll do the job that’ll stop Santa C no ball on downs over to Notre
Dame with nine minutes to play so still some hope for the Titans try to pull
this one out and three incomplete passes there to end that to in that series is
probably you know when they go back and look at the film on Sunday I think
they’ll probably say you know wish we don’t run one of those you know and
eating some clock and seeing if we could’ve got some more if we knew we’re
gonna go for it on fourth down right right run the ball and see if we
can make it a fourth and five or a fourth and four instead of a fourth and
eight fourth and nine you know instead of just winging it down the field three
times let’s see if we can get some get some of that yards back that feel John
Madden the two plays in the huddle right place
yeah well Notre Dame has an opportunity here first and 10 for the 32 they’ll run
the ball they’ll give it to Mosley trying to get to the outside Mosley
inside the number puts his shoulder down up to the 46 yard line 15 more yards for
Tyler Mosley I like that little formation Notre Dame’s
doing that the whole time kind of with the double wings they’re on the same
side and then either running stretched at that time they turned out it was kind
of an inside zone player and inside we play and they fold it inside so so good
play design there and and boy coach McMahons got a lot of stuff man you’re
still setting stuff up in the fourth quarter you got a lot of stuff by this
time most people have run all their stuff 128 yards for Moseley on 12
carries member has the 62-yard touchdown run earlier he’s got a couple catches to
write five catches 36 yards Koenig stepping up it’s complete to the outside
opponent complain and Devon Hudak were the first down into Santa Sinnoh
territory 44 yard line this is some good quarterback play for for a you know for
a division 7 game you’re talking about – pretty good quarterback yeah you are huh
I both these guys are good Hudak three catches 36 yards he’s another Carnegie
kid just a sophomore from the 44 of san jacinto driving are the Titans Mosley
he’s got it he’s got some space and inside of the 32 it’s just really good
play designed by Coach macmaine’s they’ve got him outflanked over here
they’ve got those two wings and ones turning out on the on the forest guy and
the other guys getting up to the linebacker and they’re reaching the the
defensive end they’re out here there’s nobody out here
it’s good it’s really really good design Cameron Rocha finished that one off for
San Jacinto and so still putting the foot on the gas Jason macmaine’s in the
offense for Notre Dame they trailed by 10 Koenig to the out he was open he fell
incomplete off of it the intended target on the cover off Minh hasn’t been right
he hasn’t been right since the second quarter he was he was better players on
the field he was on the back and they were they’re kind of they had were
looking at him before they sent him back in the game certainly something dinged
with him no he hasn’t been right I don’t know what it is but he hasn’t been
himself since the second quarter from the 32 it’s a second down 743 to
play the time becoming a factor you still kick a field goal here so you’re
still okay got it got to continue to matriculate the ball empty set Koenig to
the outside missed that throw incomplete Rocha on the coverage with Eden Koenig
at about the 20 yard line I was good route concept there they had they had
augment on the short drive and he was open and then they had you know then
they have the deep out over he took the out it was open but he just threw it
behind him he just missed the throw Rocha is the ball hawk for the Santa see
no defense he’s got five picks for 96 yards had an interception and the win
against looking into last week can’t you want to get half of this now you don’t
need to get it all you need to get half yeah you don’t need to get it all you
need to get half third and 10 from the 32 and Newton still going he gets away
he’s gonna load it up he’s got a man downfield it’s off of it touchdown
Titans fun by God believable well you know we were joking about scared money
never wins how about Aiden canning how’d you like
to go to the casino with him humbly what not really there what an unbelievable
play by just great play by a senior getting away escape in keeping his team
in the game I mean that’s third long you’re gonna be in fourth and the
difference between fourth and 17 and now you’re in the end zone I mean what a
great play by that kid god bless him what a great play off a
mint with his fourth reception on the evening second touchdown and it’s a 3630
tumble unbelievable and now the energy kind of back on the Notre Dame eyeline a
little bit Jun Wong on to try the p80 well the pressures on san jacinto now I
mean the pressure is firmly on Santa cinnamon and and you know just amazing I
love this little formation they’re giving them right here they’re getting
you know 21 Green is turning out on the strong safety we’ve played a lot of 35
I’ve never seen anybody try this but it’s actually a really good idea I’m
gonna steal this down the road if we ever see three five teams actually a
really good idea you know it’s funny we’re talking with Aaron Horta about
Joseph green and obviously he’s a physical runner averages four and a half
yards a pop but he was saying you know what what Scott he caught his eye was
he’s so good in blitz pickup as a blocker as well yeah so no he’s a good
blocker and a good player and a he’s the kind of guy you need you know he’s the
kind of guy that ties your offense together once
using his and you see right there the escape ability by cohn stumble just
putting it down the field and that’s just confidence as often it gets behind
his defenders it’s just a great play by a kid it’s just a kid making a play
right right that’s a fun thing about high school football right that’s just a
kid making a play that’s not you know that’s nothing you don’t practice that
you don’t do a drill for that you know that’s just a kid making a play that’s
you and I in the backyard and then somebody something long and then you get
it you throw it down the field that’s it back here that’s why you love football
yeah they called them offsides you must have stepped on the line there huh on
the fake kick they’ve been doing that the whole game and this time they called
them third penalty assessed to notice it must have stepped on why I’ve never seen
anybody called for that before somebody must have stepped over the line
now on the bluff yeah that’s a they went off sides again and as that’s that’s
tough for Notre Dame you know Michael Lera does a great job with their special
teams and they’re generally drilled they don’t usually make these kinds of
mistakes so uncharacteristic for the Titans to have two straight penalties on
a special teams play I don’t like to criticize officials but
I don’t like that call I mean that was on the backside this is the guy on the
San Jacinto side making that call in this situation calling a guy on his side
offsides on a kick that went to the other side I mean come on man you know
go home and tell your wife I hate you she had a flag I threw come on let it go
let it play it’s a kids game cut it out well the first one I get whatever come
on banks kind of fumbled it gets up to the
25 with it but all that and it’s it 225 so yeah two penalties in the ball still
to 25 25 yard line for San Jacinto a big drive here 7 21 as coach Fazio mentioned
earlier obviously you want to score more importantly here you want to work some
clock now you got a score I mean you were in you when you have the two score
lead now you’re in we can kind of run clock mode but now you know they they
kind of gave that up by not you know by not doing it and now they’re in a game I
mean now you got a you’re in a game now you’re not gonna you’re not gonna run
seven minutes off the clock you’re in a game they got three timeouts
you got a score 36:33 you’re in a ballgame now the clock the clock is not
really a factor right now from the 25 its first intent Halloweens had a big
game he’ll give the Davis Davis swerves and dives over the 25 to the 27 he’s
over a hundred yards 19 carries 125 yards for Kelvin Davis that gergan on
that tackle again – huh made a million plays man Adam Burgin playing the
outside there you know it looks like it looks like the fatigue may be playing a
factor on Davis a little bit he doesn’t look like the same guy in the fourth
quarter that he was in the first and second quarter three point game under
seven minutes to play second and nine Halloween thrown to the outside this is
Hervey Hervey against roe a straight arm man and they just run him out but he
gets the first down as bully ball out there that’s BBQ
chicken as Shaq would say you throw out to the big guy and let him let him go to
work up to the 39 yard line so a 13-yard pickup on the play and Hervey’s having
himself a ball six catches today boom that’s a big play there that gets him
out of the hole a little bit first and 10 from the 39 of Sanna Sanna and you
got those big targets coach like a security blanket for a quarterback throw
to the near side is his demonstate williams he’s the speed guy bumps into
his own man and be tackled at the 30 at the 40 yard line Devon who docking on
defense makes the play that’s okay you’re okay on that play if you’re San
Jacinto that’s just like a outside run play you know it’s a safe play the clock
continues to run so you’re okay take a chance get the ball on your speed guys
hands good play by a Notre Dame to come up beat the blocks and get involved
clock moving towards six Burgin again in the mix of that second and nine from the
40 joking around outside Halloween escapes
the pressure doesn’t about being a disaster he goes out of bounds so it’s
not too bad but you know when you’re gonna run the full-on blitz that was an
all-out blitz there by Notre Dame whoever’s the edge guys got to make sure
the quarterback doesn’t get outside especially to his right hand you know
cuz he still could have thrown that and it’s a disaster if he gets out there
because now you’re in that cover zero with no help and he got him out there on
the perimeter so you can’t let him outrun you and get to the perimeter
there to the 41 third away he didn’t get much look like he was gonna get more
just like a man coverage everywhere for Notre Dame here’s Halloween more
pressure down the field incomplete there’s a good play design is
a good play design that was Davis out of the backfield on a little wheel route
because they knew they had man coverage trying to get him on one of the
linebackers is a good play designed but you know that’s the problem with scheme
in those plays do your running backs is sometimes they’re just not your best
guys catching the ball so you know the ball is in the air and it’s not your
best guy to make a play and they’re gonna put Notre Dame’s got a chance here
where I mean we’re we’re talking about a three-point game this is a good play
design in Eden coning on the coverage running with him Ashida zazo gets the
pressure on Halloween still throws it pretty smoothly but you’re right this
coning right with him step for step I covered it pretty good yeah they did a
good job they switched it and covered it pretty good
Hervey with the kick Mosley fielding it uh-oh Mosley outside
into sensitive territory sweeps past the would-be tackler under the 30-yard line
when Mosley’s dynomite huh he really is he’s he kind of has a hidden guy but boy
he’s dynamite he’s he’s the glue man and here you are you’re at the 30-yard line
45 yard punt return he’s just smooth look how smooth he is you know
everything’s smooth that’s how you know you’re watching a really really good
player everything’s smooth and easy for Mosley you know Jason macmaine’s puts
him everywhere yeah you know ya know he does a good job with him but he’s a good
player he’s good to have guys like him I was like here’s their little formation
now this has been good for him the whole game this little formation to run
stretch and lead they’re gonna run stretch here they’re out there there’s
no one out there Mosley’s got space he’s in the end zone
Mosley to the house touchdown Titans back in the lead boy that escalated quickly didn’t it Wow
I mean this is really turned cuz this game was it I mean this looked like a
game that Santa said I was gonna put away and that wasn’t that long I was
like three minutes ago of game time and all a sudden Notre Dame is ahead chance
to go up by for 19 points make it 20 unanswered for the Titans they’re now up
by 4 you know that it’s it has really turned
fast man credit coach macmaine’s he has come up with a great plan
that that little double wing formation has really been good for him and they’ve
found ways to get the ball in the perimeter and and san jacinto just has
not made the adjustment to it they haven’t found a way to get the
linebackers to slide over and treat those guys like they’re extra linemen
you know and they’re just letting them they’re letting them outflank them and
then Mosley is a really good player and if he gets out in the open field he
could score touchdowns 20 unanswered points for the Titans over the last
about eight and a half minutes and Mosley with two of those touchdowns in
one that long pass Rodney coning really makin a big play getting the ball to
Ashton off of it to give his team the Liam boy this has happened fast it
really does happen fast okay you get a good quarterback you get good receivers
you’re okay Huang booms it here’s Williams from before be nice to get a
good kick returner Williams gets squirts free got a really good one and after the
35 yard line tackle for Notre Dame Bobby Benavidez
he’s a freshman who’s seen some time in the secondary
makes the tackle at the 34 decent field position for Halloween and the San
Jacinto offense a little bit of a save tackle there by Benavidez because if he
steps through that there’s nobody else there you know that it looked like he
was really through and then Benavidez kind of got his legs and tripped him up
but if he gets through that there was nobody else and here we go
freshman called up for two varsity for the playoffs look at June Wong firing up
the crowd the placekicker senior leader for Notre Dame
both teams have their timeouts now three timeouts for both teams of 40 36
Notre Dame lead three receivers to the far side to the near side is Wayne
Thomas Halloween locked in on Thomas now we’ll throw the ball down the field and
nearly picked that was awesome and out in coverage against Hervey incomplete
thought Halloween was too quick to go away from Thomas there you know I think
work Thomas you got man coverage Thomas is your best guy work Thomas him against
any of the Notre Dame secondary is an advantage for him so let Thomas work if
they’re gonna play man cover and not give him any help then you got to let
Thomas work so Williams up top in the far slot that’s banks now they got some
help for firm over here on Thomas now so now you can work the top side but if
they’re gonna leave Thomas one-on-one it’s got to be Thomas second and ten
here’s the throw and they like they listen to you coach Thomas gets away
from the tackle still on his feet Thomas out at the 32 yard line Jatin
Rowe kind of shoves him out right a huge 32 yards game right I mean if they’re
gonna man him you just have to make them pay you can’t let him man him
he’s the best player you can’t let a man him if they’re gonna man him you got to
throw him the ball Thomas now 8 for some out of that 133 yards on the game see
they got you got the cover 0 now against him I’d give it to him again I throw it
up top I’d go up top to him if they’re gonna play this cover 0 on him I mean
Koenig matched up with Thomas in the air side well this is a good call – it was
good that was good they gashed him with the little zone
play Davis inside the 30 down to about the 27 so 6 yards on first round for
Kelvin Davis 133 yards for Davis not bad day at the
office yeah for a kid that hasn’t played much
running back had six carries last week for 21 yards mentioned wond any
unavailable today the second starting running back to fall out this year for
San Jacinto but it’s playoff football folks next man up exactly zero again
Halloween gergan escapes from him oh no oops again Halloween still going down at
the 30-yard line max Anderson finally cleans that up with help from Seth
Durgin that’s a pretty impressive to yard loss look like he was dead to
rights coach let’s go let’s watch it again yeah look like you had him yet yet
pressure then you had gergan on him he spun out gergan gets back up comes over
and tries to involved again big play here third and six I mean you’re
probably running two plays here right oh yeah oh yeah no doubt about it I mean
you’re four down so it looks like you’re gonna call timeout both teams have three
timeouts for under four minutes to fall one here it’s been a wild one 20
unanswered points for Notre Dame looked like san jacinto had put the game away
with two touchdowns in the third quarter now here’s a about the timeout here you
almost want to preserve that timeout you know unless you unless you’re calling it
now he may have a play he wants to set up and he wants to talk about it you
know he may they may have something that hey this is what we’ve here’s what we’re
gonna do we got a special one for this time let’s set it up okay and that might
be what he’s doing but if you’re just gonna run your offense here you need to
preserve that timeout I mean you need that you’re you know if you don’t get
this Notre Dame is gonna get the ball and you’re gonna have to get a stop you
need those timeouts so you hate to use that timeout unless it’s to say okay hey
guys we’re running homecoming you know our our special play we had cut we call
it homecoming hey guys come on over hey we’re gonna run homecoming guys remember
it everybody knows what you’re doing good let’s go I mean if that’s what
they’re doing then you use it three close games this year for Santa Santa
they were 12 at 7 winners at Marietta Mesa in week 3
they had a 20 to 16 squeaker against Beaumont in week 6 then week 9 they lost
2113 to citrus Hill third and six from the 30 for the Tigers
you got the cover zero look again Thomas is up top with her V so you’re gonna
work that top side Halloween looking that direction here comes a she designs
though to blow it up the Halloween finds some space throwing it to Thomas did he
come up with it I think there’s a fly complete a flag did come in it’s from
the side judge it’s gotta be defensive holding I think Aidan Koenig was on the
coverage I think you get defensive holding I think they grabbed Thomas
holding on the defense is the call just the fifth penalty on Notre Dame
it’s a tough it’s a tough ask to ask a guy to cover him man coverage that long
if you’re gonna let the quarterback scramble if you’re gonna bring it and
put your guys in covers your you’ve got to keep the quarterback in the pocket
otherwise you almost have no choice but to reach out and grab him from the 20
it’ll be first in ten so Hervey and thomas both up top Hervey kind of in a
tight slot davis just nothing in there forging ahead runs into Jacob Mercado
and Cameron Ashley comes over as well maybe a yard on the play and not a lot
in there in the middle in the second half it’s it’s been it’s been slow going
inside on inside run now they they haven’t run as much of their perimeter
stuff I’d like to see maybe trying to get get him on the perimeter a little
bit so you’re seeing a lot of cover zero out of Notre Dame now man Hervey the
intended receiver incomplete well they tried to go to play action but
play-action when you’re seeing cover 0 like this klaxon doesn’t help because
it’s just man cover the guys just gonna cover him that so he’s not looking in
the backfield you know play actions more made for the zone coverage stuff where
you can maybe get a guy lost but he’s just looking right at the receiver now
what I liked about that is they had a curvy line that was the tight end he
kind of started down and then yeah that’s a pretty good design
third and nine fade route whistles blow and I don’t see a flag though he tried
to double it was you know Thomas tried to do too much there he tried to kind of
move and move and move he just needed to run and and Holloway put it up and now
it’s fourth down so here’s a fourth down play Notre Dame
with the lead from the 19 yard line of the Titans and time-out on the fields
use your second timeout now I mean now you’re down to one timeout you know that
makes it hard I mean now you’re what you’re saying is this time out you get
the first down I mean this timeouts gonna help you get the first down you
know cuz if you don’t get it now you’ve really put yourself in a bad position
Notre Dame’s defense over the last five games of the year allowed 36 points per
game but well they’re right on it yeah they were able to win four of those five
games alone loss to Paloma Valley then obviously last week against citrus
Valley probably played their best game of the year
holding the citrus value average well over 30 points a game to just 14 points
the thing about citrus Valley was I think they’re pretty good up front but
they were not dynamic athletically you know in the way that San Jacinto is
dynamic athletically yeah so I think that was probably the difference there
citrus Valley while I think they’re obviously super well coached by Curt
brew Akande and they got they got guys up front I don’t think they’re very
athletic yet I think they’re still Curt still oh they’re all working on that
almost answer young you know I think too young they had a lot of sophomores and
juniors there you know does here we go this committee guy yeah yeah fourth down
and nine from the 19 of Notre Dame for San Jacinto the Titans have roared to
life here 20 unanswered points hollowing dancing rolling outside directing
traffic Holloway now trying to move to the first day I got it
first down darting to the pylon is he in touchdown touchdown San Jacinto and talk about
your big-time players making big time Clint Flay’s tell me what happened I’m
going insane man this is just a great individual play scrambles they lose
contain you can’t lose contain on the quarterback but then they got him they
kind of got him held up he makes a move and just finds it man it’s just being an
athlete the the if Notre Dame made a mistake there it’s losing that initial
contain on the quarterback it oh they blocked the kick p80 blocked field goal
wins it now boy this game has everything man I’m
glad you asked me to come to this one it’s been a wild and lofty one here this
is wild this is one of those games these kids are gonna talk about this game for
the rest of their life you know these kids and these coaches and everybody in
this game you are enrolled games from foe hi Ron you’re talking about this for
the rest of your life who got it was that ham one who got it no I think it’s
uh it’s the big guy it’s a 1500 ottoman ottoman off the edge
Ashtyn ottoman just doing everything yeah lost 3,000 career all-purpose yards
tonight the senior has really stepped up had to be taken out of the game with an
injury earlier and wasn’t happy on the sidelines but makes the big play
blocking the p80 at 40 to 40 lead for San Jacinto to good field position squib
kick fielded by Notre Dame and they’ll get the ball at the 38 so now Rodney
Coney has an opportunity to lead his team down the field reminds me of that I
mean you’re pretty probably wear your gear and tell me how old you were
I think 85 Doug Flutie and Bernie Kosar played a game like this Boston College
and Bend Miami and Flutie wanted on a Gerry
valent late your dad asked you dad about that I’ve seen the clip yeah here we go
man I mean you know this is everything you wanted
you got a senior quarterback yeah a chance to go win it fourth quarter from
the 40 they’ll give it to Mosley Mosley pushed out of bounds at the 5 yard line
that’s Kelvin Davis who shoved him out yeah you’re all hands on deck for San
Jacinto you got Thomas up there playing corner on the topside – so you got her V
you got Thomas you got Davis you’re all hands on deck on defense man we’re gonna
get a stop so it’s like Nick Walker Buehler and yeah clayton kershaw out of
the bullpen absolutely right hinge andrew is heating second and five from
the 45 5 yard run by Mosley they’ll give to Mosley again to try the
a got him on that one he’ll get stops maybe back to the line of scrimmage
Davis got his head in their job they made an adjustment finally to that
double wing formation that two wings on the same side and the linebackers all
moved over they all stepped over they treated it like it was extra lineman and
that actually guy there they couldn’t block now I got through five it’s two
down territory doesn’t you know do whatever you want
you got you got two downs to get five yards off them into the top of the
formation to the bottom of the screen is Devon Hudak empty sets Koenig on third
down over the middle it’s complete to ottomans the senior willing his team
into san jacinto territory at the 38 yard line 17 yard completion to ottomans
man Canaan is good man he is sure is good and now you’re under two minutes
you know you want to get yourself in a position where it’s an easy where it’s a
makeable field goal k and a 15 of 25 for 180 yards tonight just picking up where
we left off last two games he had 10 touchdown passes and nearly five hundred
and seventy yards toss and odo loses the football and it looks like it Hervey
made the play Kaleb Hervey makes the play flag comes
in so there’ll be some taunting penalties marched off but I believe when
all is said and done it’ll be San Jacinto football all right now if you
Notre Dame you still got three timeouts you know this is just Hervey Hervey off
the edge got into it they tried to run toss and he just beat his guy and and
you just can’t you can’t put the ball in the ground there
you know I know it the play didn’t go good it wasn’t what you wanted but you
can’t put on the ground what a big play by Hervey for Santa sent oh man he’s
been you know Ottoman made a big play for Notre Dame and then Hervey comes
right back and makes a big play well in that kind of game and it’s really been
that kind of game here’s the second angle you see her he got nice and wide
and he just came off the edge I couldn’t handle him I mean you know he became the
edge guy but you gotta you have to find a way to
not fumble the ball I mean you could it’s okay the play didn’t go well if
you’re Mosely it didn’t do what you wanted to do but you have to keep the
ball in your hands go down with the ball so the ball all the way back to the 17
so they marked off to 15 yarders and then we were well you still got three
timeouts if you’re Notre Dame so you’re gonna have to get a stop you still got
three timeouts so forty to forty with 93 seconds to play winner to the
semi-finals of division seven young running back sophomore running back
sophomore quarterback so try to rip the ball out Davis stumbling up through the
first tackle down at the 23 there’s your first time out that’s more yards than
you want to give them you don’t want to give them six yards obviously you know
you got it you gotta try to stun this you know it’s run get everybody up there
you know it can’t you can’t let it run for six yards it’s just power and
actually gergan had a chance at him had him in the backfield and just didn’t get
him they’re gonna have to make that play first timeout taken by Aaron were two
and the Titans if you get a stop if you’re Notre Dame you still got a chance
I mean it’s a two-point game you know if you get a stop you’re gonna get the ball
back with you know over a minute to go probably in reasonably decent field
position they’ve returned punts decent today so you know I mean if you could
stop them you’re still in the game you’re not out of the game yet the the
the penalty was really a big those two penalties were really a big difference
from the 23 a second and four yes all is all I mean it’s all right here you got
to get up in the game and go if you’re if you’re Notre Dame give to Davis again
to the outside Anderson with the hit it’s gonna be third one
so Davis with few more this is it if he gets the first down we go home and if he
doesn’t then Notre Dame’s gonna have a chance to win it you gotta get everybody up in the game
Notre Dame out if they throw a play-action then they throw a
play-action you’re lucky other Riverside teams coach Nord Avista leading Brea
Olinda 1410 in the third quarter at over district stadiums a kerub stadium and
looks like Hillcrest Run will come to an end they trail the need of 45 20 in the
third quarter of their ballgame yeah Benitez loaded their really good
heat has loaded their quarterback is maybe the best quarterback in the area
he’s very very good he kind of flew under the radar for a couple years but
he’s very good yeah I knew that was a hard draw for Hillcrest so here it is a
minute 21 got the big boy in jumbo backfield one yard got to get one
the big fella Sheldon Newton is a fullback and Halloween will be taught
himself and get the first down games over that’ll do it
he’ll be in victory formation good job good play by by San Jacinto kind of
something new had something new for the for the big third down play able to get
the 1 yard and that’ll do it they’re gonna they’re gonna be down there and
down the ball mode now heck of a game huh heartbreaker to lose for Notre Dame
I mean you still got 75 seconds left so we won’t concede quite yet you know you
had election day on Tuesday because I think we’re in down at mode now man I
think we’re in concei I think we can concede they really shouldn’t be running
plays they should just be downing the ball first and ten from the 28 they’re
gonna run a play you got a chance get the ball out turn and give and Davis
goes down over the third got to get two downs and I think we’re now you just
kneeled down right yeah should be I think you got to kneel downs and we’re
where the heck out of here great game heck of a game really you
know yeah it had the chance down there and and san jacinto Hervey forces the
fumble and I thought in some ways that was fitting you know I thought her V was
her V was the Plymouth Wayne Thomas and Caleb Herbie really stepped up their
play and you know on the Notre Dame they at Mosley Mosley was fabulous rod Mosley
was fabulous Rodney Koenig obviously played well for Notre Dame as well as a
stand off the man the seniors they’ll be their last game it’s always a tough one
yeah it’s I think you owe somebody you might have said it you know if you’re a
basketball player you can go play pick up yeah the footballs that support
you’ll never be able to dad it’s athletic death man yeah I mean once
you’re done you’re done I’d do anything I’d do anything for one practice to go
play one more practice you know they’re gonna run it again let him run how about
something get shoved out of bounds by often gonna
get hurt at the 40-yard line but he did get the first down yeah the Tigers are gonna win it so Eric
Galliano takes San Jacinto to the semi-finals of the CIF playoffs for the
first time since 2007 they actually reached the final in both 2006 and 2007
well I was there in 2005 we went to the semis and lost the grace Brethren and
then about six – Big Bear episode they lost the citrus citrus oil yep three in
a row here’s their down and this is there down at formation
now they’ll meal with a minute two to play that’ll do it there’s a heck of a
game man this is a heck of a game you know I like can I just say something my
thought I thought the teams were good sports for the most part Thomas I saw
guys shaking hands and helping each other up and I thought this was a well
played you know game between two teams that were good sports – pretty good
teams you know they’re both ranked all year for the most part in those polls
hey sanna sanna under the Year number three Notre Dame end of the year number
seven so you knew these are both a couple of pretty good teams kneel down
and that should be out of inning to snap the ball again as a heck of a game man
tough one for the Tigers they roared back and that alignment turnover late
turnover sealed the game for San Jacinto but as you said Caleb Herbie just made a
play I think he did I mean I don’t think that was I think Hervey just made a play
made one more play he made one more play you know when there was a play to be
made he was the guy that made it and and Holloway made one too you know on the
fourth that’s fourth and nine I mean that’s a fourth down situation where
Halloween scores a touchdown so there’s a lot of plays where you can look at but
the truth is if Koenig doesn’t make that Houdini play it’s not a game I mean you
know so to me even make it a game it took it took that Houdini play by Koenig
so heck of a game I mean just just a fantastic high school game seniors on
both teams stepped up Notre Dame has denied the chance to go to the CIF semis
for the third time in four years by San Jacinto and you got to feel good for
Eric Galliano he’s now 37 and 9 in his Co Jamboree and we talked about it he’s
at 7 losses for our to citrus some three are in the playoffs he’s only lost two
games outside they were both last year as a matter of fact they lost to myriad
a Mesa in Arlington last year as part of their 7 and 4 season with it who were
knocked out in the first round I think they’ve got a pretty good chance you
know III think they’re playing the winner of Valencia or Grand Terrace last
look I think grant Harris was up and I think they got a pretty good chance I
mean I think they match up pretty good and in those games either way so you
know they got a chance playing the finals again they win their sixth
straight against Notre Dame the team’s hadn’t played since 2009 they’d been in
the same league together elincia knocked off Grand Terrace 17 to 16 so it will be
the length Notre Dame by receiving valencia and san jacinto next week
congratulations to Eric Galliano and his Tigers they advance congratulations also
a great first year for Aaron where – I know you’re a Grayson macmaine’s they
get a lot of good things tonight I agree and you know it just it’s a that’s a
hard way to go out you know when you felt like you you know you had chances
and and now you’ll the the problem when you lose a game like this is now forever
you got to work you got to think about hey what about this call what about this
play you know when you get when you get your butt kicked you can just kind of go
well we got our butt kicked right but when you when you lose like this now you
know this will there’ll be some guys that don’t sleep well tonight
you know and that’s a bummer because they played really well was a great game
he just was two really good teams remember your last high school game
coach yeah we got our butt kicked we played Los Alamitos in the second
round of the playoffs we went to Los Alamitos they kicked our butt so I
didn’t have a lot I didn’t stay up very late that night I slept fine hit they
were the better team the old John Barnes team yep yep coach Barnes they were they
were the better team kicked our butt final score tonight 42 40 awaiting a
postgame interview with Eric Galliano we got jr. Ribeiro down on the field
waiting for coach he’s got a kind of rally his team together final numbers
Rodney canning unofficially 15 to 25 threw for 180 yards a couple of
touchdowns both to Ashton off of it Tyler Mosley ran 17 times for 180 yards
he had a couple touchdowns as well he’s brilliant on the santa-santa side
unofficially I have keziah Halloween 20 of 35 318 yards he had six completions
to Kaleb her v8 to Wayne Thomas and he ran for two big touchdowns and put in
the game winner for San Jacinto Kelvin Davis how about this first day as a
full-time running back 23 of 23 carries 140 yards and three touchdowns yeah I
thought he was really good they wore down a little bit as the game went on
and that’s part of the reason he hasn’t played a lot of both ways stuff you know
and I thought he wore down I thought he was brilliant in the first half and then
wore down as the game went on and and Notre Dame toughened up a little bit too
so that was part of the factor so San Jacinto goes to 11 and 1 overall they
will play next week against Valencia in the semi finals Notre Dame ends the
season 9 and 3 overall they won last week against citrus Valley could not
quite get past San Jacinto but a good successful first year for head coach
Aaron horn I think no doubt about it I think it’s a and they got a lot of guys
back and and you know this was they had a chance to win this game and the truth
is I think whoever would have won this game would have been a favorite is gonna
be a favorite next week you know against Valencia to go to the final so they had
a you know their one or two plays away from being in the finals this year so
they they you know it’s a great year it’s a tough way to lose it’s always
tough to go out that way but but I thought they you know I thought they
played really and gave themselves a chance as
disappointing as it is for Notre Dame they had a great season this year and
they left it all out there tonight I think we have Eric Galliano standing by
with Jo Rivera okay we don’t have it yet but you know and you’ve been there it’s
so disappointing because it’s 42 to 40 and y’all you’ll play this game back
bring your mind back and forth I don’t think that takes away from all the good
that happened for the Notre Dame scene no no I just I do I do think that’s the
that’s the hard part of going out like this is that now you have to wake up and
sit up and what think about it tonight and you know well if we just would’ve
did this what if we didn’t done this or what if I to call this and the truth is
games just are games kids make plays Halloween made a play Hervey made a play
Koenig made a play that’s the these are players games yeah you know we as
coaches like to give ourselves a lot of credit and a lot of blame but the truth
of these our players games those kids made plays forty to forty it was a
thriller here at Wheelock Stadium at RCC and obviously with Hillcrest losing
tonight we’ll throw it down to junior Rivera coach I know you’ve made a priority of
getting some turnovers and that really got the game for you yeah you know you
start flying and flying around and doing what we’ve been doing all year came out
with a different game plan at the beginning how they exploited it a little
bit and so we went back to what we’ve been doing all year and just flying
around and playing what we play on defense offensively you guys really
stepped it up in the second half as well yeah I don’t know what saved number one
you know you know he made a big play at the end you know the White House played
big making key catches you know running the football you know we were able to
eat some of the clock and do some of the things that we’ve been trying to do
we’ve had a hard time in the past two weeks of doing you know we were able to
do that tonight have you’ve been through a tighter game like this or is this like
weren’t one of the most tightest games we’ve ever experienced Titus with the
score so high you know this year we were we were seven or 12 7 against Mason when
the same thing happened at the very end were where he takes it in to win the
game you know that’s him a great football player so spend a
little time celebrating and now you start prepping for the semi-final
absolutely you know let’s we’ll enjoy this one you know tonight and you know
we’re gonna be on the film tomorrow morning I’m starting prepare you know
back to the semi-finals it’s been a while since a knee sandals
been there you know I’ve stream Lee proud of the kids and and everybody
that’s that’s bought into the program what we’re doing all right congrats
coach got some I appreciate thing all right good job well for Notre Dame I’m
sure coach where I can’t hang his head this is his first year and getting it to
the quarterfinals is something that case certainly be proud of a really good
football game here tonight at Riverside Community College guys we’ll send it
back up to you to wrap it up for tonight well coach facio thanks for joining us
tonight you have any final thoughts on this boy thanks for having me this was
awesome I mean what a great game it’s just fun to watch kids make plays and
play football and have fun and run around and make plays and get excited in
that fun I mean this is what it’s about this is why we do this you know and I’m
so proud of those kids and the kids that made the plays and you feel you feel bad
for the ones that didn’t have it go their way at the end but but the truth
is these Notre Dame guys will talk about this game they’ll come back the reunion
go hey remember that play you made when you spun out of there and threw it deep
and I was down there and caught it I mean
this is the kind of game you talk about that’s your life so you sad you didn’t
win it but but a heck of a run but by those guys it’s got a nice list for
Coach Maynard as well tonight yeah I know I wrote a couple names down so I’ll
take senator my dad I’ll email my dad tonight 42 40 the final a thrilling win
for San Jacinto over Notre Dame the Titans just fall a little bit short so
for Vinnie Fazio for JR Ribera and our entire award-winning Riverside TV crew
ghazzal fussing here from Wheelock Stadium
final score tonight San Jacinto 42 Notre Dame 40 the Tigers advance to the
division seven 70 finals so long everybody

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