Rio 2016: S. Korea wins first group football match against Fiji


It’s less then a day before the official start
of the Rio Olympics, and the sporting action has already kicked off. Korea got started like gangbusters, easily
putting away Fiji in their opening match, and set a record for the most goals by a Korean
team in an Olympic match. With more on that and the rest of the action,
Lee Un-shin reports. Save the Samba dancers, supermodels and Parade
of Nations for Friday’s grand opening ceremony. With eight group games taking place, Thursday
was all about men’s football. In an extremely promising start, South Korea
put eight goals past Fiji in their first group match. The highlight of the match came in the second
half, when the Korean team scored three goals back to back in less than two minutes. Also in Group C,… Mexico, the London Olympics champion, played
out a two-two draw with Germany earlier in the day. And against South Africa, the host nation
Brazil, the 2012 Olympic runner-up, got off to a rather disappointing start with a goalless
draw. South Korea has two more group matches coming
up. Their next game will be against Germany on
Sunday, local time, followed by a match with Mexico in the concluding group match next
Wednesday. The group stage is set to last a week, with
the top two teams from each group advancing to the quarterfinals, which begin on August
13th. With the opening ceremony less than just 17
hours away,… some ten-and-a-half thousand athletes from more than two-hundred nations
are set to compete at this year’s Olympics, which are being held in Latin America for
the first time. Lee Un-shin, Arirang News.

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