Rick and Morty – 50 Jokes & References You Missed

Rick and Morty – 50 Jokes & References You Missed

Hi, I’m Erik Voss, and my favorite comedy
show is Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. And ever since I broke down the first
episode of season 3 that was released early, I’ve gone back to re-watch the
series again and I’ve caught so many subtle jokes that I wanted to point out for you
guys. Now yes, the show Rick and Morty is packed with references, so I’m going to
skip over the more obvious stuff and point out the little things that I missed the
first time that made me laugh when I caught them this time. And you may have already
noticed some of these but ‘…just just going go with it you know you know just
go with it and don’t stop judging.’ And before I get into these, this video was
brought to you by Quidd. Now you know that thing where you like toss a sticker
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later in the video. Ok, so to get started the first thing I want to point out is
Rick’s burping. Now, this isn’t really a joke, but this specific style of belching
through words is actually a reference to the old-school comedian Foster Brooks. He
was known from the old Friar’s Club roasts. “Thank you… very much, thank you very much.
As they put… Frederick and gentlemen just (burp) told you–” Okay, so with that out of the
way, let’s look at the first episode, the pilot. One of the craziest things that
happens this episode is that a kid freaking dies. Morty’s bully and Summer’s
crush, Frank. Now, Rick freezes Frank and he tips over and shatters. And the missable
joke here is that later in the episode, to honor Frank, the school flies its
flag at half-mast. Also in this episode, outside Beth’s horse hospital, there’s an
early establishing shot of doctors trying to wrangle a fussy horse, but then
later in the episode, they’re hosing down blood stains in the same spot,
implying that this horse didn’t make it. now the second episode is called The
Lawnmower Dog, and that title is a reference to the 1992 movie, The
Lawnmower Man, where a scientist gives a mentally handicapped gardener super
intelligence, which is more or less the premise of the plot in this episode, with
Snuffles the dog. Now you may notice that Rick mistakenly refers to the dog as Ruffles,
and Ruffles is the name of the dog in Justin Roiland’s
animated project they never completed called Dog World about a society of
smart dogs. And one of my favorite jokes this episode is Snuffles changing his
name to Snowball. “Snuffles was my slave name. You shall now call me Snowball,
because my fur is pretty and white.” And actually, Snowball was the name of the
evil black pig in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Now, another inside joke that showed up in this episode is this guy with the
rainbow suspenders and a football shirt. According to Justin Roiland, this
character was originally intended to be the in-universe link among Rick and
Morty and two other shows animated by his friend, Alex Hirsch, who does Gravity
Falls, and Jason Ruiz who made a show called Murder Police on Fox that never
aired. Notice how the football on a shirt has
three Roman numerals on it 18, 3 & 5. Now, Roiland said that the character would
have had different numbers on his shirt in the other two shows, and that together
that they would all form a code with corresponding letters. These numbers
correspond to R, C and E, but of course we’ll never know what that word was
going to be because the other two animators couldn’t fit him into their
shows. So unfortunately, this guy is some rando who shows up throughout season 1,
in this episode, but also in the background of Close Encounters of the
Rick Kind, then ranting against trunkpeople marriage rights in Rixty
Minutes, and then leaving the party early in the season finale. And then
lastly, in this episode, I love this little moment when Morty returns to his
family and Summer runs up to hug him, kind of motorboating him, and Morty
pushes her away. This is because he’s still traumatized from the dream earlier
where his sister was too sexy. Okay, moving on. I loved all the references in Anatomy
Park to things like Jurassic Park and Disney World, but one super dark and
really subtle joke that not everyone caught, but you’re honestly pretty lucky
if you did miss it, came from Ethan. This is Summer’s clingy boyfriend.
Remember the character Jacob counseled Ethan to help him make a breakthrough,
but when you listen to what he says closely, it’s pretty messed up. “My brother…
took me fishing once… in the bushes. I can’t! I can’t! He made me feel like a
girl! I may be a girl!” Yeah, I’m not going to spell out what exactly he means by
that, but I’ll let you be the judge. So episode 4, that was M. Knight Sham-Aliens!,
was also great but I want to skip past it to my favorite episode of the series,
episode 5 – Meseeks and Destroy. This of course is the famous
Mr. Meeseeks episode also the episode of the awful Mr. Jellybean scene. And I
love this little animation detail of Rick’s eyes following Mr. Jellybean as
he leaves the bathroom, then back to Morty as he puts together what might have went
down. And then later, in that post-credit scene, when Jellybean’s people learn
the horrible truth and decided to hide it from the world, notice the statue. The
little boy is wearing tighty-whities and King Jellybean is doing this really
disgusting, subtle lip bite. I also feel like this whole idea of letting King
Jellybean die a hero is a subtle homage to the end of The Dark Knight when
Commissioner Gordon decides to cover up Harvey Dent’s dark side so that he can die
a martyr and inspire the people of Gotham. Even the music here sounds like
it could have been composed by Hans Zimmer. “Wait. Destroy it.” Okay, moving on to the next episode,
episode 6 Rick Potion Number 9. It has a few fun missable jokes. First there’s
this intercom announcement from Principal Vagina, warning kids with the
flu not to come to the flu season dance. “I don’t know how many times I have to
say this, but if you have the flu stay home. The flu season dance is about
awareness, not celebration. You don’t bring dead babies to passo–” Now
this, of course, is a pretty dark reference of the history of Passover,
where God smited? Smut? Smooted? Smited the firstborn children of the families
of Egypt. And speaking of dark, at the end of this episode is one of my favorite
jokes ever from Beth. “I wish that shotgun was my penis. If it
were, you could call me Ernest Hemingway. I don’t get it and I don’t need to.” Now,
considering the writer Hemingway killed himself by putting a shotgun in his
mouth, you can probably guess what she was going for… The next episode is
Raising Gazorpazorp, which opens with a pretty great missable joke, the family
debates over whether to intervene with Morty humping his sex robot upstairs, but
then something goes wrong. “Um Rick ,could you come with me please? Quickly? Okay, now
if we hear squeaking we intervene.” And I love to call back in the next scene.
“Unacceptable! Oh.” Also in this episode, the steps on the female gazorpazorp court say
Sis Semper Calumniam, which is Latin for you’re always wrong. And Summer says
this to defend herself – “And if you think my top is cute, you cannot execute.” This
is a reference to Johnnie Cochran’s famous defense in the OJ Simpson trial “If it
doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Then at the end of this episode, Morty Junior’s angry
dance is a reference to Kevin Bacon’s angry dance in Footloose. Now the next
episode is Rixty Minutes, aka the first interdimensional cable episode, and
for this episode, many of the shows that they watched were improvised by Justin
Roiland in the audio booth – that’s why you can hear him breaking character a
few times. “I’m Gazorpazorp (bleep)field, bitch now give
me my (bleep) enchilada. Called two brothers. Two brothers.
It’s just called two broth–” I also love where the camera flashes past a channel with a
music video of Michael Jackson’s Thriller with phone people. So this is the phone
universe from Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind.
Now the next episode, Something Ricked This Way Comes, has a bunch of little
Easter eggs that you probably already spotted, to things like Adventure Time,
and Stephen King, and Steven Jobs, but the one that I only now just caught was in
the closing X gonna to give it to ya montage. The bully that they beat up in the
schoolyard is a grown-up version of the character Randall from the show, Recess.
Okay, moving on to Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind, which introduces us to all
the other Rick’s and Morty’s from different universes. So for example, in
the background of the Citadel, there’s a Cronenberg Rick and Cronenberg Morty,
presumably from their c-137 universe that got Cronenberged. I also like the joke here
when the Ricks examine Rick’s portal gun. “Oh come on, don’t look at another man’s
portal gun history. We all go to weird places!” Now of course, this is a reference
to the universal anxiety of someone looking at all the porn in your internet
search history. But if you think about this, this is hilarious, because this is how Rick
looks at the universe. Just surfing through different porn web sites and
getting off. Okay now up next are two of the craziest visual gags in this
entire series. So first up, I mentioned Gravity Falls earlier, and a big
reference comes in this episode. So when the Rick’s are chasing our Rick and
Morty through the portals, if you look closely a few random objects fly out of
this one. It turns out that is the same mug and other belongings of Gruncle
Stan from an episode of Gravity Falls when he loses them in a portal. And I’ll
get to that second crazy, visual gag in a second, but first I want to thank Quidd
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friends. I think we’re ready. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so back to this episode. The other
crazy visual gag comes in this awesome montage with Rick and Morty running
through various alternate dimensions of chairs and pizzas and phones. And if you
look closely at the background, you can see the framed portraits are changing as well.
But the one that blew my mind is that later in this chair universe, Rick and
Morty pass a homeless chair who drinks out of a bottle that shaped like a tiny
bus, and then immediately after the bus that passes Rick and Morty is in the
shape of a bottle. This attention to detail is insane. Also later in this
episode, doofus Rick tells Jerry about Eric Stoltz mask Morty. And this
reference to Eric Stoltz is a subtle nod to Rick and Morty’s
origin as Justin Roiland’s animated Back to the Future parody short called Doc
and Marty, which he had to change for legal reasons to Rick and Morty. And a
little history on Back to the Future here, the part of Marty McFly was
originally played by actor Eric Stoltz before he got replaced by Michael J Fox
because they wanted the characters be a bit more comedic. So the season 1 finale
is Ricksy Business with the house party. So Rick tells Summer that her improvised
nonsense word of glip glop is a hate word.
“Are some glip glops from the third dimension going to come over and play cards or
something? Glip glop? You’re lucky a trapthalorkian doesn’t hear you say that. It’s like the n-word and the c-word had a baby and
it was raised by all the bad words for Jew. Then later, Rick totally
appropriates this hate word “Yeah, what up my glip glop?” And one of the guests at
this house party is a staircase person from the tavern in the Meeseeks and
Destroy episode. Now I love the character of Abradolf Lincler. All
of his lines stem from the fact that he’s half Lincoln half Hitler, and this
one’s my favorite. “Prepare to be emancipated from your own inferior genes!” And
later, in this episode, Rick grinds up the crystal kalaxian and snorts it, leading
them to this choreographed dance. And then when Morty angrily throws a crystal
outside, the interdimensional monster snatches it and eats it, and then shortly
after that you can see the creature also happily doing the Rick dance in the
background. There’s also this really dirty joke from Tammy. “I love watching bukkake. I mean, I don’t know would I personally would ever do it?”
Okay, so kids, cover your ears, but bukkake is a Japanese term for a sexual act that
involves lots of men doing something to one woman, or man. And then later in this
episode, Tammy flirts with birdperson “I’m not looking to get into a soul bond, I’m just looking for… I believe birdperson can arrange that.” Sh
it sounds like bird person is planning a bukkake. I don’t even know how you
would begin doing that. Okay, moving on to season 2. The season 2 premiere is A Rickle in Time, which opens with this great meta joke “Phew. Man that guy is a
red grin grumble – pretending he knows what’s going on. You agree, huh? You like that red grin grumble reference? Well guess what? I made them up. You really are your
father’s children. Think for yourselves, don’t be sheep.” So Rick is basically
making fun of all the young fans of this show who laugh along to references that
they don’t understand, like bukkake. I hope you don’t understand what that is. And
the next episode of season 2 is Mortynight Run, with the character of Fart,
voiced by Jemaine Clement. And I really appreciated this subtle joke: “I
communicate through what you call Jessica’s feet, no telepathy.” Just to be
clear, Fart is reading Morty’s mind here, which is, yeah, currently thinking about
his crush, Jessica’s feet. So the song that Fart sings is Goodbye Moon Man,
and Jemaine Clement is invoking David Bowie. He actually did a Bowie parody on
his show Flight of the Concords. Also in this episode, in the arcade Blitz and chips,
there’s a cameo by Mr. Meeseeks in the background.
He’s helping another alien win a pinball game, and then when he’s successful, Mr.
Meeseeks vanishes. We also see the Jerry day care center, where the music that’s
being played is human music, which is the same song from Jerry’s simulation back in
season one, in M. Night Sham-aliens. “And now, here’s human music. Boop-boop-boop. Boop-boop-boop. Hm. Human music. I like it. Well look at this fella. Aren’t you handsome? Thank you.” The next episode is Auto-erotic
Assimilation and the title itself is an amazing pun. It’s also a reference to
another sex act which is a callback to what Morty and Jessica walked in on squanch
doing in the previous season finale. Now this is the episode with Unity.
That’s Rick’s ex-lover who’s consciousness took over an entire planet.
My favorite joke here is a reference to Dan Harmon’s previous TV series, Community.
So notice how Rick’s watching TV. He’s playing God, forcing the characters to
have sex on the table, and then canceling and uncanceling the show “Okay now put it back on!
Alright I’m bored.” which are both things that happened on Community. Okay, the next episode,
Total Rickall” is another favorite of mine from the series. The concept of a
parasite that creates false positive memories? It’s just so ingenious. And one
mystery here at how this parasite made it into the house in the first place.
Remember, Rick accuses Summer. “Somebody probably tracked it in last week on the
bottom of their shoe, or on a piece of alien fruit. Someone? Get off the high
road, Summer! We all got pinkeye because you won’t stop texting on the toilet.” But if
you look closely at this, there’s actually a little visual callback that
answers this mystery. Early in the episode, Rick throws out these green
rocks. And he got those rocks back in Mortynight Run, and notice how they have
these little pink warts on them. These are the same pink warts that are on the
parasite corpses, so really it was Rick that tracked in the parasite from the
beginning. And one thing that you might have caught is that Mr. poopy butthole
was edited into the opening credits, partly to tease this idea of false
memories changing our view of the past, but also this makes sense because these
clips in the opening sequence are horrifying, negative memories, proving
that mr. poopy butthole is actually real. Now in this episode, Rick talks about how
he hoards a supply of limited edition Nintendo 3ds’s, which Justin Roiland
actually said is something he did in real life, hoping that he’d be able to
cash in on them some day. But one little clever joke that I liked in this episode
came from Frankenstein admitting he was wrong to gang up on Summer. “I was on the
wrong side of the pitchfork on this one.’ I’m not even gonna explain that one, that’s just great. So after this episode, is Get Schwifty, which includes an animated
cameo by Justin Roiland. He’s the guy being sacrificed to the head god with a
sign saying thief. And in this episode’s amazing post credits scene, ice T
transformed back into water T and he attacks the numericons, shooting the
numbers 6 & 7, which is a reference to Tech 9 album, sixes and sevens. The next
episode is The Ricks Must Be Crazy, where Rick and Morty go into the
different layers of the microverses. Zeep, who’s voiced by Steven Colbert,
says this: “I dropped out of school. It’s not a place for smart people.”
Now this detail is meant to parallel the character to Rick, who said pretty much
the same thing back in the first pilot episode. “But I’ll tell you how I feel
about school, Jerry – it’s a waste of time.” There’s also a little little joke when
Rick remembers that he screwed around with a society in the Microverse “(bleep) You!
What did you say to me? (Bleep) you. You told me it means much obliged. And then this gets
called back later this episode. “Much obliged.”
I also appreciated in this episode how Rick uses the same hidden snake trick
that he used in Get Schwifty to make the president think you can turn people
into snakes. Okay skipping past Big Trouble in Little Sanchez, to the second
Interdimensional Cable episode, the little bits commercial in this episode? When the
guy swears in front of children, one of the kids looks up at him and shoots
them a dirty look. Now, the next episode is the purge episode Look Who’s Purging
Now, where Summer blows a hole in the garage roof, which gets called back in
the following episode, when the hole appears freshly patched in the opening
establishing shot. Now that brings us to an even 50, but I’m having fun. Let’s keep
going into season 3. Now I already did a breakdown of the first episode of season 3,
so definitely go check that out. I already pointed out a few great
missable jokes. First there was the memory of Rick in the background as he
reacts to 9/11 footage. “Fine, but I’m driving.” Morty
also alludes to finding Jerry’s mannequin leg, which is a reference to a
video that Dan Harmon made that showed him humping a mannequin leg in his bed.
There’s also a few Easter Eggs for Gravity Falls, like there’s a mabel morty
and a dipper morty, there’s also a quick frame that shows the outline of Rick’s penis. But there were three other things that I didn’t point out in this episode.
First, in the garage there’s a framed picture of Doofus Rick in the cabinet.
That presumably belongs to Jerry, who remember got along with him so well in
that season one episode. Clearly he misses him so much. And then also in the
false memory that Rick created of his origin story, his 1998 house is a
recreation of Walter White’s house in the show Breaking Bad. Notice how the
house layout, and architecture and even the bushes in the front yard are exactly
the same. This makes sense, because like Heisenberg, this version of Rick is the
kind-hearted family man who ends up using his scientific brilliance for evil
purposes. Then finally, season three showed us a
new end card to the episode that usually shows Dan Harmon’s production company
logo. Before, it was claymation that showed Harmon and his wife, happily
watching TV. But now, this one shows Harmon after his divorce, alone on the
couch, probably drunk. Depressing and hilarious. Now again, there are lots
of things I didn’t cover on this list, and a lot of it are just references and
jokes that I found a little obvious, but I’m curious – what do you think I missed?
If there ends up being a lot, I kind of want to make a second follow-up video to this
with even more jokes and references. But come on, hit me up in the comments; let’s
give each other even more reasons to laugh at the show. Show me what you got!
And subscribe to new rockstars so you can watch any other Rick and Morty videos we
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