Rey Mysterio’s greatest WWE moments: WWE Top 10, Feb. 3, 2018


[MUSIC] Three, two, one!
>>[SOUND]>>Who’s next? [MUSIC]>>My G-d!
>>Are you kidding me?>>He’s here!>>We’re not kidding you, King.
>>Rey Mysterio!>>That’s my pick, my pick, my pick is here.
>>Your pick?>>Yes, Rey Mysterio, the man who won the 2006 Royal Rumble match.
>>Rey Mysterio, fighting his way to his feet.
>>He ducks it. Reverse Victory Roll toward Michaels. Third time is the charm! 619 dialed up, the call connected the three bar Leg Drop.
>>Two, three!>>He got him! [MUSIC] Can you believe it?
>>I can’t believe it but->>Here’s your winner, Rey Mysterio!
>>And emotional does not even begin to describe
what Rey Mysterio is like right now.>>Matt Hardy is beside himself right now. Game plan, backfired!
>>Going for the twist of fate. Look at Mysterio!
>>Here’s the!
>>No!>>He got him, he got him! Mysterio wins the title,
Mysterio wins the Cruiserweight title!>>Here is your winner, and the new Cruiserweight champion, Rey Mysterio!
>>Deja vu from SmackDown Live! Rey, unloading on the knee!
>>Ash, Ash, Ash! No, Ash, Ash! Ahh!
>>Mysterio, targeting the knee.
>>[SOUND]>>Again.>>[SOUND]>>Again.>>He quit, that’s it, ring the bell.>>Did he quit? He quit.>>Mysterio->>Hey, hey, hey, hey.>>Come on, Miz has got a bad leg.>>Hit it!>>Come on Miz, not this way.>>Go Rey, go! Go!
>>Wait, look at this.>>Come on, Miz.
>>Wait, wait, wait.>>One, two, three!>>We have a new WWE Champion.>>And now a four on two assault. Hey! What’s this?
>>It’s Rey Mysterio scaling the cage.>>Mysterio’s back out here and he’s looking to make a big impact!
>>From the top of the cage.>>Ring the bell!>>There it is. Said he wanted to compete, and here’s Mysterio.
>>Surprising, JBL’s in trouble.
>>Outta nowhere, it’s occurring. My G-d, the 619 connects.
>>Bradshaw’s in trouble. Mysterio, the squish.
>>You’ve gotta be kidding me!>>No way!>>Mysterio’s the champion.>>Here is your winner and the new intercontinental champion Rey Mysterio.
>>Wait a minute.
>>Rey is almost there.>>No, no, no.>>Guerrero’s got the ladder again. Mysterio, near the briefcase.
>>Look at this!>>Vickie pulling her husband away.
>>My G-d.
>>Come on, Rey!
>>Yeah.>>Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
>>Yeah!>>Here’s your winner, Rey Mysterio!>>Rey Mysterio has Dominic back.>>Parading around with Mysterio. And Rey hanging onto the top rope.
>>Rey hanging on for dear life here.>>Mysterio, he did it, he did it!
>>No way!>>He did it!>>No way! Rey Mysterio did it!
>>Rey’s in trouble, Rey’s in trouble no.
>>What an Arm Drag counter. Arm Drag out of the ring,
Drop Kick to the back.>>619 coming, connecting. Mysterio could be moments
away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship.
>>Spring Board!>>Whoa, whoa!>>One, two, three!>>He got him, he got him! My, Mysterio wins the title! [MUSIC]

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