Revised ECU 2017 Football Schedule

Revised ECU 2017 Football Schedule

Hello everyone. Welcome to another edition of Mursion Live. I am your host George. Oh my goodness what a great weeekend for football. The ECU Pirates pulled off a victory against
UCONN. Oh what a great game and it’s nice to get
back in the win column, but we got a long season ahead of us. We’ve got to keep going. OK coming up next we are hosting South Florida
Saturday, September 30th at noon kickoff. Umm, the Bulls are a tough team this year,
but that’s ok, we’ve got momentum going. Then we have another home game, Saturday,
October 7th, we’re going to be playing Temple. Another good game, another opportunity for
a win, so we’ve got to make sure that we pack the stands, have tons of purple and gold in
the stands. Make sure those people coming into town know
that you do not mess with Our House. Ok. Now, We’re going Saturday, October 14th, we’re
going to Orlando, Florida, taking on UCF, should be a tough game. A very winnable game against the Knights of
Central Florida. Saturday, October 21st, BYU is coming into
town. That’s ok, that’s ok. That’s a good winnable game. Saturday, November 4th we are going to Houston,
I think we can take that game as well. Folks you know what I’m going to say? We can take all of the games. All right, we should be able to win out. Saturday, November 11th, Tulane is coming
into town. Saturday, November 18th we have Cincinnatti
and then we are closing out the season at Memphis, Tennessee. So, alright, every Saturday homegame the stands
better be packed, filled with purple and gold. If it’s an away game. You want to travel, maybe we can carpool,
you guys come on over, I’ve got a minivan. We’ll all head out there. Let’s go Pirates!

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