Résumé FOIREUX : NARUTO {Parodie}

Résumé FOIREUX : NARUTO {Parodie}

IN THE PAST OH MY GOD, a giant nine-tails fox! If anyone try to make a joke about dick I’LL SHIT IN HIS NECK The president has arrived to save us There is only one thing we can do…
trap it in a baby! Are you sure about your plan? Wait I want to see how things will plan out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) IN THE PRESENT I don’t get it, why is anybody like me, Sensei (teacher)? Maybe ‘cuz you don’t respect the olders one, you don’t have good marks in school Your clothing and YOUR FACE! By the way, where did those whiskers come from? An author’s idea to get some furies’ fans Hey Naruto! You already have a bad reputation so, do you want to steal a technique’s scroll to the President, which can cause your possible death? ok! Are you trying to tell me that a kid passed through a elite ninja security? It’s not surprising that the other villages laugh about us! Haha! It was a trap NARUTO, NO! *Place HERE subtle sound effect* Iruka! Are you alright? AM I LOOKING FINE, DUMBASS? It’s raping time, bitch! *Suffering scream* Congrats Naruto, here’s your headband. Does that mean I gratuated? Ha, for this, you’ll have to suck something else than ramen. TRANSITION Naruto, here are your new teammates: I hope I’ll be useful !(nope) Apparently, I’m here to bring joy of life(also nope) Seriously? No, but attracting yaoi fanbase, I can do that *WAAAW* Hey kids! Wanna try to catch my bells while I’m reading a hentai? I’m afraid about our sexual security You’re right about that! *Pain scream* TRANSITION I AM ZABUZA! Shame on him, he’s wearing a parachute pants! Yes!This sword is here to offset something I don’t have A congruent size penis? An affection want… *Joint astonishment* BY THE POWER OF CONJUNCTIVITIS Stop copying me! No, YOU stop copying me! See you in a week, people… So, in the meantime, I’ll teach you how to fuck gravity rules. *Team America – Montage* I’ll take care of Zabuza Naruto, Sasuke, you two will care of this equivocal sexuality guy And you Sakura… Stay useless! OK! Perfect! Here we go Sasuke! We will crush “him”! One eterny later I’m dying! FURY MODE: ON! Ok, I’m fed up with your bullshit! Better to suicide! *Subtle sound* *FATALITY* Haku! I shouldn’t have used you as a tool Sexual tool? As a weapon *Joint astonishment* TRANSITION So kids, wanna chain traumas? nope Good! I registered you in a potentialy deadly exam. Look at the others entrants! They seem cool! MY PERSONALITY IS FOOD!!! I don’t give a shit… POWER TO BLONDS HAIRS!!! I have sex with my dog I have sex with insects I really would fuck Naruto I think I’ve undergo a sexual harassment of my teacher! Fate is only the fate of our fate, reunited by the fate… FATE! I throw things! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! TRANSITION My child, would you like to come in my van? Get out, Marylin Manson! I can give a tatoo, wich will make you more emo, if you want… Ok… *Pain* Seeing that you’re too many to have succeeded the second test, we organize playoffs, so you can do demonstrations of your FABULOUS techniques *fart* Glorious… Hey Naruto! Show me your boobs, and I’ll teach you how to become Jesus! WTF is the problem with old guys in this manga, goddammit? TRANSITION Neji! I’ll avenge my fan-girl! Do you wanna hear instead the history of my clan, in a touching flashback about the fate of fate, and- No time for this bullshit! We are in a summary! I’M SO EVIL!!! It’s bad to be evil. Oh fuck, I think he’s right! TRANSITION The President is dead It’s time to see his direct successor! Should we better do a democratic election? No, let’s use the piston technique, the only realistic part of the manga. Hi, little bro! Go fuck yourself, bastard! You’re ridiculous with your purple colored nails! It’s hurting me… Fine! But if you want to kill me, you better have more hurting punchlines You dark circles face! No, this one was shitty… Hello, I’m Tsunade, the milf… Oh god, an other “big forehead” gal! Want to be President? *Fuck this shit, I’m out* Tsunade, this little brat broke my hands, I can’t touch little childrens… Heal them… NO So, I challenge you! We’ll fuck you up, in two to one, bastard! If only you were children You’re completely mad, you know this? Well, if everyone is acting like a coward I suppose I’ll do the same by hitting a glasses wearing guy! Hey, Harry Potter! Yep? *Jutsu sound* My god, he hit Harry Potter! You bastard! So, by the way, all of this made me realize that I accept to be the President. What made you change your mind? Oh, dunno, celebrity, glory, thankfulness… MONEY! *Cash register sound* TRANSITION Naruto, I’m leaving the village. I must perfect my tattoo. How many time should I tell you that Orochimaru is not the “Ink Master” presentator!
{Ink Master is an american TV show about tatoo, also available in France} NO, DON’T LEAVE! *Wasted* Miss “Big forehead”, Sasuke is joining Orochimaru, do something! I’ve a ton of papers and sudokus I have to finish, please go instead of me But we can die! Don’t worry, no risk to have physicals and psychologics traumas. *Hospital sound* TRANSITION Don’t go! You’re my best friend! You too, Naruto *Nagahiga – Bromance* But I have to follow the badass way to defeat this coward, who is my brother! And you have to follow a pedophile grand-mother, just for this? Don’t judge my dumb logic, I’m only 13. TRANSITION *Rain* Actually, I’m a shitty teacher. SO, ‘cuz you’re weak, I propose you to come with me, during 3 years to do an intensive training. Having a three years trip with an old perv?
Ok! I hope that, 3 years later, I’ll be more useful *Laughs* NO With the voices of: Music are in the description along our Twitter and our Facebook Don’t hesitate to suggest other animes to parody!

100 thoughts on “Résumé FOIREUX : NARUTO {Parodie}

  1. Je m'en balek
    pouvoir au blonde
    je baise avec mon chien
    je baise avec des insecte
    je crois que je subieun harcèlement sexuel de mon maître
    C'est le meilleure passage

  2. Si c’est pas beau ! J’ai commencé Naruto y’a pas longtemps et je me trouve pile poil au même moment que la fin de ce résumé

  3. J'ai commencé à regarder Naruto après avoir vu des dizaines et des dizaines de fois les résumés foireux.

    C'est impossible de se concentrer sur les épisodes, à chaque fois (même sur la scène la plus sérieuse possible) je suis morte de rire en pensant aux répliques de ces parodies 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Tsunade L'autre petit vin ma pete les main je ne peut toucher les enfant soiiiiiiiiiiigue les
    ca m'a tuer 😂😂😂

  5. Moi je m’occupe de sabuza

    Naruto,Sasuke occupé vous de ce gars à la sexualité ambiguë

    Et toi Skura, reste INNUTILE

    -ok !



  6. -Naruto voici ton bandeau
    -Ça veut dire que je suis diplômé?
    -Ah pour ça va falloir que tu suce autre chose que des ramens

  7. Cette épée est la pour convencer quelque chose que je n'est pas, un pénis d'une taille conforme, un manque d'affection😂😂😂

  8. – moi je m'occupe de zabuza naruto et sasuke occupé vous des ce gars à la sexualité en Bugue et toi sakura reste inutile

  9. Je suis zabuza
    Au la honte il porte un Samouel
    Cette épée et la pour commencer quelle que chose que je n'ai pas
    Un pénis de taille coffenrme

  10. Ça doit faire 1 milliard de fois que je regarde et je me bidonne toujours autant… franchement bien joué !!

  11. "Sa te dit qu’à la place je te raconte l’histoire de mon clan dans un flashback émouvant a propos de la destinée du destin et…"

  12. Jiraya :EH Naruto tu me montre tes boobs et en échange je t'apprend a devenir Jésus
    Naruto : hum ……ok


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