Back when the Shotgun In A Box mini teaser
trailer was released, we noticed a cool looking bobblehead figurine sitting unassumingly on
a ledge. We made a hilarious fallout joke, assumed
it was set dressing and then forgot about it and went on our way. Then, when the Recorder teaser was released,
another figurine popped up, Shoutout to Caliban & the Crimson Army!, and some audio found
in both teasers started to form a connection that makes us think there is a possibility
we will be collecting or destroying bobbleheads or min-statues in: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Now at this point the calm and collected Resident
Evil fan, if they existed, would point out that this is probably just a coincidence or
Capcom throwing us a red herring, and we are looking too deep into something that is most
likely just one of many types of random objects found all over the plantation. But that ain’t us. Let’s get our Crimson Army speculation and
theory on! We’ll start by looking at these two figures. The first one is clearly a football player,
and the large head makes it look like a bobblehead. The 2nd is facing the opposite direction,
but still looks like that same football player, especially when looking at them side to side. If they turn out to be different types, then
maybe they would be stat boosters, but copying Fallout directly seems unlikely and we already
have confirmed stat boosters in lucky coins.� So if they are the same type, it would make
sense that if they turn out to be relevant they would be collectables, and we may have
to go around searching for and shooting or picking up mini footballers all over the plantation
estate in hopes of collecting them all. Collecting mini statues is not new to video
games. Aside from the obvious Fallout, we’ve seen
this before in Metal Gear Solid, Dying Light and Capcom’s own Dead Rising. And collectables or have been part of multiple
Resident Evil games not just hidden in game but as figurines in bonus material.� So what would collectables in RE7 do? Would they unlock a new mode, help us earn
upgrades or just give us something boring to look at in the special features menu? So far we’ve talked about just the look of
these figurines spiraling us into an endless loop of questions, and we haven’t even talked
about the sound effects! Let’s take a listen to what happens when you
get closer to these mini-statues: Hear that clickity clack? Very interesting. There seems to be some kind of sonar detection
type thing going on here, but is it for the figurines or is it for the audio tape recorder
save point which may be hidden behind you in the second item box video. Whether or not its the bobblehead or audio
recorder, you have to wonder where exactly is the noise coming from. There is a good chance it comes from the new
smart watch that was introduced in RE7. Maybe you picked up a different detection
tool on the way. Is it something in-game Ethan hears or just
you as the player? If so are the noises coming directly from
the objects? There are so many questions. Also, what is the significance of a football
player? Was Jack Baker a star at LSU or just a big
New Orleans Saint’s fan? Or does this represent POWER. For now all we can do is wait for Capcom to
release the next set of mini teasers and hope Mr. Football shows up to turn our speculation
on a coincidence into a more convincing piece of evidence. No matter what happen’s we’ll be ready for
bobbleheads, statues, medallions, pokemon or whatever they need us to collect in: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Crimson Army, is this all a coincidence or
are there really bobbleheads? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
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