Replace soccer ball valve | Thay van bóng đá.

Replace soccer ball valve | Thay van bóng đá.

Price of my Tango 12 was about 100$ It quite expensive in Viet Nam So I tried to replace problem of my ball’s valve. It releases a lot of air You can buy valve of the ball at Amazon or Ebay. Or you also ask to buy it in Ball Factory if near you. This is a glue that i used to stick the valve and ball together. I used the popular glue brand in my country. And you can buy easily near from appliances shop near your house. Now i will try to do it ! Wait me for a while OR you can skip to 0:50 I’m taking a glue in order to add in the valve’s hole. Now I put the valve into the hole It quite hard to do. OK ! I did it ! Now, i can pump and play it normally DONE ! Thank all of you for watching me !

19 thoughts on “Replace soccer ball valve | Thay van bóng đá.

  1. Im facing the same problem with my tango and when i put the air on it immediately the air goes out…. can you guide me how to remove the old inflatation valves ??

  2. You just made bigger shit that valave is suposed to be up in shape with ball not inside but its just mine opinion

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  5. For everyone who lost their football valve inside forget that just put a bicycle baltube with the round rubber thing at it's end into the part where the valve has to be inserted

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