Referee chiefs explain why Man Utd’s goal vs Liverpool was not disallowed by VAR

Referee chiefs explain why Man Utd’s goal vs Liverpool was not disallowed by VAR

  Referee chiefs have explained why Marcus Rashford’s goal for Manchester United against Liverpool was not disallowed by VAR despite a challenge on Divock Origi in the build-up  Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was furious that Rashford’s opener in the 1-1 draw at Old Trafford was allowed to stand after it appeared Victor Lindelof had fouled Origi in the United half  Reds players were calling for the goal to be ruled out, but referee Martin Atkinson was close to the incident and VAR backed his decision not to blow for a foul  And now the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) has explained why the goal was not overturned  “Firstly, the on-field referee didn’t think it was a foul and VAR checked/decided that it wasn’t a clear and obvious error to not award the foul,” the PGMOL told Sky Sports    “Secondly, VAR isn’t re-refereeing matches – there is contact but VAR was comfortable it wasn’t enough to disallow the goal ”  Shortly after Rashford’s goal, Liverpool thought they had an equaliser when Sadio Mane fired home  However, VAR again went against Klopp’s side when it picked up a handball from Mane  Liverpool eventually got their equaliser, as substitute Adam Lallana poked home at the far post from a cross five minutes from time  The draw ended Liverpool’s run of consecutive Premier League victories one short of Manchester City’s record 18  And Klopp said afterwards that Rashford’s goal highlighted all the problems with VAR  He said of United: “They were better than us and defended well, but in the end they scored a goal that shows all the problems with VAR  “Mr Atkinson let the game run on because that is the protocol of VAR, and VAR shows there was contact and it was a foul  “We then scored a goal that was disallowed. Pretty much everything went against us today, but we still didn’t lose We deserved the point, 100 per cent.”  Former Liverpool midfielder Graeme Souness believed Rashford’s goal should have been chalked off, saying of Lindelof’s challenge: “If you’re kicked from behind it’s a foul He gets nothing on the ball – it has to be a foul.”

4 thoughts on “Referee chiefs explain why Man Utd’s goal vs Liverpool was not disallowed by VAR

  1. If the touch on origi was not enough, then surely the touch on manes hand wasnt enough. The ball hit his hand, but the direction of the ball hardly changed at all.

  2. When someone just kick the back of ya foot and not the ball.. no need var is a clear intentional foul.. talk like u know Soccer..face it, the referee is trying to save oje career. Face it.. there home advantage.. mane goal should be considered because the ball should not roll if it touched the hand. Var showed a glimpse of contact .. on origi foot and mane hand.. both should be no foul so the goal should be considered.

  3. Hey guys the same thing happened in wc2018 Spain Vs Portugal for Diego Costa' s goal was allowed even though he fouled the Portuguese defender before receiving it.
    I guess it's a rule that if the ref doesn't see it as a foul n play continues n a goal is scored VAR won't change it.
    Still the foul was pretty deft to be noticeable compared to Costa who brutally took down the Portuguese defender. Yet neither instances got the goal cancelled.
    Can feel ur pain but Pool were a bit lacking in pace n pressure yday.

    Being a United fan since 2002
    I still felt than we would lose 3-5 nil but they played well.

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