Recette : GATEAU TRICOLORE bleu blanc rouge aux couleurs de la France ! {FOOT}

Recette : GATEAU TRICOLORE bleu blanc rouge aux couleurs de la France ! {FOOT}

Good morning all ! Today, format change: I show my head. Why did not I show it so far? In fact, if you followed the chain from the beginning, you saw that I had shown myself
in my very first caramel video, but that I had a little problem at the time,
it was that the sound was really really catastrophic. So, I chose to make videos
on which we only saw my hands, and I recorded the sound after. Since then, I bought this little thing. A small microphone that will
allow me now to be able to film me, and make videos in which I will be seen. Which will be more fun,
I personally find it more fun. After you tell me if you prefer the old format
I’ll go back to the old format, that’s it, we’ll see. So, today, we’re going to make a recipe. I’ll let you guess. So, first clue, hop! A big cake is a layer cake. A tiered cake with several cakes inside. Second index. Third clue, we listen. And yes, we’re going to make a cake
red white blue for July 14th. And also, to celebrate the euro
which takes place in France this year. This red white blue cake, it’s going to be a cake
with two cakes inside, super fluffy. I took the cake base
I had done for my Red Velvet Cake here. Without cocoa of course. So, a super fluffy red cake underneath. A blue cake, then super moist at the top. And between the two, I slipped a little thin cheesecake, just to bring sweetness. We will have something
very soft, very unctuous in the mouth. And then, I covered the whole thing
whipped cream mixed with mascarpone to make it really creamy and delicious. We go, go for the recipe! For the ingredients,
you will first need for cakes: 190 g flour, a teaspoon of bicarbonate, 170 g caster sugar, 60 g butter, 120 ml of oil, 2 eggs, 2 teaspoons of liquid vanilla, a tablespoon of white vinegar, 120 ml of fermented milk and blue and red dyes. Then, for the cheesecake: 120 g of white cheese, 120 g of Philadelphia, 30 g caster sugar and 1 egg. For icing: 25 cl of whole cream, 100 g mascarpone and 30 g caster sugar. Start by mixing the powders:
flour, baking soda and salt. You book them. With a pastry robot or an electric whisk, you whisk together the powdered sugar and the butter. That’s for the cake part,
we start with the cakes. So, the red cake and the blue cake. Do not hesitate with a maryse to fold the dough well to be well mixed. Then you add the oil. It’s vegetable oil, sunflower oil. Then you add the egg yolks. The whites, you keep them aside for now. Liquid vanilla and white vinegar. I assure you, we will not feel
not at all the taste of white vinegar, he is here to bring softness. Then you incorporate half of the powders, half of the fermented milk or Ribot milk, the rest of the powders and the rest of the fermented milk. I use fermented milk because it brings
much more mellow than usual milk. You divide the dough in half. To have two perfectly identical pastas, I first weighed my empty tank,
so she weighed 741 grams. Then my tank full with
the dough inside, so 1411 grams. I subtracted the two figures: 670 grams. 670 divided by 2, that gives us 335 grams. So you need two pasta of about 335 grams. You put half of the dough in the robot’s tank, you add red dye and mix well. You whip the whites in snow. And you incorporate half in the red paste. We have two whites, a white it weighs 30 grams. So, we put 30 grams in the red paste. It is gently incorporated with a spatula. We put everything in a buttered mold. I took a 20 cm mold,
and cook for 25 minutes at 180 degrees. Then we do the same thing again
with the other half of the dough. This time, we will put blue dye. Same, we incorporate the whites into snow, gently mix and we put in a mold 20 cm, well buttered or lined with parchment paper. And again, 25 minutes to 180 degrees,
rotating heat. Then we will prepare the cheesecake. For that, you whip together
cottage cheese and Philadelphia. You add the egg. You whip and then you finish
by the powdered sugar. There, we take again our mold 20 cm, Well buttered, I advise you parchment paper
because it hangs well. And in the oven for 40 minutes this time,
at 170 degrees still in rotating heat. Then, let the three cakes cool and the frosting is prepared. You whip the liquid cream
for about 10 minutes at medium power. So, cold liquid cream. Everything must be cold: accessories,
the robot’s tank, the whip. And then, whole cream especially,
otherwise it does not go up. Then you add the mascarpone. You whip again a little bit. Powdered sugar,
you whip 30 seconds and it’s good. The mixture must be really firm. Then you put your red cake on a rack. I put spatulas underneath
to make it easier to transport then. You topped with cream, frosting. You put the cheesecake on top,
you cover with cream again and then the blue cake. And we cover this time
the cake entirely of cream. For decoration, I added blueberries for the blue and I put colored sugar in red for red. And blueberries, I advise you,
it was really good. It brought a little bit of freshness to the cake,
it was really good with it. Here ! The recipe is finished. I hope you enjoyed it, I will taste! And while I’m enjoying myself, I’ll see you soon. I find you on the blog, on the snaptchat chri-patisserie
and then do not forget the little blue thumbs, subscribe the channel because it’s great fun. And here I am, see you soon!

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  1. bonjour je vous suis depuis peu et je trouve ce nouveau format super bonne continuation et merci pour vos bonne recette.

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