Real Madrid Training With Isco | Tango Squad FC

Real Madrid Training With Isco | Tango Squad FC

Who better to show us how it’s done,
than one of the best midfielders, Isco? Hold up, before we go to Madrid,
we’ve got a huge announcement to make. It’s almost the Tango Squad FC
season-two finale. That means, another Tango Cup match. Are you ready for this? Hashtag vs Tango! I think they need to go train. I think you need to go train.
We’re going to train in Madrid. Well, we’re off
to Coles Park soon, so … What do you know about that?
North London. I’d rather go Madrid, to be honest. Hey, let’s roll fam. – They’re not ready for this!
– It’s going to be mad! Very happy to be back in Madrid with Tango Squad FC. I’m excited to see
what Madrid’s got in store for us. Here he is, Carlos! Here we are! Here we are! How are you friends? Off to Real Madrid, incredible. Oh my God! Hello mate. It’s like this. No, this is how I do it. I’m here. OK, guys, settle down,
seats please. Remember where you are, OK? Pleased to see everyone here in Madrid, but it’s time now to switch on focus. Big training sessions ahead
for everyone, all right, please? Looking forward to it. All right then Jord, you’ve got to be some player
to be balling in them today. Golden boots? That is massive time! You’ve got to be balling in them! Calm it down.
I’ll let the boots do the talking. Guys, welcome to Madrid. Last training camp
before our big final. The Tango Cup, just announced
against Hashtag United, is on! Before we get started, just a bit of a welcome for Ehsan,
who’s picked up a little knee injury, but being the captain, still showed
the commitment to get down here today. We’re going to start
with a little bit of a warmup in here. So two groups of six, light warmup,
get yourselves fresh. Second bit, we’re going to do a little bit
of a rondo when I set up the practice. And then, the third session is going to be a little
playing-out-pattern defending corners. Stay on your toes, please! Change of direction! Play! Lively on your toes! High concentration guys! Yeah, yeah! Love it! If it comes in your zone, you attack it! What zone’s that?
That’s yours, go attack it! Good boy, get up! As it goes as well!
Brilliant! So as soon as it’s gone I’m in there,
where’s the second ball? Can I just get rid of it out there?
That’s fine. Jordan! Return! Pick up! Well done! [Inaudible] Higher, pick it up! Here we come then, people. Just grab a drink while I’m talking. We’re going to work a little bit more
around creating and finishing. I thought we did really well in Paris
with our defending and organization, but maybe we just need a little bit more
in the final third, to unlock and create
a few more chances. And who better to show us how it’s done, than one of the best midfielders
in Europe, Isco? The key thing is
your teammate’s movement. When you’re dribbling the ball,
if the defender comes out, you need to divide, then when your teammate is free,
you pass the ball. If you can’t pass it and you have space
in front of the box, you need to try to run at the defender
or dribble. And, when you have the slightest chance
to shoot at goal, you shoot. These are the Nemeziz. Magic Isco and Magic Diego. Magic Diego, you will see! “Other level.” Nice one! Too sick! I’m on fire now! No, no, no, get out of here! Nice one! Brother, how do you feel
about being here with Isco? Sick – I’m gonna have a heart attack! Isco really, it’s too intense! Here’s Magisco. Thank you Isco for having us … … and embarrassing me. Attacking is easy, but attacking well
is what makes the difference, it can help you win a title
or cause you to miss out. I honestly see a lot of talent
in the team, you’ve got quick, quality players
who can score, and I can truly say that I’m surprised
by what I’ve seen. Hello! Just finished training with Isco
and we’re very pleased to be here with him. He is the calmest man in the world! Do you have
any pre-match rituals or habits? Yes, on our way to the stadium
I listen to music on my phone, and later, in the dressing room, it’s usually Marcelo, he puts on just about everything,
from flamenco to reggaeton … Do you like reggaeton? I like reggaeton. I like El Barrio too. Can you tell us about any important moments
during your time at Real Madrid? I really liked when we won La Décima,
it was the turning point for everything, and winning the Champions League
for the first time is always special. Thanks, thanks a lot! Tango Squad, no sleeping. You did it! A VAR decision. VAR can take up to … It’s under five minutes! So, it’s now time to introduce the teams
playing the exhibition match, they are: Tango Squad FC!
A big round of applause for them! Got a little bit sunburnt in Madrid,
as you can see, but what a day we’ve had! Tekkers with Isco, unbelievable! Literally, as soon as
I got off the flight, I ended up
on Real Madrid’s training pitch. This is the crazy stuff
that Tango Squad allows you to do. Dec McCarthy, Tango Squad Number 1
YOUR FAME Maybe he’ll be ready
to sign a contract with Tango Squad FC. Just too smooth.

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  1. Hey Adidas I have a suggestion for you. This format is getting boring so instead I think you should turn this into a scripted show. Bring elements like love, jealousy, hate, competition, bro code etc. If you turn this into a story driven show like a series then it will help you bring more female footballers too. The guys are good already and decent actors too. With a good storyline and cliffhangers this show will do massively good. Adding this to your ability to cameo legends like Isco etc this show will be one a kind. You will get your promotion and the people will get something nice to watch.

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  3. Me gustaría que Isco se fuese ya del Madrid y poder verlo triunfar en otro equipo, pero no funciona

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