I’m gonna make all of them in a row all six
wah-ha-ha-ha three two one time what does that everybody welcome back to
the channel and welcome to another episode of world record Wednesday today
I’m with America’s favorite trickshot family that’s amazing
they are amazing maybe you saw our most recent video together where we did
real-life trick shots yes Wow but today guys we’re stepping it up with
some real-life trickshot World Records I think we can do this we’re gonna try
five challenges we’re going to pair off into teams and try five different
official World Records and so if the team breaks the record then they are the
world record holders but there’s also me a winner today you ready pond
yeah you’ll find out soon here we go we have decided that the teams are going to
be me and Colin aka team victory versus Tommy vacío aka team dub dub nation
tough nation okay first record is going to involve roses
throwing roses into this vase you have to be six feet apart which is just on
the outside of the circle record to beat in 30 seconds is six
roses that’s pretty good I don’t know if we can beat both teams will have five
attempts to try to beat this world record no matter what we’ll have a
winner and a loser the winning team gets one point you guys ready okay team
losers up first yeah goody
okay the number to be is six three two one begin Wow one I guess do regretting it now
time one this is a lot harder than it looks
wait hearted it looks so no no new world record after five attempts we were not
able to break the world record but the winners of the first competition Tommy
and Matthew they got five Kahn what do you have to say for that it’s hard for
me because I’ve never food flowers yeah I’ve I’ve never thrown flowers before
either but comment contest what video did we use roses in recently leave a
comment now okay on to the second competition no
that was that was kind of difficult but I know this record we are going to be
able to break it the current world record for longest paper ball toss into
a trash can is 27 feet one inch we’re gonna give each team ten attempts to try
to break this record after they successfully make it in a bin they can
move it backwards but they only have ten attempts you guys ready yes okay the
world record is right here 27 feet wah wah oh that was far oh you’re gonna
move it back okay they’re moving it back move it back move it back oh they’re
just going for 32 feet oh maybe if you guys use all of your attempts and you
don’t get it at 27 feet you could possibly lose you’re being risky Oh Collin can you throw this far okay just
checking how you feeling I’m feeling a little
nervous I’m not we can do it I’m nervous because
I only have like two or three more shots left and like yes I shoot some Oh two
more No okay if you missed this and me and
Colin just get 27 feet 2 inches we win yeah but are you sure you don’t wanna
move it back to where it was a little easier no okay let’s see it I Colin
now’s our time I think so too because we’re intelligent Paul and I are
going to not be so risky like you guys we’re going to go right at the record
right right beyond the record for 27 feet 2 inches if Colin gets the world
record for this he’s only 6 that would be amazing Colin that was so close I want you to
beat your brother so I’m gonna give you maybe all the rest of turns okay okay so close hi Colin I we only have three
three turns left so should I sure I think I can try a couple you did really
good I’m really proud of you it’s really far for a six-year-old Colin good kamma
thumbs up good work on Colin almost you guys almost got beat by your
six-year-old brother how’s that feel um I mean I’m proud that we taught him so
yeah also that was that was only nine attempts we didn’t we didn’t need art
impotent didn’t need it 27 feet two inches is all I have to say
about that yeah well we beat the record and you guys have nothing so it is now
it is now tied one to one leave a comment right now who do you think is
gonna win this challenge me and Colin all right I mean that yeah I don’t know
I’m commenting okay we have moved to the famous that’s amazing house because the
next record involves bottle bottles have you guys throwing bottles before I don’t
think so actually we have a lot good joke this record is most plastic bottles
of a real Guinness world record in the database most plastic bottles thrown
into a into it into a target in 30 seconds the record to beat is 10 wet
feet 6 feet apart measured out but we’re gonna alternate teams to see who can who
could break this world record and Owen is here hey Owen you you did such a good
job in the last real-life trickshot video you’re not really in this one
hello you something you wanted to retire while you’re still up there third place
okay you ready I think so three two one begin
Wow he’s crumbling under the pressure that was 9 on your first attempt this
brotherly battle you guys have it’s really on our favor Hong Kong Josh yeah
exactly that is just about the sea hold on
though that was only tying the world record so we have to go oh nice
wait I think we have to get 11 yeah so you guys are back up three two one begin two three four five six oh seven eight
nine ten 11 12 all right well you broke the world
record however you went first your team went first right if I may be calling
it’s a chance to win if he scores all 13 I’m thinking I’m having Josh go again subscribe and like so they don’t you
guys take a bottle flipping round imagine that that was terrible
here our Instagram shoutouts for today follow me at Jill and Josh and also
follow that’s amazing for your chance to win an Instagram shout-out next time
comment that’s amazing I’m the most recent post and you could win in scram
shout-out next time oh very nice alright we are getting ready for the next round
which is throwing teabags into a mug oh just like that
the record is keuner Oh three to the remote it’s going tell what the record
is so the record is you have to throw 70 bags into a cup in under 30 seconds
it’s kind of hard it seems very difficult I don’t know if any of us are
gonna break it but whoever eats the most wins three two one begin one two three time two one go it’s harder than one two three oh four
oh hi he’s beating me you got five seconds six go seven time it’s possible
maybe not one that is not individually phenomenal disqualified yes if you’re
watching this video and you are subscribed to that’s amazing but you
haven’t subscribed my channel yet make sure to do that I post trick shots world
records it’s a good time right subscribe both teams have gotten seven so I could
win it right here I can win it right here one go three four he’s in a rhythm
500 automatic sync good oh we don’t all of that se7 oh I need more more seconds three
two one time holy cow that came down to the wild so
it is all tied up we’ve got one world record challenge left all right guys it
is the final showdown we are going to be setting a new world record for the
longest toss of bread into the toaster we’re setting the record at 15 feet
Colin I think that’s pretty far yeah but I can do it yeah okay so we’re just
gonna alternate as soon as you miss you go to the back of the line
the first team to make the shot wins it all yeah let’s do it
good luck guys are you ready let’s see it it’s pretty far I’ve never tried this
before oh that’s really close yeah this is
anywhere definite weird uh me get this just mean who can get it the quickest oh
that’s close dude let’s see it oh ok so I have to make it for us to have a
chance yes then I guess if I make it will go further yeah you make it I’ll
get one of those don’t celebrate too early compilations blinds up he throws
anyway have you you have you ever tried a
coaster shot I’ve never even had a toaster in my life that was the first
edit shooter we went to the store and bought this toaster because I didn’t
have one it was $8.00 a good job guys this video
ever won thank you so much for watching make sure you check out whistle sports
they made this video happen subscribe but that’s amazing if you
haven’t yet and if you have if you’re watching this because your that’s
amazing fan you found this video then subscribe to my channel right yeah yes
Khan send us off how do we end every video do you know no let’s go to the
beach let’s go to the beach I have no clue you don’t know I watch
every single video that I don’t know now watch me whip he still doesn’t know you
know you watch my show

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