Real Football 2013 – Official Trailer featuring Radamel Falcao

Real Football 2013 – Official Trailer featuring Radamel Falcao

good evening everyone and welcome back to this amazing game Falco is leading his club in another close game takes the ball tackle boys a second what a move he passes the ball to his life the play developed in the middle the come on being put into the worst the defender another great boom nobody can stop him I’ll go I’ll go I’m a player I’m a coach I’m a German I’m a fan wonderful absolutely wonderful he strikes a game

100 thoughts on “Real Football 2013 – Official Trailer featuring Radamel Falcao

  1. Demuestra tus palabras con argumentos verídicos. De lo contrario, tus argumentos, al igual que tú, son una mierda.

  2. this game is fun, but you guys fucked it up with the in app purchases. I miss the old "Real Soccer" where there were nothing like that, or where we could play using teams that actually play and not having to make our own. Don't get me wrong its fun, but still… why gameloft? You guys should've made this optional. Im just gonna stick to FIFA 13 and try to get it. As a matter of fact, if this game wasn't free, i wouldn't have downloaded it.

  3. Anyone who says Real Soccer 2013 is good, means to understand nothing of football.
    The graphics are better, the gameplay is good and the overall management of the club until he is interesting. However, there is only this game mode. If we would simply play a friendly league or cup, not giving. And the worst is that after choosing a team, you can not change.
    Real Soccer was the right way up to version 2011, then lost its way.
    This business is killing FREMIUM games from GAMELOFT.
    Upgrade now!!

  4. Que buen actor es el tigre, no estaría mal más adelante…. También en su retiro debería considerar ser periodista, tiene una facilidad enorme de expresión. Y bueno, tiene un semestre de comunicación social y/o periodismo, quizá lo veremos más adelante en la pantalla… 😉

  5. He is a Player, He is a Coach, He is a Chairman, He is a Fan, He is a best Player of World!! Arriba "El Tigre" Falcao, Arriba Colombia Carajo!!

  6. Por que Falcao…. Por que
    Habiendo mejores
    Gano 2 UEFA Europa League
    Eso lo hace el segundo
    Hubieran elegido a Jugadores que ganaron la UEFA Champion
    En Chelsea o Bayern Munich ay mejores
    Solo digo Por Que……

  7. buenas existe la aplicacion para android , es muy interesante ya he tenido la aplicacion java que tenia algunos errores ya que a veces reiniciaba los partidos pero es un muy buen juego y me gustaria saber si esta disponible para android

  8. Why does not work?
    I want 2013 but it does not work!
    There is also no Google Play!
    Please tell us what the problem is

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