79 thoughts on “Real Football 2013 – Gameplay trailer

  1. @gameloft I cant download this game on my iphone 4s, i waited 3-4 hours but nothing happens and my network is not the problem !!

  2. Hello

    I'm sorry you are experiencing such issues.

    If you experience problems downloading games from iTunes, there are two likely reasons for this:
    1. Bad Internet connection
    In that case, please contact your Internet provider, let them know about the situation and ask for help.
    2. iTunes data-transfer issue.
    In that case, you need to get in touch with Apple Support, since only they are able to fix it.

    Thank you

  3. Gameloft? Really? When are you going to understand that we DONT WANT freemium stuff. I'd rather pay 6.99$. MC4 better not be like this…


  5. There is no exhibition mode, bad graphics, old animations, really bad commentary for example: Chelsea is called birmingham, no licenses which means no real team logos, no player editor, bad AI, you can only take the ball by tackling and when you tackle you get a red card, the goalkeeper sucks no matter how good stas he has, no training mode and it's only manager mode! Basically, it's a really bad game and I want to see updates that fix ALL the things I mentioned.

  6. геймлофт ты охерел не делай фримимум игры это днище мобильных игор графика гавно

  7. Dude I loved modern combat 3 but all it does is kick me anymore so I deleted it but this rs 13 game is actually really good the graphics are great

  8. Yeah they need money ok ? that's essential in business you know ? if they made all of there games free they wouldn't be here right now making games
    + Paid Games = better games

  9. I get this game and play with FC barcelona,let me ask u guys,who the fuck are Sanchez Lopez,Xavier Xander in my team?

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