Rare football match between two Koreas held in Seoul

Rare football match between two Koreas held in Seoul

On Saturday, labor union workers from South
and North Korea played each other in football. Two hour-long matches, the latest in a series
of exchanges between the two Koreas this year in sports that started with the Winter Olympics. Our Won Jung-hwan was at World Cup Stadium
in Seoul. A grand celebration of sports and inter-Korean
unity at Seoul’s Sangam World Cup Stadium on Saturday as labor union workers from the
two Koreas faced off in a couple of friendly football matches. It was an exciting moment for the teams of
amateurs,… playing in front of 30-thousand spectators packed into one of South Korea’s
biggest football stadiums. In the first game,… the North Korean labor
group beat the South Korean by 3-1,… and for the second match, the winner also went
to the North Korean team, netting two goals against the South Korean side. The results didn’t really matter much to the
South Korean fans and labor workers that filed into the stadium to watch the games despite
the sizzling summer heat. “It’s my first time seeing North Korean players,…
its really new for me” “I am very happy to see everyone cheering
together as one” “It’s interesting to see how we all come together
rather than cheering for one team.” “The rare football match marks the first inter-Korean
private sporting exchange event since President Moon Jae-in held his first historic summit
with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at Panmunjom back in April.” It’s hoped this occasion will spur further
cross-border sporting exchanges, especially as inter-Korean relations seem to be moving
in a more positive direction since the Panmunjom summit between the leaders of the two Koreas
in April. This edition of the workers’ football match
was the fourth of its kind,… following two in Pyongyang in 1999 and 2015, and one in
the South Korean city of Changwon in 2007. But with Saturday’s match going so smoothly
and ties warming between Seoul and Pyongyang, it’s likely the matches will come thicker
and faster in the future. Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.

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  1. I hope North Korea doesn't cause any further harm or threaten South Korea from now on…. They deserve to be a unified, peaceful and happy nation

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