what is a very welcome back to the
channel hey the whip this squad Chris Mia and
Jenna we’re doing some weird item ping-pong for you we got these weird
items on the wheel right here it’s gonna be king of the court style so if you win
you stay if you lose you go to the back of line the first person to get 5 wins
wins the whole video but every round every time there’s a new competitor you
have to spin the wheel again so that it’s you switch your items every single
time I just randomly decided that Jenna and Mia are up first here we go
spin bandy spin okay Jenna has a cup mia has tape each round just of 5 points
here we go one point Mia Oh Mia Mia what happened three three fours
for the win okay one point for dinner hey this is Rocco okay we have for you today is in here anyway okay well he must be hey I’m up
Jenna has two points already then that wheel Josh here you go
time to be strong opponents choice um no that’s a great opening your own first yes this might be the most difficult
item on the couch okay what are you giving me I’m going to give you give him
a laptop guitar the chair give him the chair play that single track what
actually if I’m scared no Josh came in sharp
don’t throw so much shade yeah well Josh got another point Jenna can’t see the ball is that poor
too sorry for disrespecting your glasses yeah okay meemers me and now I thought
one point ahead to you guys both have zero opponents choice again really dartboard
I like it I don’t like it’s heavy this is heavy yes heavier than laptop okay Hey two points for me two points for
Jenna zero points for Chris the zero points for Mia Chris is the next victim
spin it spin the wheel skateboard and then technically it’s the shoe I think
okay shoot Cooper skateboard these are a limited edition Wingstop
shoes that Wingstop sent me I love wink stuff they’re not paying me
to say that but it’s delicious wow that’s the hardest part is beginner
the service the hardest part really is just feeling it out that’s one Oh Oh or team Andrew thumbs up for Team
iPhone Hey yes yes yes yeah why are you holding
it like that Josh yes bang and Jenna sticks the W oh you left
us bored oh you’re being really mean right Mia
you gotta stop Jenna right now yeah what you gonna get the paddle right now
Oh Mia has thank you that was a lot you’ve ever been up a channel know she
got a bonus Joyce and Jenna had oh oh the cup no way Oh No yeah thanks for watching make sure you
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we’ll see you later what’s up it’s the squad I’m tracking
video here

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