Racist Chants In European Football

Racist Chants In European Football

tony out the door is a twenty
three-year-old striker for the united states men’s national team he has played
for many different clubs he is now in another lens with is that alka mark and a recent
match they had with a second tier club the quarterfinals of the deaf cup he was unfortunately the subject racist chance jungle chance monkey
chance how everyone applauded that is exactly what this despicable
crowd did and ridiculed josie algebra with basically had occurred in the thirty
seventh a minute is et al gore was already f three
nothing an alto was taken down in the box the
player who took him down was awarded are red card out the door award of the
penalty any converted in the uh… bottom right corner the monkey chance
then were hurt incredibly high volume because possibly the frustration i’m not
justifying at all i think it’s absolutely ridiculous with
this crowded but then they got louder and louder now what happened it was the head
referee eight minutes into the second half wanted to he he blew the whistle wanted to pull the players off the page
and send them into the dressing rooms because he had had enough of the crowds antics then their all team this club a second here for the poor
team players whatsoever to the crowd and tried to instruct them to cut it out during that time released during the
match they also threw uh… snowballs at the lines of it wives accolades two players in all were injected for the
club they continued on with the support of all players including the is that out
more players any even josie out the door he wanted to continue playing through
this kids got hartman twenty goals now for
josie out the door that is a career bast and he was quoted as saying after the
mats it’s a bit disappointed these things still happen in this time that
were in but what are you going to do you just hope these people can find a way to
improve themselves you can only pray for them at the end of the day it’s still alive
racism all you do now is tried to educate
ourselves the young kids coming up to be better than that then with they have media interview after the
match he was quoted as saying well firstly the about reporter asked and you
get emotional about all this and he said i feel like i
have an obligation to the club to the family as well i was raised better than that to respond
to such a british ridiculous behavior what a giant have not only that he
wanted to uh… continue on with the match but he
didn’t you know he didn’t make this gesture at the fans but racism is obviously still alive and soccer football futbol forty however
you associated beautiful game and that this is what has happened in
the last three years and i’ve only compiled a very short list a fifteen-year-old was arrested for
sending a racist week to center back for manchester united rio ferdinand h l c
temper for apra four monkey gestures at denny while back that’s ever bridge united fan shouted
racist comments to stoke fans last year algo g_o_t_ a will to wall in belgium in
two thousand i was called a dirty monkey ryan opposing player black players on
the king when national team were subject uh… racist chants and monkey chance repeatedly in serbia by their fans john terry was suspended for matches for
calling anton fernando basically giving him racist comments finally he called a
majority black kant to be exact the senate fans will simply not welcome
black and gay players that’s a story because it here on c_ y_ t_ sports so resolute patrice evra bala tell ian in terror with inter block
c l_ fans towards are made of culinaire lenin and townsend westend fans chanting
anti-semitic things this person is the list goes on and on and on and if you guys really gonna take itself
seriously by saying you know say no to racism stand up to
racism how do you guys tried at bitten handsome punishments on these floods on the fans not let the fans and again there that
you know there’s suspending sunderland fans for preventing them to stand during
matches about people interject here goes no no no no new president to do this probably just at the f_t_c_ a_t_m_ for a
week you guys are allowed to come in something has to be done and it has to
come from up here not from down here not from the club because obviously they lublin their supporters com
concessions sales what have you they’re going to try
and and just say i actually was composed by name you know what will try to will try to
leave out those fans fees a step up for the governing body is a distinctive it
is people not sure exactly what it is needs to step up and do something we have to have more action in order for a for any sort of change
they happen what do you guys think should be the change i really got really
don’t even know lied about the comments on what you think needs to be done how
to be done for a change to have

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  1. The problem is that over here these people get punished, and society thinks they're idiots. In America they take place in the senate or become president.

  2. This is disgusting. But I must say that Americans do tend to focus a lot on incidents like this, and maybe rightly so. But on the other hand it is America that locks up so many blacks in their gigantic prisons, it is America that distributed crack in the African communities, it is America that doesn't take care of the black neighborhoods, it is America that doesn't allow blacks to have proper education. I think you can safely say blacks and whites get along better in the Netherlands.

  3. Why do you think those countries are poor? Because the white man stripped the continent of its resources, created artificial borders that are a cause of many conflicts, and forced the people into a system that allowed them to exploit the African countries even today. They support crooks who call themselves president and keep them in power by paying them to get contracts for oil and other resources. It is true that most black majority countries are poor, but you need to understand the causes.

  4. Not all europeans are racist! I am not and i am from britain! Racism was for more prevelant in the usa recently, we have no kkk! We have no national socialist party!

  5. lmao. you remind me of the hard line right extremist that said soccer is the devils game cause you use your feet to play it lol you republicans so dilusional

  6. Actually white countries are getting poor. In the future white countries are going to be third world. Some african and asian countries are going to be first world. But the first beginning for africa to get rich is. The whites should stop stealing resources of africa.

  7. um…I think you are wrong. Whites don't steal resources from Africa. They just buy resources from Africa. My country Japan also buy resources from Africa. As you know, there is not an industrial country among black African countries. A non-industrial country can't effectively use resources. Hence, it is natural that Africa sells resources to industrial countries.

  8. If you pause listening to Rush limbaugh and alternate once in a while from watching fox news you would discover a new world where its just not that black and white and the amount of information out there would amaze you

  9. Racist means being unequal or unfair. You don't see the European players immigrating to other countries and playing in their leagues. In that light, it is not racist. 

    Fans also are not obligated to like a player, and I think it makes perfect sense they want their own players playing in their own county. 

    IF the players don't like it, they should pack up and go home. Then everyone will be happier. 

  10. Ban those fans caught doing it for a suitable period of time depending on the severity of what they did and have strict rules about racism at football matches. But lets face it, your always gonna get idiots a football matches, so this happening from time to time is hardly a big surprise…

  11. Its a shame the game I love the most contains so much racism, football produces hooligans, and the hooligans show they're rebels by being racist, its really nasty, and fifa is corrupt, there are some bbc documentaries that shows how corrupt they are  

  12. The only reason it continues is because it works.  If more people were to take the approach of Jozy Alitdore and ignore it, people will stop doing it. 


  14. That's weird. Two of the best 5 soccer players of all time in Netherlands of all time are black.

  15. i clicked the link wanting to watch some racist chants on stadiums, but instead i see a donkey speaking for 5 minutes…

  16. Lol. Those Americans are talking like there is only racism in Europe, while 95% of racist videos on youtube are made in the USA.

  17. When are people going to realize that racism dehumanizes another? The bible says that God made from one blood, every nation….so we could seek after God and find Him. But instead of seeking after our creator we turn against our fellow man for the way God made him. NO RACIST WILL ENTER GOD'S KINGDOM, because racism is based  on hate and the bible says he that hates his brother is a murderer…and no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. Repent and trust Jesus Today!

  18. Why would you these people to leave comments below? Youtube is the most racist place on earth. You thought football was bad!!! 

  19. Once people of color understand that it is part of white people's NATURE to be racist, you will be at peace. White people were the first to begin to classify the different colored humans as different races.  Do a little research on scientific racism and eugenics and you will see the classic, white racist mind at work.  Even Albert Einstein said: Racism is a disease of the white man. 

  20. If i'm a football player when i'm older and I have a team mate that is another skin colour and someone is racist to him I will karate kicks whoever's being racist

  21. tyt make the worst videos ever, why not just get to the actual footage instead of going on about crap in which no one cares about? 

  22. Are Zionist  pushing this multiculturalism? 
    Do Zionist  control the Media?
    Are the Zionist playing one race against another?
    Are Zionist pushing non-white immigration to Europe and America?
    Well, let's ask this woman?  Pull Up:  Barbara Lerner Spectre

  23. And people wonder why blacks are rude. Most of the racist on social media aren't black, it's mostly insecure white people.

  24. Are you white people being brainwashed by the media to feel that only YOU are racist.  Pull up:
    White Genocide in South Africa by David Duke.

  25. As an ethnic person it always appals me when these things happen, why is this still a problem in the 21st century? And every time I consider this question, I always come to the same conclusion; the problem will not go away until white people understand the root of their behaviour… So, I welcome the dialogue from the Google camp on "unconscious bias" as it begins to consider this issue, even if it is in a corporate context. However, it addresses the outcome not the root cause. I am no historian, but I believe that that behaviour is rooted deep in European history. The concept of a "white" race placed the "Aryan" ideals at the "centre" of the circle, with all other "whites" implicitly pushed to the "edge" of that circle. Interestingly, most "racist" crime happens at the "edge" of that circle… It is as if these folks feel the need to constantly perform actions and rituals to prove (interestingly mainly to themselves) to the "centre" that they are committed to the circle. There is a misguided belief by the perpetrators that their actions will draw them closer to the "centre"… The irony is that there is an economic hierarchy that depends on keeping these people on the "edge" in order to harness their economic value. Preoccupied by their default role to defend the "circle", they remain economically impotent, which creates a vicious circle, a trap which feeds itself… they become angry and blindly blame others for their predicament…

    Interestingly, this phenomenon is not just a white one, it is at play within and between most ethnic groups; the interesting thread is that, as absurd as it may sound, the "Aryan" ideal has somehow become the de facto centre of all circles… e.g. Asians and blacks prefer, to defend and extend anything that makes them more "white-like"…. they are trapped. Preoccupied by these matters, they too are likely to remain economically impotent. What all people must consider (including the majority of whites, who are poor despite racism) and ask themselves is over the last 200-300 years, has my behaviour and those of my ancestors created a better life or social mobility for me, my children and grandchildren? The biggest challenge to change this situation is that that phenomenon is at the heart of buyer behaviour… yes, it boils down to economics and greed; just look at the things you buy and ask yourself honestly why do I buy it? why do I pay so much of a premium? What stake have I got? I tell my kids all the time, there are only 2 types of people: "buyers" and "sellers", and I tell them to remember that the money is only flowing in one direction, so buy from those who are prepared to buy from you too… for that is the only honest manifestation of "equality"… everything else, means you are being played! So, don't be a "robot", remain focused, take control of your agenda to create a better life…

  26. so of course TYT Sports isn't really about sports – it's another TYT political commentary outlet. you should hire Keith Olbermann.

  27. tell em dumb fucks to come to america to chant racist chants at one of our own brothers, theyll get a foot up theyre fucking asses by some angry yanks. black white purple yellow. fuck you racist morons

  28. Soccer, for the most part is a disgusting exercise. It appeals to violent hooligans and terrorists. It appeals to perverts. It appeals to fascists and Nazis. It appeals to self-important and self-hating freaks. If this upsets you, as a soccer fan, perhaps you should examine your premises and discover why you are a soccer fan. You will find something you don't like.

  29. Multicultural Garbage World was brought into Europe (and all western countries for that matter) without approval whatsoever of the populations there. The deceitful and lying politicians have created this problem.

  30. Are there racist chants against black players in Sports?
    Well there is racist chants against white people everywhere.
    Pull up:
    Two minutes of hate:  Anti-white racism.

  31. Is this guy Jewish?  Is he playing one race against another while defending Israel?
    Pull up:  Zionist terror in Gaza—Free Gaza and free the World.

  32. Tell this Jewish Boy that Israel does not allow a Jewish Person to marry a Non-Jew,
    so why is he trying to destroy the White Countries with immigration?

  33. Racism is a global epidemic that needs to be stopped. It has no particular nationality. We as humans need to work together and put an end to it.

  34. show the fucking video u stupid ass fuk hed bitch wtf when i watch a movie i dont want to be explained whats going on i wanna c that shit myself fucking dumbass shit video i hope nobody ever waste their time with this dumbass videos

  35. i am a black man for its not exist the racist i don't care what stupid people are talling the only one thing it's exist uneducated people it's not exist racist people anywhere

  36. The YTY sports is code words for replacing all white players with black players.   Funny,  how this media is silent of the young white children who are being raped by blacks and Arabs.

  37. Bro before you decide to make a video defending this soccer player and calling Europeans racist. Do yourself a favour and go google search a BLACK South African Politican named Julius Malema and do some in Depth research about Julius Malema and you will realise exactly what racism is.

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