PSA compares football to smoking to raise awareness of CTE

PSA compares football to smoking to raise awareness of CTE

Comparing football to
smoking! A powerful Public
Service Announcement released
today aims to make parents think
twice before letting their kids
play tackle football! It’s airing – at the same time
that the findings of a new study
are released – showing the risk
of developing CTE from tackle
football – goes up 30- percent
for each year a person plays. KCCI’s Laura Terrell shows us
why one Indianola mother hopes
parents listen to the li
saving message in this video.  
From football …  
to cigarettes. This new PSA
makes the startling comparison.
The Concussion Legacy Foundation
released it Thursday as part of new campaign called “Tackle can
The video comes out
alongside a Boson University study showing the risk of
developing CTE goes up 30-
percent each year you play
tackle footbal
High school players who started
at age 5 will have 10x the risk of those who waited until
they’re 14. Brenda Easter lost her son, Zac,
to suicide 4 years ago. The 24
year old from Indianola shot himself in the heart to preserve
his brain for
science. Doctors later determined he had
Zac started playing tackle
football in the fourth grade. After high school – he kept a
journal detailing his headaches,
blurred vision … and balace
family says years of playing
the sport he loved – is what ultimately killed him. And thi
new research – proves that. Brenda now hopes – parents will
listen to the science – and to
Zac’s story… and preve their child from playing tackle
football before age 14.  
The study looked at the brain of 266 football players. We have a link to the entire
study on our KCCI-mobile- app. Brenda Easter started a
non-profit called “CTE Hope” in
honor of her son Zac that raises
money for research to make the
sport safer. We have a link to
that as well.

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