Proton Football European Championship 2016

Proton Football European Championship 2016

so welcome to Selma for the final of the European Championship report on football where are Portugal and false reality player had to hand their welcome Steve why Thank You Francois this is going to be very key match for these two proton our our eyes are on the physicists now Wow first go for Portugal that divider converts from a mass of 250 that was a fantastic collision there you artists all interaction is gonna be a lot of data to analyze what is the goal other the goal is to understand the universe ice that’s it very good you

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  1. Are free lobotomies or gallons of alcohol needed to enjoy overblown football spectacles included?

  2. The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka! [I’ve found it!]’, but ‘That’s funny [odd]…'” – Isaac Asimov. This is just fun funny. Well done and keep up the good work. Regards, Spuggyfoot.

  3. Dear CERN Folks: I am afraid that some people believe you are messing with the space and time continuum. They believe your experiments have changed certain events in the past. What makes them believe that? When they hear of past events and it's not the way they recall it. The most prominent event happens to be Nelson Mandela's death. Alot of people believe that he died in prison sometime during the 90s. It doesn't matter how much proof there is that he died more recently in 2013, these people remember Mandela's death being in the 90s. They are very firm in their misconstrude beliefs, setting aside logic and proof for their memory and stubborness. Thus any event that people remember happening differently in the past, despite proof against them, is now apart of the "Mandela Effect". It mostly consists of businesses changing image. Is it possible that the past has been changed with all these atom collisions that have been happening? Can time in the past really change?

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